Saturday, April 26, 2014

Post Anzac

Im up to the point study wise I should have been last weekend but onto white works tomorrow morning and hopefully half done will do,
Today this ones a drawing of a constrction I had to make on the previous cave drawing,its still merged into imagination but I like it, I used compressed charcoal,Derwent XL charcoal, willow and pastels,and my hands are still dirty and dry from the hand rubbing
 Tomorrow this will be fashion shot and then drawn in charcoal and pastels,I have a bottle of shells too,I might do them first,Ill see how i go...
Ive decided to continue the crocheting of the Japanese flowers in that Noro,it ll be interesting how it ends up,its too harsh I think to snuggle around neck but I think Ill see if I can get at least two more balls of Col S8 in this Sock weight and keep going as it ll be a nice throw on the bed when the boys are moved on and I can dress up things a little
Im navajo plying last of the pastel orangey wool tonight and might sart the suri alpaca my dear friend sent for my birthday a while ago,I looked at it last weekend and thought I have to spin soft,I have a pattern in mind already
Also got another project in mind too its to do with eco paper,lino printing and Christmas gifts,as soon as Hubby clears the table Ill re do those cotton tea towels too,using the finer reed.Ill go hunt donw some 8ply cotton from Bendigo or some of the sugar n cream type yarn
Ok Im off to find something for dinner,Hubbys closing our shop at end of month so well have pizza every weekend til then just because we can

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  1. I just LOVE your picture, it's really fabulous. Sometimes Noro softens after some washings, my Silk Garden scarf did.
    Happy Pizza!!