Sunday, October 30, 2011

I have two more days..Tuesdays a bit stuffed due to having to go into town but Ive managed to finish the main portrait sketch which I shall publish here (just for bestest friend) not very happy with it and I really should redo do parts, but for now Ill leave it as is,tomorrow I have afew things to do,try to tidy up table so i can paint this portrait,get board ready to paint,I may do paper this time,cook something for the school week,plant a blood orange and if I get enough done Ill give myself a treat of winding my new yarn and starting the pattern I want to try....

Fresh out of ball state and ready for the bath...
I got busy last night and managed to knit Harvest dawn up to the point of dividing for the sleeves etc whne I discovered I had meant to increase from XS to S so an hours knitting was back to where I started ,I do hope I have enough for this cardigan,Im juat about finished third ball,I think i have 11 or 12.
And just for interest.I dont remember if I posted this before.Just look at the bee!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long Weekend WA

Exhausted this morning after a late night and going out at Midnight to pick up hoppy son from Club,such a fun of life boy but arh such a pain when he doesnt listen to Mum,had to get him into Cruiser,get him out and to front door and the he wanted me to cook him something to eat...
Anyhow even though I was not quite with it I mowed the lawn, I live with 6 males go figure and the trimmed and raked and I can now start to see the garden and its potential,Im watching the boys vegie garden like a hawk and will not be happy if it let run wild like last time... Im hoping to plant some Zucchini out the fron at bae of roses(removing shasta daisies and taking them else where) and hopefully will start a bit of productivity.
My organic oranges,only valencias and bit bland in flavour but being free I wont argue..
Boys vegie patch,butternuts onions,strawberries and tomotoes..........
Ive finished the batt,the hat in the magazine is what I hope to knit,its very noro like and bit thick thin but when I wash them they should be great!

And Ive done the scarf too,put a fringe on it to jazz it up,not sure its its effective or not but i think next Winter worn with jeans and jeans jacket will look good! I kept a few metres to do a fancy teapot hopefully out of that Tea Cosy Book!
And I arrived home yesty to a super surprise from Charley,I had my eye on it and without a blink she sent it over,Im blessed to have such great fibre pals for Im thinking more than Charlei is involved...,dont know what I will spin it for but thinking that if I spin it like the top one there may be enough for a wrap or definitely a hat but also it could be a wonderful accompany yarn for the like of the garter st cardigan! Or King of Confidence
Gorgeous isnt it!!!!!!!!! Merino, Alpaca,Angora,Yak.Mohair,Silk,Cashmere,Glitz,Angelina,Seaweed and Mink...............breathe breathe..........and breath...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Its amazing

Its rained and rained well,the weather people say 7mm for here but looking at the bucket in the garden this morning nah nearer to 15mils,the rabbits were amazed too,they went runing out to dash back to the verandah and sit hunched,it was a bit cool but very funny as one was sitting under a leak,flicking his ear and his fluff was dewy should have taken a pic,lol! Its made a big different that I went to work in yard yesty,new territory to hop through,its drier this afternoon so now they are out exploring.A bit discerning for one of them,hes only got one eye and semi blind in the good one,hes just starting to run into things if you shift them around.
Ok I have knitting and spinning pics,love these two projects
First is the linen st scarf,maybe a boring scarf but Im loving the mindless well linen st does require some awareness,the yarn is soo soft,my magic ball,I may go find another one later!

And geode,merino silk alpaca and gitz ,this is coming out like a heavy silk Noro Yarn,Im planning a hat out of that Holiday Book over half way through it! I really would like some of Charlies Hallowen stuff!

Hope these X large Pics are annoying but I do like to see what Im looking at..did I mention new glasses next week,a bit costly but look stylish,well I hope they are too much!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nearly there

Im up to the last bit of my assignment and I hope if the thunderstorms we re having right now wont take our power cause i have an aweful lot of diary entry to make to show my working for the projects and exercises
Im thinking of framing this one,I think the bottle brush is too upright but it reminds of old Australian paintings..

Bugger its facing the wrong way but it looks good, one of the close up paintings in preparation for expressionst abstractism
 More of painting below where you can the little gum nuts that I took the above from facing the right way

mmm   rather pleased with this exercise!
The last is another but in the shade,it also gives a spatial effect as you can see the estle

Knitting I picked up the latest IK Holiday and Vogue as well,love quite a few patterns!
I like the Water shed shawl in the Holiday one!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nearly there

I started this yesterday and Ill finish the bits tomorrow,I was getting angry as I couldnt get the right tone but for the timne I have I think Ive done ok for the assignment,Im finding that I have talents that have been buried for far too long,this I now think of when stressed and bothered in that other place,I can and I will climb above those who dtrive to belittle and control
Behold the gentleness of old age stills....

Still have the yellow gums ( and the red pink ones)  and the grevillea to finish off........oh I photographed in the evening light so it has a bluish cast,to finish I now have to use small veiwfinders and make 6 abstracts based on the shapes etc tones and colors in this painting!
My Front door,arent they wonderful!Rather me than the person they were going to orginally!
DH dragged my bike down to the Nickletown Carutebike Show,got a few comments,Ill see if I can get it a bit more presentable for next year!!! Honda Dream 305 dry sump all origianl,one bloke tried to buy it there and then,he worried me so much I didnt wander too far from the Girl all day! Thats bored out 750Four next to it!
Spinning...Ive started those batts too,pics when Ive got a bit into batty! Im spindling,its less room,I wish Ill be putting it into a hat,something lacy! Got the latest Vogue Mag I think theres something in that!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

In fiddling around trying to get some serious project work done I also played around with my new waters...

Small detailed works like this I really enjoy ,still learning with the other one,its a fast ten minute job looking at the courtyard Im painting for a major part of this SP 2nd assignment
I been working on my magic ball linen st scarf,hoping it will be long enough
Also havent gotten a chance to take pics,maybe later today while its bright light!
Ok here is my new spinning stash,isnt Geode gorgeous?? I thoght it was black with yellow and bue but its deep purples with sparkles,sign,cant wait to spin it,prob in a single to use as a feature yarn,been looking for a pattern,thanks Shirl!!!

And of course Enchanted,enough to do the pattern I sort have in mind,may have enough for a short sleeve cardie yet,Rhonda sent a little gift of gorgeous alpaca too!This stuff is seriously nicestuff to spin,I use my peggy here for a more uneven effect which is also spoigy,love it! I think I have about 500m so far this should produce another 300m?

Sunday, October 02, 2011


I took Monday in liew of Friday,I love a good long weekend,today Im persevering in getting some Uni practicals done..I ll say no more...

Except ..I LOVE MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday all day!

I went with Dh today to see about some work he has,dint know what hed have to do so a fair few tools came with us and I brought art supplies and of course camera.
The main job took little time so off we went back toward home where we spent a couple of hours looking at things on the road sie and country...

You can see Lake Lefroy in the far distance..
 Sleepy lizard or Shingle Back,I grew up calling the Bog Eyes,he wasnt too happy being made pose for the shutter!

 Hakea,"Birds beak" a beautiful shrub small tree that has flowers appear inside the protection of the slightlt prickly foliage

Didnt think to get pics of whole shrub..
Pig face!!   See below where it was growing in fairly loose sandy loam ,there larger ones like these,they have the angular leaves,these fellas however are small rounded leaves and after flowering the plant tend to turn a ruddy pink and this makes it blend into the red ground more.
and to end this post is a mulla mulla!
 ptilotus exaltatus, there are smaller ones that are like creamy white pom poms but havent seen any yet!
I love these,the pigfaces and the Ptilous, they take me home in my memories as a child...