Saturday, April 26, 2014

Post Anzac

Im up to the point study wise I should have been last weekend but onto white works tomorrow morning and hopefully half done will do,
Today this ones a drawing of a constrction I had to make on the previous cave drawing,its still merged into imagination but I like it, I used compressed charcoal,Derwent XL charcoal, willow and pastels,and my hands are still dirty and dry from the hand rubbing
 Tomorrow this will be fashion shot and then drawn in charcoal and pastels,I have a bottle of shells too,I might do them first,Ill see how i go...
Ive decided to continue the crocheting of the Japanese flowers in that Noro,it ll be interesting how it ends up,its too harsh I think to snuggle around neck but I think Ill see if I can get at least two more balls of Col S8 in this Sock weight and keep going as it ll be a nice throw on the bed when the boys are moved on and I can dress up things a little
Im navajo plying last of the pastel orangey wool tonight and might sart the suri alpaca my dear friend sent for my birthday a while ago,I looked at it last weekend and thought I have to spin soft,I have a pattern in mind already
Also got another project in mind too its to do with eco paper,lino printing and Christmas gifts,as soon as Hubby clears the table Ill re do those cotton tea towels too,using the finer reed.Ill go hunt donw some 8ply cotton from Bendigo or some of the sugar n cream type yarn
Ok Im off to find something for dinner,Hubbys closing our shop at end of month so well have pizza every weekend til then just because we can

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A little post

And the smell is divine....
Gotta love Easter weather...

Happy Choccy Day

Well its another Easter,a bit different this year as I sit here typing at 9am thinking I want another cup of tea but I should shower and race to the shop and get my lone sons Googie, everyone else has gone fishing partying on the coast with exception of one whos working in the Superpit,he has tomorrow off to start night shift that night,
I wanted to go into Town (Kalgoorlie) and have breakfast at Dome for a treat,their pancakes are passable,lol but son wasn't that keen and I got out of bed a bit disjointed, so much i forgot to do our lotto and had a thoroughly lazy day with only a small amount of study. Today it will be the same methinks but more work,I have to finish two more charcoal drawings,got this but it needs finishing
Im not sure what the tutor wants but will try to interpret and get done,the next one will be more tonal based
Im afraid to touch it,lol
anyway look what has been munching away on the neighbours grapes,we didnt eat many this year for some reason,Grapes I mean.
Behold Munch Munch Munch.....

Friday, April 18, 2014

Quiet Weekend

Its turned eerily quiet with the males disappearing in different directions leaving me to a supposedly good study weekend,but so far Ive done bugger all,well Ive got ten pages of art research done and this
 I have to draw an imaginary cave along with light beams and a candle lit table,should be interesting once I get my act into gear,did the above table in 5mins last night and get the ideas going,I found a pack of tonal papers and card last night too while clearing my shelves of old magazines,it hurt a bit to throw them  and have stopped buying quilting ,sewing ones but every now and then I pretend I have time and fall for a new one. Interweave knits and Knit Simple come home of course and although I could but them on disk,I have this thought of a meltdown of communications and computers,at least Ill still have hard copies..
below are my work mates,are they just gorgeous!!! I have plans of drawing and mixed media art works with these especially now I have Chinese ink
 Singing for his supper..a young bird Im hoping will pick p a word or two
 Confedrate Rose or Hibiscus mutabilus  Trying to figure out where I can put the two plants I got going last Spring

It gets big but boy its takes root in water so very easy to propagate

 My new Garanium Big Pink is going well though needs a bit more dark green to its foliage,Im very happy with it,after a white one like this,Bunnings had run out so waiting to see if they get more,I have plans to have rows of them along front verandah ,well when Hubby gets it cleared of the shop equipment and this has my eye for my secret garden 
 And I remembered I had two of these stashed,in different boxes of course but made a head start last night on the Japanese Flower shawl,it was late so didnt finish this first one but amazingly easy, the colorway I was after was S45 in either sock or lace,it would have cost me close to $60 so thought this will do instead ( just liked the mustardy color of S45 mixed with the blues so I will keep an eye out for it later)
 Tutorial as linked before...Flower Shawl

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dawdling along

Its Sunday night and although I had wanted to write a post earlier I got busy chasing art supplies and gathering research ie. artist that use tones,now its almost the end of the weekend,wow did that go fast..
Had to buy yet another washing machine, Haia this time as it s a big sucker within what i was willing to spend and hopefully here in the house tomorrow night,not too much washing but some will be essential tomorrow get the gist, Im back to work right through school holidays due to harrassment and other stuff I just couldnt take that time off...
Going to the physio twice a week now and hopefully there ll be an improvement more than now anyway,I couldnt use my right arm for more than a few minutes driving into town yesterday,it hurst and aches and generally a nasty unco operative limb,raking for 5 hours on Friday may have done a bit of damage...with both arms now like this I have been told that a more tha %30 disability ? doubt it and Im not doing compo again after the fiasco of last time so will trundel along and see how I go.Hopefully new assistant will be great to work with.
This year Im aiming of getting more cuttings and seedlings going ,Sturt Peas and sunflowers etc,boss has asked or new garden areas to be developed,how they are going to water them ? Id had to turn back water on the whole grounds due to high tape they can keep it...
I saw this on Tangled yarns page  in Noro Taiyo Sock, in Col S 45,its not available now but boy I want it so bad,the colors are beautiful,I did find a shop still carrying that colorway so will decide later this week if i like it enough to pay $50 for two balls. Hubbys going fishing next week for more cost than that...hint hint..
Son 1 has moved closer to work,son 3 was going to but took one look at the tiny room in the old run down house and decided it was easier to stay at home and pay the fuel,its actually cheaper for him though I have to admit i was also thinking of having to cook and wash for two les,some nights Im preparing up to 12 meals as normal dinner then crib next day. Off to get some shut eye,so tired I feel nauseous. Though it could have been that Cienna I drank too
NO pics,Ive been so busy and when not too tired so hang in Ill be back

Monday, April 07, 2014

Back Yay!!!!

Ok no not a holiday,I just stopped doing one lot of fun things to concentrate on another favorite thing,Submission one posted off electronically today,I was up til 11.30 last night finalizing stuff and then got home from work to do more til I thought thats it,it has to go!!
heres a couple of exercises,remember exercises not works of art

I didnt think these were interesting enough for the criteria and did up a couple more,the main one is this

and the rest were line based works or exercises,I wish I hadnt left it til last weekend to do these,a few extra days would have been nice,I do hope I covered enough,I was aiming for HD though D would be good.
Spinning I havent done anymore on that top but will do a bit tomorrow night before i get back into the last assignment
I fell in the hole and bought a ball of Noro Taiyo lace weight for another scarf,its so pretty,orange yellow white lime purple,Col 1  I got mine from the lovely shop Tangled Yarn  I have to make a few small project for upcoming birthdays and special gifts,I enjoy giving things and to make someone feel special for that makes it even better,i stopped for a while as people were or see,ed a little shy. However now i tell them i have to work my way through a giant stash and what better way than to make stuff to give to special mates.Now they appreciate it.
Another nasty week last week at work,being accused wrongly of abusing a co worker has left me looking over my shoulder and wondering if i should even stay there,I know its just sour grapes as they didnt get what they wanted but the lack of support from immediate management is horrible,plus being told to seek legal advice and Union help,its certainly given my self confidence a big hit,even staying out of the way and little contact didnt help. The upside I get along ok with Big Boss but I certainly dont want to ruin that little nice thing by asking him for help.
With that positive note no mater how small Im off!!