Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bubby Stuff

I saw this on the news page this morning
and it brought back what happened to me,I had an allergic reaction to syntometrine,during the arrival of my 4th son, but in my case the doctor had never heard  or seen a reaction such as mine,my blood pressure shot to 180 over 120 and was still climbing that no one recorded the last reading before they managed to stabilize me,that wonderful Doctor(Dr Kevin Coleman) sat with me right through that night I was told later so shocked and concerned he was. I was airlifted out to a bigger hospital next morning to make sure I was ok (CT scan) and although I had nasty headaches following ,they couldnt find anything, I had six months of feeling I was dragging my left leg but recovered to go on to have another 5th boy 19 months later,he was a different story altogether lol.
Oh Ive been dreadfully sick with some nasty flu like thing two of my older boys had earlier this week,I haven't finished the hat but here it is as now

Love this pattern,,, I did change needles, 3.25 for band and 4mm for rest,two balls of 8 ply,going to rat through extensive stash for more 8 ply and try a stocking st version with a rolled brim
No more work on other projects and study begins this week so they will just plod along
Waiting for son 1 to text results through from the trials,so hoping he does well.
 Country Tom

Still Plodding along

Ive been a bit lethargic lately not posting though have done a bit of knitting,I'm nearly done with the Rikke hat,looking forward to wearing it on Monday to work,it was freezing this lat week,I nearly cried one morning knowing I have to do this for the whole three months of cold weather,with no respite in at times appears to be hostile environment.
Now Im developing the flu that half the family had last week,it was bad enough to stop son no 3 from going to school which he never does though No 2 went anyway to work,he was sick too.
This week I become ogre to no 5 as I set to train yet another assistant,Im putting the foot down this time however and insisting the book be followed to a certain extent,if theres any bully tactics its head office they ll deal with.I ve had enough,told one thing and they do things another way leaving me to function out the cold literally
On other things ,no pics but if the suns as beautiful as today Ill do a photo shoot of a few things,in saying that Ill edit this post and the heading to suit
Count down to the annual trip to Toodyays "Avon Valley Homestead" retreat,looking forward to it but I wont have a new sweater etc to wear but it will this be a time to finish a few projects sitting there in the neglected basket.the Victoria will be coming with me too so i can also get another roving down,trying to keep it simple and enjoy myself
tomorrow,Sunday my dear No 1 is racing  down near Perth in the State trials,I wish him safe and successful racing,wish I could be there to watch

Photo: Toms ute sparkling clean maybe I should get busy with mine

And a not very happy Bunny,it was raining and she had holed up under some insulation at the back of the yard,Hubby thought using the blower might encourage her to retreat into the house but no,she had to be dragged out

Photo: Fluffa was a good boy this one wasn't. Even the blower wouldn't shift her from under the wood pile
And from there you can see Hubbys near miss with a chainsaw,Men can be a real worry some days
Of course I managed some cooking this last week,a miracle I know,choc raspberry muffins
Photo: These smell divine. Chocolate raspberry muffins

Thursday, May 16, 2013


makes the world go round...
What are your ways to stretch the purse?
Ill list mine
  • never bought the boys anything but a single choc egg at Easter,when did gifts come with a bunny delivery,that way they never looked for anymore than that
  • accepted hand me downs and used the very best,handed on the bag, used as cleaning aids etc
  • bought the best I could so they went down through family in good order
  • Made where I could,clothes recess food for school,I really miss the Cinderella Fabric Club,they had fabrics that were the same as those found in high end cloth shops,bang a label on and bingo you have the best dressed kids
  • gifts that were practical
  • Money gifts for birthdays never went over a certain amount ($50)
  • Christmas gifts again limited to value and practical(though this has meant PC games or Consul games for peace during holidays,Mum needs a break somewhere),gift vouchers for teens is very good.I usually do this where they complain they need new jeans etc I love Jeans West
  • Fridays have become leftover nights or simple meals the boys can do themselves,the older ones have become beautiful cooks here and as they gotten better incomes they shout a meal in terms of buying the ingredients
  • on the really budget end,a carton of favoured milk fill you up fast but not good if its not A2..on days you cant get lunch,this is a backstop for those days when you find your self short of funds while away from home
  • cut back as many treat foods like biscuits and pre prepared foods,use those $ for extra vegies etc
  • know when the cooked chooks are ready at the shop,a cut down from $12 to $6 for example,buy two ,make a roast dinner with one(depending on family size) and use the second for soups(,freeze the extra servings for a weekend or fast meal), fresh bread, an avocado,and cheese toasted makes a beaut fast weekend meal
  • be honest do you really need Foxtell? pay TV etc,freee to air Tv has good stuff,an early night can mean a saving in power,reading a book in a quiet house soothes the nerves,good for the kids too,at the least conversation can be the most entertainment ever,I used to listen to talk back radio,hilarious stuff sometimes
Not sure if this is all rambles or it may be useful but I had fun listing stuff,now Im off to hunt down fabric clubs..
PS I started a Rikke hat,pics this weekend,nearly finished it,using Zara print in the most gorgeous orangey flavours pinched from  Brilliant hat pattern
sarah's hat
Im also finished the second sleeve of Atelier starting body tomorrow..Featherweight has been put down as I think I could finish the former faster

