Saturday, September 23, 2006

Birthday Wishes

A big Birthday Wish to Shazza, welcome to the Club and yes!!!!! Life truly begins at 40...........

A flower from the outback,hope you're enjoying your day, cheers.......................

(an image by EdwardHung 2000)

Friday, September 22, 2006

It didn't take them long...

Just looky at these,has anyone tried them yet? I am dying to find out! Fancy coming up with the idea in the first place!
I wonder if you could knit in the cinema!!!!
Went shopping yesterday and bought the last of the Panda 5 ply(we think,its not labled) to play with 8 balls in all,as all the new dyes have arrived along with 400g of Moorit fleece that has me looking everywhere for the rest of my treadly as it won't do to use the Ertoel wheel,too fast!!!!The fleece was supposed to be fresh of sheeps back but its a bit stiff so with the weather warming up,I wiil be able to put it out in the sun!
Its a sort of dark caramel to smokey colour,I missed the lovely caramel one but this has a long staple, 6 inch, so I am happy to play with it.I must find someone closer so I can 'class "it as it comes off baa baa.
The wheel I was dreaming of is the Ashford wheel and I like the idea of being able to fold it away and take it places to show people how spinning is done(had a lot of surprises looks when I prattle on about spinning,especially when I am expecting a parcel.....)

this looks interesting too,I was looking at the adds on the inteweave site this morning !its fromLittle Knits in Seatle which I gather is in the States,I am sort of dreaming about getting a skein just to try it ,it would be neat to give to one of the staff at school and tell them what it's made of, Sea Weed....Looks very interesting,if anyone has used it let me know what you think of it.isn't it fascinating what yarns can be made now.....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Late as usual

Beware Snakes below.......down further I mean!

I am posting another quickly as I really want to 'talk 'at the moment!
H has taken son no 1 to KAl to pick a parcel up that he left in the shop a week ago and to get some parts for his bike!
We went to Coolgardie for their annual Coolgardie Day on Sunday(great day out but I have been left with a disgusting house and no time for this week to do it) and he was included in a demo with the BMX team from Perth so his enthusiasm has been stoked up again!

This from our front door(picture me trying to hold back three energetic kids wanting to play,dog included) it was glorious.....lawns are really greening up now!Heres another one as it will most likely be the last we will see for a while!

I went looking at the New Knitty and have already picked what I want to do!The wrap which although a bit finer than I would normally knit looks gorgeous, Serrono looks interesting as does the scarfy thing! Lucy looks niccccceeee too,imagining it in some purple merino silk roving from Hawthorne cottage! Desicions......

Must finish other things too!

I have decided my next big purcahse is the fold up spinning wheel that I had the priviledge of looking at at my Auntys house three years ago.It folds up like a flat brief case and is intriguing.Not telling Hubby,he will have a fit!! He is building a Blow cart for us to use on Lake Lefroy for weekend jaunts.... If anyone knows anything about the spinning wheel ,could you let me know whatever about it? I am researching it at moment and all I can remember is the price tag!!! $500 abouts(a big secret this will be )....

He wasn't impressed when I told him how much Fluffas haircut was going to cost too..$120..need I say more!

I will leave you with a close up of a very young brown snake the boys decided to make a movie star before I made them take the poor thing out to the bush...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I thought I would try to draft a post this time and add to it !
There are photos to download but too lazy,I mean too tired to get up and go out to get the Card .

Above is the Geraldton Wax one of the recent aquisitins for my new garden out the front of the house,everything I have put out there at the moment is at least, looking happy!

I managed to get the( CP for the KAl) started and relised that my tension was abit tto stiff so hav undone at least 6 inches ,or should I say frog back to ribbing and started again with 5.5mm needles and already I can feel the difference!
It was softer,I used 5mm as the patern said to but I can't find the card from Bendigo Wool to see waht It says about the aran wool! Its Denim in colour and I thought this would be more ageless and suit my casual life style as well(though I have been told to book this time next year for the Races where Hats and the whole dress up bit will be th eorder of the day)! The photo is a bit dark but as usual the wool is very nice in person! And gorgeous to knit with.

