Saturday, May 04, 2013

Wool Jumpers and wool things

Now I love to knit my own but this shop is my dream,classics that will last for ever,Im ordering a thick navy v neck from the mens section as a work jumper, possibly a vest (I havent had time to knit one) and cant make my mind up with the ones in the ladies section,think I ll go with  a good basic fine wool in navy or black,worn with jeans boots and a white long tee or cotton shirt and its all go, no fashion chains!!!
and its the Australian shop too, this what we should see our own wool being supplied through,we grow it here why cant the product be available at a reasonable price too

Off to Hockey tonight,taking my knitting with me,,,,

Son no 1 again


  1. Last winter I threw out a pile of fairly decrepit jumpers and tops, most woollen, some heavy cotton which had been patched and darned many times. I bought several things from Woolovers. Good quality, prompt service and in most cases I could not buy the wool for the amount I paid.

    I also like their sizing chart. Some styles meant I bought a different size to other styles. Following their sizing chart meant I had a really good fit every time.

  2. Thats wonderful to hear good reports of this shop,I really need a good thick mans work jumper,theres none out there in the work wear range for women,the temps in winter here go below 0' and even with an over coat its hard to get warm and be free enough to work,wool wins everytime, just have to work out my size!

  3. I found the lambswool very warm. I bought one of the men's styles with a small zip at the neck. Also some cardigans and a couple of plain tops. Sounds a lot, but I threw out stuff dating back to about 1990 so really needed to stock up. I measured a cardigan which fits well which Mum gave me, drew myself a little diagram and put the cardigan measurements on that. I can see at a glance which size to buy in any style. Buttons are good quality and sewn on with more than a couple of passes of the needle. I had heard of them but not bought anything. A friend told my brother and he told me. He buys expensive (very) clothes and would think nothing of spending a couple of hundred dollars on a quality jumper. I figured that if he was satisfied, I would be too.

    Hope you like it. Emails come a bit too often but I just delete them if it seems i won't be interested, and really, after what I bought last year, more would be an extravagance.

  4. Well Ill do the same and measure and hopefully order this week before it gets too cold too quick,thank you !!