Thursday, May 16, 2013


makes the world go round...
What are your ways to stretch the purse?
Ill list mine
  • never bought the boys anything but a single choc egg at Easter,when did gifts come with a bunny delivery,that way they never looked for anymore than that
  • accepted hand me downs and used the very best,handed on the bag, used as cleaning aids etc
  • bought the best I could so they went down through family in good order
  • Made where I could,clothes recess food for school,I really miss the Cinderella Fabric Club,they had fabrics that were the same as those found in high end cloth shops,bang a label on and bingo you have the best dressed kids
  • gifts that were practical
  • Money gifts for birthdays never went over a certain amount ($50)
  • Christmas gifts again limited to value and practical(though this has meant PC games or Consul games for peace during holidays,Mum needs a break somewhere),gift vouchers for teens is very good.I usually do this where they complain they need new jeans etc I love Jeans West
  • Fridays have become leftover nights or simple meals the boys can do themselves,the older ones have become beautiful cooks here and as they gotten better incomes they shout a meal in terms of buying the ingredients
  • on the really budget end,a carton of favoured milk fill you up fast but not good if its not A2..on days you cant get lunch,this is a backstop for those days when you find your self short of funds while away from home
  • cut back as many treat foods like biscuits and pre prepared foods,use those $ for extra vegies etc
  • know when the cooked chooks are ready at the shop,a cut down from $12 to $6 for example,buy two ,make a roast dinner with one(depending on family size) and use the second for soups(,freeze the extra servings for a weekend or fast meal), fresh bread, an avocado,and cheese toasted makes a beaut fast weekend meal
  • be honest do you really need Foxtell? pay TV etc,freee to air Tv has good stuff,an early night can mean a saving in power,reading a book in a quiet house soothes the nerves,good for the kids too,at the least conversation can be the most entertainment ever,I used to listen to talk back radio,hilarious stuff sometimes
Not sure if this is all rambles or it may be useful but I had fun listing stuff,now Im off to hunt down fabric clubs..
PS I started a Rikke hat,pics this weekend,nearly finished it,using Zara print in the most gorgeous orangey flavours pinched from  Brilliant hat pattern
sarah's hat
Im also finished the second sleeve of Atelier starting body tomorrow..Featherweight has been put down as I think I could finish the former faster

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  1. Great money saving tips! I just made a soup from fridge scrapes last night and it was delicious and nice knowing the food didn't go to waste. I also like the idea of getting the price cut roast chicken. And I agree with Foxtel. I cancelled my subscription years ago and haven't missed it one bit.

    PS: I'm hosting an Antipodes giveaway and hoep you will enter: