Monday, May 28, 2012

Oops missing in Action

Well I havent been here for a few days,Everytime i thought Ill write a post up ,something got in the way,never the less I havent much in the way of pics but I have nearly finished the green vest,its quite low at the front in a scoop rounded neck way and although it looks very hand made, individual more truthly, I love it for its colour and for the fact its the first spun and made top for two year? but before that Id say near on 20 after the very heavy one I made my Brother(its gone, eaten by moths as Mother didnt store it very well,think it got lost in the mess after his passing),the eqally heavy one I was contracted to make in Dubbo many moons ago and before that the gorgeous cream 20 micron merino vest I made from a Womans Weekly mag( I learnt to sew from that one too) as a 16 year old plus the black one with sleeves,Ive been spinning for years but for little things and often left in the stash or given away,now Im on the run for sweater lots and although Ill keep up with the vests for the next two projects,Im dying to put my name down on Davids list over at SCF ,but what colour!!! Budgie or Old Gold looks good but I d like to mix it with something like a blue maybe Budgie or Deep Blue Sea...
Look Ive been playing..........wanna another look??
Not crash hot but so much fun,Ive since doen another bobbin but its different in the size of the bobbles. I used some bunny merino from Charley in rainbow colours and the keeper yarn was a two ply fine lace merino from Treehouse.I couldnt see myself knitting it,too fine and my eyes wouldnt forgive meWhat on earth can I do with it,maybe in alternate rows on a top down garter st sweater just for the shoulder area,hmm I have a think...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Now Im a bit happier

The last of the bandages are off!!  can fit into more clothes which is much better,more choice especiily with the cooler weather starting to show its presence,its been gorgeous mild days but the nights are a different matter,quite chilly in fact,I look for the wooolly slippers by 6pm now and a bogan flanellette shirt if not a jumper and the house remains cool all day..
Anyway its nice to be bandage free but the wound site feels everything and I find I still have to rest it on a soft pillow at night to lessen impact and uneven surface
Spinning,poking along a bit at a time...
 Cormo spins like butter..hope its not a waste to ply with the magic merino
Taffy is most comfortable in her toilet
The gardens growing fast we had our first meal of silver beet last night and it was very yummy but I now need to cook more of it as even though the pot was full theres wasnt quite enough to get a good  chomp ,over cooking a wee didnt help and my laziness to go get some lemon but it was worth growing!!.When the peas and broadbeans start producing we shouldnt have to buy greens much as all,well thats the plan and as soon as the peas start to decline Ill clean up a spot and throw some lazy housewives in...
Ive fallen in love with this pattern
and also I like the look of this one
I think Im right with patterns for serenade,the vest in graphite and the Henley in Prapika,close to the models colours but they do appeal
Ive gotten nearly through first chart of the 198Yarns of Heaven mini shawl too,not hard but difficult to do much with sore arm
Now Id better see to supplies,Hubbys stuck in the big city over night and I have a bit to do here,rounding up sons will be fun..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Super Excited..

Well I was when visiting the lovely Doctor this morning thinking Id be able to be rid of that bulky bandage and have the ability to wear something other than those two Ive got DHs oversized John Butler Tee on,if I tuck the hem in in a wee bit and let the rest fall it looks ok,the fabric gorgeously soft,anyhow i digress,Doctor looked prodded and declared antibiotocs and rebandaged with.. a stetchy sleeve to compliment the crepe,now Im back(never left)the sausage arm and boy he does them firm,no tight as, bugger..typing is painful so only using that hand for a few keys and relying on fast right hand motion..sigh
Anyway after that let down the super excited was back again when DH went to PO and retrieved our mail,woohoo,the Bendigo card for their new yarn is here at,wow I love it and the lovely Anne at Onemorerow has just posted (I just read it is closer) about her new vest project,when I saw it it hit me, perfect for this yarn,Serenade,  20% bamboo &80% wool,not soft soft but the silk sheen is so nice and the wool should give it a sturdiness,Im swaying between Asphalt and Clover though theres a nice bit of this colour being destashed I wouldnt mind so maybe the Merlot or Hibiscus,I just dont know yet,will sleep on it...
Spinning a bit at a time,found being right dominated the left is not needed as much,it just rests and acts as a platform..
This the last of the colours
Then I ll do the white como,wonder if its a waste of a lovely fibre,I have Polwarth too but wanted to spin it up to a sweater worth then dye before knitting..anyway Ill ply the white and coloured silk merino and I have grandose plans of a crocheted (if that fails knitted) wide scarf,saw a gorgeous sample at crossways,it looked like a ladder like sts with a crocheted border,food for though anyway..
Should have cropped or found a better spot to take photo but anyone whos loves bendigo with have one anyway ")

Part 3

Now I thought I d better finish off the story of my surgical trip to the big city with a few more picks
Now isn't this simply the most gorgeous sample of specialist techie spinning,coils if I remember rightly(it was a sample of a spinning school by a visiting lady of reknowned ability but I cant remember her name ,bugger)..Ive looked at pictures before but never actually picked up a sample for the touchy feel,they were so pretty I was super careful thinking they were untouchable,dont know why perhaps I thought them a bit delicate? Anyway they were so soft and squisshy,(I didnt squish of course) but I could feel the softness,Iv never wanted to spin anything like these before but now Id love too,Toodyay Retreat has a spinning lesson of techies such as these so Im going to set myself up with the nescessary goods to what on earth would you knit with this sort of sample. warpgirl suggested she would love to see how weaving would work and I agree,what texture...I actually have a dump of Charley fluff to try this...
Went  searching for some link for the art yarn stuff and came across this one I also foiund this one too not spinning still an interesting idea,maybe you could use seconds from fabric shops or mills
Now more on that fantastic day out..

