Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sunday all day!

I went with Dh today to see about some work he has,dint know what hed have to do so a fair few tools came with us and I brought art supplies and of course camera.
The main job took little time so off we went back toward home where we spent a couple of hours looking at things on the road sie and country...

You can see Lake Lefroy in the far distance..
 Sleepy lizard or Shingle Back,I grew up calling the Bog Eyes,he wasnt too happy being made pose for the shutter!

 Hakea,"Birds beak" a beautiful shrub small tree that has flowers appear inside the protection of the slightlt prickly foliage

Didnt think to get pics of whole shrub..
Pig face!!   See below where it was growing in fairly loose sandy loam ,there larger ones like these,they have the angular leaves,these fellas however are small rounded leaves and after flowering the plant tend to turn a ruddy pink and this makes it blend into the red ground more.
and to end this post is a mulla mulla!
 ptilotus exaltatus, there are smaller ones that are like creamy white pom poms but havent seen any yet!
I love these,the pigfaces and the Ptilous, they take me home in my memories as a child...

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