Friday, September 02, 2011

Still Knitting

I finished the scarf on Thursday while waiting for Ben,if its clear tomorrow Ill wash and block for pics on Sunday,I dodnt use the whole ball as I thought the scarf 1. was long enough and 2.there might a need for a bit extra for the gloves Im going to make to match it

I broke and bought 6 balls today,4 Patonyle 8 ply in vivid blue and 3 balls of Cleckheaton Tartan in the blue green colour,I really should have got the red but somehow the greens were shining in the blues ,destined for a pair of socks for me as being 8ply they ll go fast..Chezs is selling so I do hope the new owner will continue,she has some lovely new yarns in at the moment,good basic ones so I may pop in and grab some more of the Patonyle in the other colours before she does sell,Im really keen to get some Pumpkin,didnt see any but hope she may have it hidden there some place.
Pics when its light enough

It rained quite heavily today in Kal and I didnt think to take photos,it,zee camera, came along as there are heaps of gorgeous natives flowering on the way in and thought it would be sunny enough coming home to capture them,I did call into harvey Norman and found they could be very competative  price wise for a Canon 1100D,They offered to match internet prices as longas they were shops fronts and with freight it may be worth it.Really need to save hard,tax time may offer a treat!
Add to wish still is a AKL,have quote and as soon as I can I ll deposit money and it will be here very quickly..
It rained last time I wore the shoes I had on today,I really love these,bought them at Harbour Town in Perth while waiting for Hubby at the Son of God Hospital,therapy on his hand. Little slip on black ones with flower cut outs and white stitching.$40,retailed for double that in Kal but I noticed that Target are selling some very much similiar in last catalogue
This weekend Im starting the prep work for next unit,I dont hold much hope of doing well in that exam as I only scraped in with last assignment and Id thought it had a good chance of at least a credit,trying not to think about it,losing Dad has affected me more than I thought,Ive lost focus.
Anyhow Im back to the fun painting stuff,boight masonite at bunnings today with paint for sealing and bond seal at art shop.I also indulged in some more paint brushes etc at the cheap art supplies  through newsagent.Im hoping to play with some water colors this weekend,no Hockey so have both days to prep and play
Darling River Pea,one day Ill see these again and Ill have that good camera!

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