Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday that didnt happen

Well maybe its Saturday..
Mothers Day 2013.. Yesterday I was down in the big smoke much to my fun as I got to get more brushes for collection,a few more balls of wool for various projects, buttons for two finished UFOs,and a book or two.I got to Victoria's Secret and check out the perfumes..another wonderful shop filled with beautiful things... all to cheer myself after visit to Docs,the purpose of my trip. The flight down was pretty good on the 747 Boeing, and it was about 75% filled,seats next to me were empty,arrived in Perth around 10.50,earlier than predicted,made it to Hospital,St John of God by 11.40 so Docs was able to get me in faster than expected so i was out of there by 12.15 and heading to Subi.
 I couldn't pronounce the menu in the Red Chair Cafe I seem to gravitate to every trip, so had a green wrap with chicken and the usual companions of wraps,it was surprisingly good but the array of what other customers were consuming and the smells,love Thai even though the sweat just rolls down the back the neck,lol,Green Curry Chicken is to die for in this cafe..anyway I was coming home to a swish restaurant meal so tried to eat lightly.
Crossways Wool shop where the staff do seem to revolve from over busy snappy to friendly and so happy to oblige, I walked out with two balls of Zara,two balls of purple NZ wool like the last trip, three balls of teal Patonyle 8 ply ( I have  enough for a vest now)and a few more Knit Pro tips and buttons to finish those two cowls!! Felt guilty as I have far too much but dont expect to get there again for a very long time so did spend more than I anticipated.
 Had hoped to get to Spotlight as I really need to build sewing supplies but reasoned the running required as well the fact taxis dont like going there,its an bit unsavory area though I love shopping in that centre, I was really worried the ordered taxi would not come in time for the Flight home. As it was I enjoyed the two hours I allowed myself and grabbed a lovely taxi driver who had stopped for lunch near the Crossways Farmers Market corner and he was happy to get to the airport.
On the way we were entertained by an old biker on his Harley,he had his music so loud I doubt he would have heard anything else,I jokingly took his picture with my Defy phone and the taxi driver did a quick acceleration to get along side him for another pic, it was hilarious for the rider saw me taking his photo and I had to hope he wont recognize the poor taxi fello again..
I had an hour and a half wait for flight home on the 717, a very fast efficient jet,it was a little hair raising to see another jet coming in to land as we pulled out onto the runway,Im presuming we were actually just lifting off as the other touched down,congratulations to the air controller running a tight schedule but would prefer a few more minutes next time. By this time I had a migraine starting as I didnt consume enough water during the day and my back twinges was alternating between sides as well,shoulder was complaining after lugging a back pack around all day,xrays etc and my offending hand was also being objectionable..
Landed at 6 .50 in Kalgoorlie just in time for me to meet Hubby for a lovely meal at the Railway Hotel,lovely in that the sirloin was beautiful in pepper sauce and although very tender the Fillet wasn't fully cooked so i did almost expect a kick,one meal had a miserly amount of chips and veggies were a few sprigs of baby Broccoli and beans,both had what I could only imagine to be deep fried potatoes peel,I love my vegies and I had imagined a whole deal more,the meal so it was,a wholly meat based one which I cannot deal with although wonderful going down,I doubt Ill eat for a week now. the deserts were of the ordinary,I had cheesecake,Hubby had a Sundae,raspberry,his choice was better as mine was a little plain,a blueberry one with caramel icecream and cream,I had thought french or lemon and the description of handmade must also apply to packet mixes,those  chefs buy through wholesalers and mix on site. It was a lovely meal but has left me feeling heavy,the memory will be treasured however as it will be some time before we eat out again
Back to work as usual,dont think we won lotto and its count down to study for SP2...

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