Monday, April 07, 2014

Back Yay!!!!

Ok no not a holiday,I just stopped doing one lot of fun things to concentrate on another favorite thing,Submission one posted off electronically today,I was up til 11.30 last night finalizing stuff and then got home from work to do more til I thought thats it,it has to go!!
heres a couple of exercises,remember exercises not works of art

I didnt think these were interesting enough for the criteria and did up a couple more,the main one is this

and the rest were line based works or exercises,I wish I hadnt left it til last weekend to do these,a few extra days would have been nice,I do hope I covered enough,I was aiming for HD though D would be good.
Spinning I havent done anymore on that top but will do a bit tomorrow night before i get back into the last assignment
I fell in the hole and bought a ball of Noro Taiyo lace weight for another scarf,its so pretty,orange yellow white lime purple,Col 1  I got mine from the lovely shop Tangled Yarn  I have to make a few small project for upcoming birthdays and special gifts,I enjoy giving things and to make someone feel special for that makes it even better,i stopped for a while as people were or see,ed a little shy. However now i tell them i have to work my way through a giant stash and what better way than to make stuff to give to special mates.Now they appreciate it.
Another nasty week last week at work,being accused wrongly of abusing a co worker has left me looking over my shoulder and wondering if i should even stay there,I know its just sour grapes as they didnt get what they wanted but the lack of support from immediate management is horrible,plus being told to seek legal advice and Union help,its certainly given my self confidence a big hit,even staying out of the way and little contact didnt help. The upside I get along ok with Big Boss but I certainly dont want to ruin that little nice thing by asking him for help.
With that positive note no mater how small Im off!!

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  1. Great art/exercises!!! I am sorry you have had such a hard time at work, it sounds quite awful. I hope your new scarf knitting cheers you up.