Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I believe I am too dignified to say anything, being raised as I was, to rise above certain things especially any public outbursts... but this takes the cake,
Please read this and think of what it says about the average persons family and most importantly their children
Congratulations, means you've done an excellent parenting job when your kids are receiving those kind of awards.
This was a post on facebook about some local students achieving rewards at the end of year assembly,good on the ones who got them this year ,no boubt some did deserve it,I find it a total insult when over the years Ive watched students recieve awards simply because they were favourites or the parents were high standing and rewards days during the year were awarded to those who had been given "yellow" cards for misbehavior,bullying,theiving,and generally pain in the butt "go to the office" offences when other kids are left to look on and wonder where did they go wrong. No Im not jealous,I knew my HFA son wouldnt recieve an awards simply because the teachers and other staff have given me the cold shoulder for some time,I believe kids need to be given incentive but where they have no help to achieve thats where the buck stops....
Last year ,two of my children were given awards but we werent there, being home burying my Father,but on our return we were told that at the time the awards were rushed through and given little attention,I believe that from conversations with certain people that the upper levels of the admin did not approve and certainly the way it was told to my children that other people believed the same thing.To make it more of an insult,the main teacher deliberatley failed one student due to a clash with the Principal and now that child will probably not gain entry into a traineeship or apprenticeship because of that..
This is why Ive placed my last child into Private schooling to try to salvage whats left of his academic skill,hes hoping to gain a university level of education.............
I will leave this post up for one day and then remove,rant over....
Signed  An Apparently Bad Parent

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