Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday and feeling Lazy

Dh and I went down this morning and marked up the footy oval for next Fridays Sports Carnival,its turned out a lovely warm spring day with little breeze but I did enjoy the one we had as pushing the line marker around with 25 litres of paint was not an easy thing but I managed to do a large ammount of it with DH coming in and finishing the last three rounds,so I think I walked 1200m? plus the little bits,poor DH now has a sore hip form the extra exercise and he has to run his shop tonight,I feel guilty ..
Been playing with camera setting again,found the panarama setting above,have to do more with it..

Im going to try doing a few new things seeing Im enjoying the regular chatting ,Wordless Wednesday sounds cool,lets see how I go....

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