Friday, September 30, 2011

Selubrious Saturday and Paper Flowers

 Arh,Staurday,others are getting excited its the Grand Final but Im just happy its the weekend and the start of a three day break for me,the cause primarliy because it was my day off yesty but I worked for the only reason that it was last day of term and things happen and things get sprung on me,I dont particularly like being a mushie.The other reason I wont include on here,if interested(lol) send me an email,it might be interesting or it might not but it certainly is an issue for me!

On my way back yesty I had ten minutes to spare,more photos! Im particularly attached to yellows and oranges at moment,if it clears up to a nice clear weekend I m hoping to take a bush walk,a lot of late flowers are not always obvious,I may find a wee treasure

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