I have however already planned the next colour if this pattern is good to me!

I need to finish one more Dishcloth so I can forward it to the lucky person! The garterlac was a bit confusing so am going to restart it when My DH is on night shift and stick it until its finished.I am not silly but I found the instructions a bit puzzling to follow so nee to keep on it .With that in mind I will try another pattern and leave the garter one till I have the brain space to follow it.

We are looking at doing up our house here but are also talking about only the basics so we can think about moving to Bendigo for a change.I am not very happy with my lot and there may be more opportunities for th whole family.However We are earning a very good income here,and one son is in the student council etc ,another is settled with his aid,though the others including the oldest may like the shift.We can't afford to move really, but a bag each?(mine will be massive as I will not leave my stash,sewing machine .......) Of couse the politician son re councilor wants to stay also because he is setting up his lizard thingy.... oh what to do.....This is my Tibouchia,I was told at the Nursery that it has a lovely smell...When it came out I was sad to find it has no smell,silly woman..maybe when its happier?

One of the plants that have moved to my place(I planted the other one and its doing well)

I am thinking of starting a garden blog as I am always collecting photos of flowers and bits that belong in one!

This is one of the latest dye jobs and although I wasn't happy as I was working on them I am happier now as they have been balled up!

The blue is Mulberry with Raspberry and the three toned on is Mushroom,Oak and Raspberry!

Since I enjoyed this little adventure I have gone on to order some more colours including black,pale blue and few more that I can't remember by name but i am hoping to try Beatlewears watermelon colour way!

The pale blue on the right is a dipped ball method and I am quite pleased with it though I would have liked a slightly darker tone,maybe if I skein it and overdye it with the blue that is coming from Hawthorne Cottage! Just a bit as I was trying to imitate a Cloud colourway that I saw on Dave Daniels ,its Cleckheatons Country and so soft to knit with. The mushy one is by the way a PAnda brand that came in 100g balls and although I haven't knited a swatch yet looks like a 5 ply so am keen to do apair of socks!

Thats it ,I have managed to save this to adjust for another time and it worked!!!! so I am off to finish cooking tea! I'll leave with a close up of the Tibouchia.....

Friday, September 01, 2006

I am adding some piccies as I didn't get around to it before,too tired and no time to do it when I was feeling on top of it(or near that)

First up is the gorgeous and very comfortable mittens that my secret Pal Anne sent to me!!! And many apologies for not putting this in earlier,they are just beautiful ,thank you Anne!And if you reading this,please put acomment on so I can visit you again as the other computor died and left me with very little records of all my online friends!!

And this is some Tapestry that I plan to make more of Annes mittens for some wonderful people I work with at school( the purple one I already have some for me and grabbed the last two balls because Cheryl at my LWS said they were very popular in that colour!!)

The Panda is interesting as I haven't seen these balls before ,all soaking ready to dye so can't remember full details but theres easily a sock per ball and it seems to be 5ply and is 100%Wool

I am curious about how it goes!

Gecko socks,I can't wait to start them but have too many UFOs so must finish a few first! The shop had heaps of bits and peices and I also found a split bead needle that I am dyeing(LOL) to use.There was also some crystals that one of my boys is rather keen on(he has High Function Autsm,and proneto collecting things) A bit of tiger eye and amethys for a couple of dollars each and he was delighted!

And here is the long awaited cotton from the Ebay shop in the USA,Peaches and creme is a dream to knit amd the sugar'ncream is lovely too(I really couldn't feel that much difference) I love it and am having fun with Dishcloth patterns,I can see a few reeling off for Xmas pressies.

My excuse for buying so much is that I was going to sell some here in Aussie to at least cover the post but its too hard to pick which ones, so am keeping them!!!!!!

Fluffa as she is now known, looking smug as she has been pooping on my lounge in between eating it.....naughty girl(I needed an excuse to start planning a new one!!!!!!!)
Dads has her on her back however reluctantly,look at her dirty feet,little grot,she will be getting a bath as soon as it warms up!
Its a gecko,not sure what he is,maybe a nob tail?
Heres another look at his tail,its a nobby tail,wouldn't you agree........