Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little things

In a tribute to Fox Lane I thought Id put up a few things,little things to cheer!
I adore pearls,they even feature in my engagement ring,
Blue, especially crisp lavendar blue,hope to have a garden full of a gapanthus one

Orange,my on the spot colour,going to House next week to buy the orange spotted teapot and a set of four cups.........I hope if I have enough pocket money

And this is bedazzling,it looks like jewels sparkling away,hand sewing the binding on this weekend as a reward for getting some uni assignment stuff done......

A mile stone

Yes a mile stone,I ve managed to raise a second son to the legal age of 18,no I dont feel old,I feel happy hes finally a young adult, still a teenager at time doing teenager things that are foolish and darn right stupid that he will probably be hit by someone hes stirred up too much the bloody clown, one day,I hope if that day comes he will be able to look after himself,undiginifed as it may seem I would stand up for him as well as I would for all my boys,Im steadfastly a very maternal person,ever seen a mare protecting her foal,well thats me..
happy birthday dear Boy I love you to the core of my being....along with your brothers of course!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

Id just like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and heres hoping this coming year will have peace everywhere and happiness abound!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Im starting to wind down a little,the things that have set us back soo much this year,if we can have just a few days of peace and a feeling of well being,that would be so,so nice.
A little sunshine in my day yesty ,yep it was acually C39' but anyway I was exhillirated to pick this up while in town....
Now where to hang it, only a little piece but Im so thrilled with that i keep going and looking at the blues and the shadows that live within it.
Im now looking at moving onto doing my Grandfathers Store room,theres a little confidence growing,lets see if I can do that one!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little creature

Isnt nature Beautiful..........

Came across it today at work so Dh poped him in his glass case so I could take apic of him at home in the grapevine. I love orange.....
And this is what Im spinning this holiday,I say holiday as I dont think Ill catch more than a day or so

Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to Chrissy

caution spider at bottom,watch for sign and if you dont like them Ill put a warning sign up well before  ")

I feel much better,assignments gone,not happy with it but very ready for a couple of days or weeks break,I think the nect one is due week 6 that makes it three from now...
Celebrated with
Im going to keep going with these,its only little but Ill see if I can get a bit bigger,ones being framed now.Im so looking forward to seeing waht it looks like! This one will fit the window of a card so it only 3 " by 4",took about 15 mnutes as I layered this a bit more than  I have been...on day I deam of making a large painting showing more detail.Still planning the main one I want to do,the cost of the paint is holding me back..
and a sketch I did for son and his mate...
Just look at this one,like the cats that got the cream..wish I could be like,nothing seems to faze hime,he just walks on by and smiles! I hope if Im not there when he does fall he has someone to catch him,gorgous boy!
Ok spider alert....
As big as my hand,nice lady, she been living in my shed for a couple of weeks,I talk to her and the 7 birds who come for dinner every day!I love my buddies..yes I may appear strange by some...

See hes beady liddle eyzssss...........
Off to Perth tomorrow,more docs,see you Wednesday

Monday, December 12, 2011


Went for a walk...Hakea?

 And the quilts of course
The dogs and cats were hand sewn around the border,the blocks were i spy with borders..

Another I Spy but with a sort of colour wash
Ive already recieved the next bundle of Jelly rolls/layer cake in the Blueberry pie colour way from Moda,more on that later,they ll will be my Christmas stuff to play with on the couple days I have off which includes binding my own scrap quilt My first big bunch of roses,peace and Mr Linconl?

Lastly my water colour card for Mum!

