Friday, September 01, 2006

I am adding some piccies as I didn't get around to it before,too tired and no time to do it when I was feeling on top of it(or near that)

First up is the gorgeous and very comfortable mittens that my secret Pal Anne sent to me!!! And many apologies for not putting this in earlier,they are just beautiful ,thank you Anne!And if you reading this,please put acomment on so I can visit you again as the other computor died and left me with very little records of all my online friends!!

And this is some Tapestry that I plan to make more of Annes mittens for some wonderful people I work with at school( the purple one I already have some for me and grabbed the last two balls because Cheryl at my LWS said they were very popular in that colour!!)

The Panda is interesting as I haven't seen these balls before ,all soaking ready to dye so can't remember full details but theres easily a sock per ball and it seems to be 5ply and is 100%Wool

I am curious about how it goes!

Gecko socks,I can't wait to start them but have too many UFOs so must finish a few first! The shop had heaps of bits and peices and I also found a split bead needle that I am dyeing(LOL) to use.There was also some crystals that one of my boys is rather keen on(he has High Function Autsm,and proneto collecting things) A bit of tiger eye and amethys for a couple of dollars each and he was delighted!

And here is the long awaited cotton from the Ebay shop in the USA,Peaches and creme is a dream to knit amd the sugar'ncream is lovely too(I really couldn't feel that much difference) I love it and am having fun with Dishcloth patterns,I can see a few reeling off for Xmas pressies.

My excuse for buying so much is that I was going to sell some here in Aussie to at least cover the post but its too hard to pick which ones, so am keeping them!!!!!!

Fluffa as she is now known, looking smug as she has been pooping on my lounge in between eating it.....naughty girl(I needed an excuse to start planning a new one!!!!!!!)
Dads has her on her back however reluctantly,look at her dirty feet,little grot,she will be getting a bath as soon as it warms up!
Its a gecko,not sure what he is,maybe a nob tail?
Heres another look at his tail,its a nobby tail,wouldn't you agree........


  1. that cotton is beautiful.. i['m drooling!

  2. So did I when it arrived,a friend helped me unpack the box and did the same and she doesn't even knit!!! Guess who will getting a face washer in her fav colour .......

  3. Loving the Sugar n Cream - I'm in the UK, and had to order this from the US when I saw it. Such lively bright colours, and quick to knit up too!

    Elaine x

  4. Wow that cotton is really lovely. I just ordered some from Bendigo and it is sooo bland by comparison. Where did you get it

  5. Someone had fun on ebay!
    It is peeving that we don't even get cheap "kitchen cotton" here.
    Can't say what the gecko is but he is very pretty!
    You don't need to soak yarn in vinegar if you are using gaywool or hmm, what's the other one I use???? erp, Anyway they have the acid built in. I've never found the double dose affects the dyeing though and the yarn seems ok.

  6. I wouldn't be able to part with any of that yummy cotton either, I only ordered 4 balls of it but will definately be ordering more next time.

  7. I just hopped over from the dishcloth swap site. Your blog is great. Keep working on that garterlac. It's strange at first, but it's worth it when you "get it". Some people, here in the US don't appreciate cheap kitchen cotton! I love the colors it comes in, too.

    Fluffa is very cute.

  8. Hi Cathy

    The mittens look great, I am so glad you like them.

    Do you have the name of the ebay seller for the peaches n creme cotton for dishcloths?


  9. i'm drooling over your cotton yarns!!!


  10. I do like the mittens. And I especially recognise those overalls...
    The yarn looks absolutely delightful, makes me want to get some.

  11. ohhhh I am soooo jealous of your sugar n cream cotton. Droooolllll.

    Can you tell me - how did you order it from the US? Was it ultra expensive? I would probably buy some off you if you could part with any of it. lol. I so wish it was in Australia.