I was a bit shy to take many photos in case people would be upset but the church was awesome and the hall wonderful,I havent seen such a community minded group for a long time...
the gardens again
Lush greens
which reminds me,this is what my wee garden looks like now...
just look at the silver beet,the beets and sugar loafs!!!Yes and look at the holes,I must pyrethrem them very soon....

Broad beans

Look carrots,only littel one but they are coming up in the droves
pity the parsnips are not appearing but I think if I remember rightly they are slower than carrots. These red ones are hubbies bred ones so they should do very well!
Spinning Ive done a little bit for sanity and a few rows as well on my sons Graham hat and my pink citron but onle a bit a t a time,my arm is still too sore to do much.This week I get the bulky bandage off and so Ill be able to fit into my normal clothes thank heavens,the weathers been nice so luckily i have needed to rug up which would have made problems seeing most of my stuff wouldnt fit...its actually been a good thing,its also made me look at the things I dont normally wear,like the two check cotton shirts Ive been wearing constantly over the last two weeks,they look great with a knitted vest,one of which I havent worn much at all,its like a waist coat with buttons and all in cornflower blue,Id knitted it at least 8 years ago but worn rarely due to being too bright but having it on last thursday I got heaps of great comments so maybe I should rethink..anyhow I bought all that Japanese prints from Spottie back in Dubbo so those peasant tops I had planned would have been ideal if only I could reach my dining table to cut out and sew them up...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Part 2?

To continue
Myrlene took me to Kings Park and although it was drizzling it was a fantastic morning out after a trip to the very nice Crossways Wool Shop in Subie
Where it was superbly green
the banksia garden but not much was flowering
though I did find one very nice one
And this poor tree was in the news some time ago when they dug it up and carried it all the way from up top of WA,the Baob Tree,similiar to what we have here in Kambalda, kurrajong or Brachychiton.
It had a lot of holes drilled into it so I presume it was the doctoring side of re establishing it in the Park.
and another shot..
Down further there were some wonderful inlaid stone near the other side of the banksia gardens in front of a lovely bench seat  that also had design features that was linked to that garden.I didnt get a closeup of the bench seat but if you look carefully theres the banksia leaves running along the back rest ")

After we went off to the markets and Ive never seen so much dry goods in buckets...

On the Saturday I was a traveling companion out to Mossman Park for the Eco Fair with Ruth who was such a lovely lady, we had great conversation and Im eternally thankful to Myrlene, Ruth and Helen who went out of their way to give me  a lift to these places and home rescuing me from being locked up in a room all weekend.Myrlene also organised a trip to the Bilby Yarn shop too, naughty enabler,hope I can go back soon to source the wool for Hubby whos nodding to another knitted garment...
Spinning demo which involked a lot of interest and laughter and community gardens...

These grounds were beautifully kept,looked productive and a lot  of care went towards keeping them that way.
GARDEN UPDATE SOON.........Im typing one hand so forgive any funny bits..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home and on the mend

I imagined what it would be like comimg home but I didnt think of the annoyance of not being able to do much,I wont say nothing cause I still have my right hand which is the dominant one but boy dont you need that left one...heaps..
This is myself three days after surgery...

This was my quiet corner til the weather turned damp and windy
My room exited out onto this shared undercover,it was lovely on the Wednesday when I came out of hospital as the pain killers were not very friendly..
The knitting community came to the rescue after Hubby went home( he was my carer for two days after operation) and Myrlene took to the me off to the bestest knitting shop I have ever been,Crossways Wool and Fabric in Subiaco, the people were so nice,friendly and genuine,they were also very popular and on their feet full time,who said knitting was a dying art..while there I managed to add to stash

These beauties I got for shawl production,thinking of the Dream Strip Shawl but not sure if the orangey red will be too much but also theres this pattern too, Juliana and I have some Tart in Malbrigio if I remember right to go with the peuple for the stripe shawl too....I saw this combination and loved it
This one I couldnt leave behind,if only you could feel in through the monitor,seriously good stuff
you will be my quishy and I will hold and pet you forever...
And of course more bits for projects I needed well bits for...the tulip hat in the Interweave mag,a spare ball for Sons hat etc
and I couldnt resist these but not sure if i could make them into sock for combine with maybe black for an awesome shawl

then I went to Bilby yarns........ the lovely lady on appointment let us in for a quick shop..I snaffled 1400m of 4ply which looks more a sport,600 grams of charcoal merino top and that lovely packets of colour at top of this post.Im hoping to make Finnian for my Hubby one day so will need to go back and order 8ply but the 4 plyI might make this one simple yet still a bit of cable for interest.
beauty shot

Sample of different silk merino ,I got two packs which I want to spin in lace singles and then maybe chain ply on its self or spin up some gorgeous cormo so I have enough for a scarf,maybe a crochet one,saw some very nice ones in the shops in Perth that wet my appetite for more than just blankets

4ply Western Dream in Charcoal,hoping to get at least a kilo of the corriedale which looked a lot darker than this yarn and the top I brought home
On the last bit of stash I also got this book Knit Noro and already Ive been hunting for yarn to go with at least three of those in this book!

or this one........
but even I would try this one too
The lovely Myrlene took me to the Botanic Gardens at KingsPark where we had a bite to eat and a walk around,the Banksia gardens were my favourite but only one was in flower,we also nearly got caught up with a wedding ,lol werent happy with us but with the showers we were moving pretty well anyway!
More on this next post I must deal with progeny.........