Sunday, May 05, 2013


Ruled my weekend,Son no 3 and his team flogged the opposition so its feasible they ll make the finals this year!! It ll be a good thing seeing it might the last time he plays with them,big things are at foot for him and although I wish him the success and full life with it if it goes through,as a Mum Ill be sad and lost without him around.
Its come to my notice that some comments Ive made previously have been repeated,Id like to just add what I spoke of, was truthful but not in any way nasty,it was factual and at the time I was hurt and disappointed with those involved,I shall remember but I wont hold it against them.Life moves on but I will say the viciousness Ive seen and backstabbing and so on shocks me and am glad I dont have to deal with it other than to support family affected. If those reading this want to know anything just call me.
This is my journal where I communicate my ideas ,projects and enjoy the act of writing although via keyboard and not the old fashioned way,that which I leave here is open for interpretation even,and that it will remain on the wide world of cyber space. This page is also the only connection I have with some precious friends,you know who you are,I have no compunction to blocking people on Facebook if they prove disagreeable and I can understand some people not even going near the thing,its useful but here all I can do is delete. I led a pretty lonely exsisitance through a lot of my life, all my schooling I did alone without help or even supervision from grade 3, people I could and still do trust were very few but worth more than anything.Now I work long hours, study and be there for my boys while trying to make sense of why things have gotten so much harder.This last trip I think some people have had theirs noses out of joint because I didnt see them but just think, I drove over 3500km to get there,I put out a call to contact me if anyone had time to meet up,as it was the one person who did I hadn't seen for so many years and gave me the understanding that I've missed out all these years simply not being happy in my own person.I give no apologies for I am, and if I end up an eccentric of lady with colours in her hair and what ever else sets me apart well then at least Ill have lived. If the rest of those only get excited when they think they have a nasty bit of gossip to throw around about each other ,go for it but dont involve me..
Now on the bright side,i picked up Atiliar again last night,cant see myself finishing before the end of month bt oh my, Skeins Silk Merino is simply gorgeous,Envy is the colourway

Finished right sleeve last May and just couldnt pick it up with study etc, now Im onto last sleeve which ill fifnish this week then that funny body part,need to read instructions again
The end result with longer sleeves and finer yarn curisy of

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