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday that didnt happen

Well maybe its Saturday..
Mothers Day 2013.. Yesterday I was down in the big smoke much to my fun as I got to get more brushes for collection,a few more balls of wool for various projects, buttons for two finished UFOs,and a book or two.I got to Victoria's Secret and check out the perfumes..another wonderful shop filled with beautiful things... all to cheer myself after visit to Docs,the purpose of my trip. The flight down was pretty good on the 747 Boeing, and it was about 75% filled,seats next to me were empty,arrived in Perth around 10.50,earlier than predicted,made it to Hospital,St John of God by 11.40 so Docs was able to get me in faster than expected so i was out of there by 12.15 and heading to Subi.
 I couldn't pronounce the menu in the Red Chair Cafe I seem to gravitate to every trip, so had a green wrap with chicken and the usual companions of wraps,it was surprisingly good but the array of what other customers were consuming and the smells,love Thai even though the sweat just rolls down the back the neck,lol,Green Curry Chicken is to die for in this cafe..anyway I was coming home to a swish restaurant meal so tried to eat lightly.
Crossways Wool shop where the staff do seem to revolve from over busy snappy to friendly and so happy to oblige, I walked out with two balls of Zara,two balls of purple NZ wool like the last trip, three balls of teal Patonyle 8 ply ( I have  enough for a vest now)and a few more Knit Pro tips and buttons to finish those two cowls!! Felt guilty as I have far too much but dont expect to get there again for a very long time so did spend more than I anticipated.
 Had hoped to get to Spotlight as I really need to build sewing supplies but reasoned the running required as well the fact taxis dont like going there,its an bit unsavory area though I love shopping in that centre, I was really worried the ordered taxi would not come in time for the Flight home. As it was I enjoyed the two hours I allowed myself and grabbed a lovely taxi driver who had stopped for lunch near the Crossways Farmers Market corner and he was happy to get to the airport.
On the way we were entertained by an old biker on his Harley,he had his music so loud I doubt he would have heard anything else,I jokingly took his picture with my Defy phone and the taxi driver did a quick acceleration to get along side him for another pic, it was hilarious for the rider saw me taking his photo and I had to hope he wont recognize the poor taxi fello again..
I had an hour and a half wait for flight home on the 717, a very fast efficient jet,it was a little hair raising to see another jet coming in to land as we pulled out onto the runway,Im presuming we were actually just lifting off as the other touched down,congratulations to the air controller running a tight schedule but would prefer a few more minutes next time. By this time I had a migraine starting as I didnt consume enough water during the day and my back twinges was alternating between sides as well,shoulder was complaining after lugging a back pack around all day,xrays etc and my offending hand was also being objectionable..
Landed at 6 .50 in Kalgoorlie just in time for me to meet Hubby for a lovely meal at the Railway Hotel,lovely in that the sirloin was beautiful in pepper sauce and although very tender the Fillet wasn't fully cooked so i did almost expect a kick,one meal had a miserly amount of chips and veggies were a few sprigs of baby Broccoli and beans,both had what I could only imagine to be deep fried potatoes peel,I love my vegies and I had imagined a whole deal more,the meal so it was,a wholly meat based one which I cannot deal with although wonderful going down,I doubt Ill eat for a week now. the deserts were of the ordinary,I had cheesecake,Hubby had a Sundae,raspberry,his choice was better as mine was a little plain,a blueberry one with caramel icecream and cream,I had thought french or lemon and the description of handmade must also apply to packet mixes,those  chefs buy through wholesalers and mix on site. It was a lovely meal but has left me feeling heavy,the memory will be treasured however as it will be some time before we eat out again
Back to work as usual,dont think we won lotto and its count down to study for SP2...