Friday, December 09, 2011

What else

Its been such an up and down year,went into debt for a new vehicle,lost our contract,then lost my Dad,Dh nearly cut his hand off and is now unable to work as before,my circumstances have deteriated more,and now it looks like our girl Tilly is in trouble...
Heres she is waiting for dinner with Fluffa waiting patiently too,we re off to the Vets n Monady for a 4pm appointment,Taffy gets her needle and we ll find out if its bad for Tilly or an easy solution.
Deep breath.......New Years coming.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I believe I am too dignified to say anything, being raised as I was, to rise above certain things especially any public outbursts... but this takes the cake,
Please read this and think of what it says about the average persons family and most importantly their children
Congratulations, means you've done an excellent parenting job when your kids are receiving those kind of awards.
This was a post on facebook about some local students achieving rewards at the end of year assembly,good on the ones who got them this year ,no boubt some did deserve it,I find it a total insult when over the years Ive watched students recieve awards simply because they were favourites or the parents were high standing and rewards days during the year were awarded to those who had been given "yellow" cards for misbehavior,bullying,theiving,and generally pain in the butt "go to the office" offences when other kids are left to look on and wonder where did they go wrong. No Im not jealous,I knew my HFA son wouldnt recieve an awards simply because the teachers and other staff have given me the cold shoulder for some time,I believe kids need to be given incentive but where they have no help to achieve thats where the buck stops....
Last year ,two of my children were given awards but we werent there, being home burying my Father,but on our return we were told that at the time the awards were rushed through and given little attention,I believe that from conversations with certain people that the upper levels of the admin did not approve and certainly the way it was told to my children that other people believed the same thing.To make it more of an insult,the main teacher deliberatley failed one student due to a clash with the Principal and now that child will probably not gain entry into a traineeship or apprenticeship because of that..
This is why Ive placed my last child into Private schooling to try to salvage whats left of his academic skill,hes hoping to gain a university level of education.............
I will leave this post up for one day and then remove,rant over....
Signed  An Apparently Bad Parent

Monday, December 05, 2011


Oh dear I didnt realise how long since Ive posted AND I still havnt got pics of quilts,well they are surprises ad the recipients are around all the time...
Last week I lost another member of my family,it was particulary hard being so close to my own fathers and I think I was a probably a bit hard to live with,feeling lost and unable to fathom life.I shall miss him and the conversations we had, even though far and few between,I wanted so much to ask for his help when I got through to being a teacher with his years of experence. I feel for my cousins and hope to catch up with them early next year,living over here in WA has its advantages but latley Ive been missing the girls in my family...
Christmas is around the corner,I havean assignmnet Monday week which I dearly want to get done as soon a possible so I relax and enjoy this year...Im going to give what ive got and see how I go.
In the mail today i got the first of a couple of jelly rolls
From these lovely ladies,I going make a quilt from the Moda Bakery, think I refered to it last post
I m thinking of this pattern in the future for one of my sons too using 1 fat quarter bundle, Birchbark Lodge by Holly Taylor featured in this quilt   Better not leave my job just yet,LOL
I got the socks done,washed and ready to wrap,hard to give these away,they are softer than the other colours for some reason or maybe I just love the colours,last year I knitted a pair out some expensive yarn that I bought at the Toodyay Retreat and designed my own pattern too for a special Aunty,but the cables made them a bit firmer than i was happy with so this year Im trying again (she wouldnt give them up!) and dearly hope they are a good fit and not too long as I know she a similiar size to me but I dont know if length is same.Moda vera,Noir in Laguna..going shopping to find this colour again

Oh and I found these precious little earings,also on their way to a special person and again Im on the hunt for a pair for me...
Topaz with diamantes on the side..exquisite
Can you a common theme in colour here...........

My Fathers Love rose popped two flowers out and the camera wouldnt pick up the correct colour but its fairly close,a light red and the flagrance is beautiful
They went straight into my grandmothers vase and lasted three days but were divine smelling
Waiting eagerly in the wings and I check everyday and hope the visiting biy buck roo doesnt sniff him out(the bunnies would ahve him short shift out the back) is my Sturt desrt pea and I think I may see a flower or two coming through...
And of course the obligatory bunny shot,Taffy loves sleeping in the loo,Fluffa was no where to be seen..
I think she has been sleeping under my old Honda too looking at her scruffy back..