Friday, May 18, 2012

Now Im a bit happier

The last of the bandages are off!!  can fit into more clothes which is much better,more choice especiily with the cooler weather starting to show its presence,its been gorgeous mild days but the nights are a different matter,quite chilly in fact,I look for the wooolly slippers by 6pm now and a bogan flanellette shirt if not a jumper and the house remains cool all day..
Anyway its nice to be bandage free but the wound site feels everything and I find I still have to rest it on a soft pillow at night to lessen impact and uneven surface
Spinning,poking along a bit at a time...
 Cormo spins like butter..hope its not a waste to ply with the magic merino
Taffy is most comfortable in her toilet
The gardens growing fast we had our first meal of silver beet last night and it was very yummy but I now need to cook more of it as even though the pot was full theres wasnt quite enough to get a good  chomp ,over cooking a wee didnt help and my laziness to go get some lemon but it was worth growing!!.When the peas and broadbeans start producing we shouldnt have to buy greens much as all,well thats the plan and as soon as the peas start to decline Ill clean up a spot and throw some lazy housewives in...
Ive fallen in love with this pattern
and also I like the look of this one
I think Im right with patterns for serenade,the vest in graphite and the Henley in Prapika,close to the models colours but they do appeal
Ive gotten nearly through first chart of the 198Yarns of Heaven mini shawl too,not hard but difficult to do much with sore arm
Now Id better see to supplies,Hubbys stuck in the big city over night and I have a bit to do here,rounding up sons will be fun..

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  1. Glad you've got your bandages off and on the mend. ooh the Emily Raglan Henley looks just what I was thinking of today. Put my Twist and Shout on to go out and was reminded of the toastyness of pure wool and thought I need a nice jumper without the open gap of a jacket.