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Ruled my weekend,Son no 3 and his team flogged the opposition so its feasible they ll make the finals this year!! It ll be a good thing seeing it might the last time he plays with them,big things are at foot for him and although I wish him the success and full life with it if it goes through,as a Mum Ill be sad and lost without him around.
Its come to my notice that some comments Ive made previously have been repeated,Id like to just add what I spoke of, was truthful but not in any way nasty,it was factual and at the time I was hurt and disappointed with those involved,I shall remember but I wont hold it against them.Life moves on but I will say the viciousness Ive seen and backstabbing and so on shocks me and am glad I dont have to deal with it other than to support family affected. If those reading this want to know anything just call me.
This is my journal where I communicate my ideas ,projects and enjoy the act of writing although via keyboard and not the old fashioned way,that which I leave here is open for interpretation even,and that it will remain on the wide world of cyber space. This page is also the only connection I have with some precious friends,you know who you are,I have no compunction to blocking people on Facebook if they prove disagreeable and I can understand some people not even going near the thing,its useful but here all I can do is delete. I led a pretty lonely exsisitance through a lot of my life, all my schooling I did alone without help or even supervision from grade 3, people I could and still do trust were very few but worth more than anything.Now I work long hours, study and be there for my boys while trying to make sense of why things have gotten so much harder.This last trip I think some people have had theirs noses out of joint because I didnt see them but just think, I drove over 3500km to get there,I put out a call to contact me if anyone had time to meet up,as it was the one person who did I hadn't seen for so many years and gave me the understanding that I've missed out all these years simply not being happy in my own person.I give no apologies for I am, and if I end up an eccentric of lady with colours in her hair and what ever else sets me apart well then at least Ill have lived. If the rest of those only get excited when they think they have a nasty bit of gossip to throw around about each other ,go for it but dont involve me..
Now on the bright side,i picked up Atiliar again last night,cant see myself finishing before the end of month bt oh my, Skeins Silk Merino is simply gorgeous,Envy is the colourway

Finished right sleeve last May and just couldnt pick it up with study etc, now Im onto last sleeve which ill fifnish this week then that funny body part,need to read instructions again
The end result with longer sleeves and finer yarn curisy of

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Wool Jumpers and wool things

Now I love to knit my own but this shop is my dream,classics that will last for ever,Im ordering a thick navy v neck from the mens section as a work jumper, possibly a vest (I havent had time to knit one) and cant make my mind up with the ones in the ladies section,think I ll go with  a good basic fine wool in navy or black,worn with jeans boots and a white long tee or cotton shirt and its all go, no fashion chains!!!
and its the Australian shop too, this what we should see our own wool being supplied through,we grow it here why cant the product be available at a reasonable price too

Off to Hockey tonight,taking my knitting with me,,,,

Son no 1 again

Friday, May 03, 2013

Its Friday again

How many times have I posted a heading like that ,lol,anyway Im strangely looking forward to this one,the last day of peace at work,this afternoon Im off into Kalgoorlie to take bunnies and Tilly to the animal doctors,she has the most awful grass rash that i thinks getting infected,shes moping and although shows a spark of life when she gets a walk spends teh day asleep and stalking people with food. I put ointment on her tummy but I wasnt quick enough so expecting a sizable bill at teh end of visit.
Mz Bunny has been sneezing too much and although seems healthy Im taking her in in case its the start of myxomatosis,better to be safe and sure,the vet last week actually said it was a waste of time to do anything with them if they had it but I successfully brought Fluffa through it,he had a course of antibiotics and seems fine now.hes coming in for the ride just to keep Mz Bunny company.
Ive gotten a way into finishing two projects,the featherweight is nearly to arms though Ill do front bands first before starting them so make use of remaining yardage. i think Ill have a bit left over too! The scarfy cowly thing is nearly done too and I should have it done mid next week considering its my work project.Just need buttons there so have been surfing Etsy for some,I saw some gorgeous shell ones in the shape of little flowers but havent been able to find them again,I need 6 in a mid pink and the same in a chocolate brown
like these perhaps
or these
the later I could use for two projects but the pink ones look lovely though maybe a bit bright
and isnt this divine I pinched the pic I love soo much!
Fiber necklace bracelet multicolored ethnic
Etsy you sinful place