Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sassy Saturday

Im getting in the right mood to get into this uni work,the diay Im carrying everywhere to use all opportunities to put something in it,have to get a new printer though,we just seem to have so much trouble with them,I print out pics for that diary for research etc and its vital the images are clear.

This week Im going to do the three paintings that cover the inside /outside topic,A3 paper makes a difference,easier to move around with...
Got into my water colours today..very abstract and it was on purpose sort of,I let it evolve and the direction it took Im happy with,the second is an experimental one in technique and learning to wait for each stage to dry properly before adding

The technique here is a wash followed by balck pen to highlight,Im pleased with this one and I think Ill frame it and send home to Mum for her Bday
Went out and about with new Camera again and tried the close up,very happy with it.. I can see possibilites for a large painting here
Im off to the Kalgoorlie Spring carnival tomorrow at Hammond Pk, supposed to be a big eevent,havent been before even though we been here in Kam for 11 years, Im enjoying life more and more despite the nasties going on in this wee place.I aim to take a pile of pics especilay as the agrdens there are great,dying to catch a bee in action,LOL Ill take my spindle too as a spot of other creativity

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