Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chrissy knitting

I had imagined lazing around and starting a couple of new projects to be a special something for the day...
Well I think I dozed most of the day away but after three attempts,managed to start a toe up sock using On Line sock wool from The Wool Shack which had it as a special just before the big Day.Couldn't resist and bought two balls ,one for a gift and the other for me(read that,practise new pattern and if it looks dodgy I will still wear it)
This wool is sold an 8ply but is more a 6 so getting the needles right was a pain and finding a suitable pattern was equally so!! Finally I found one and have tweaked it abit to suit my foot and after a fight with it at Ten last night!!!Managed to figure out the heel... It remains to be seen if my patience holds out and I can finish it....There isn't much for a 6ply wool I found particularly if you are after a quick no thinking one!!!
That patience was tested by the CPH this morning as well as I finally picked it up at tea break time and managed to get three cable repeats when I realised that I didn't face a cable the right way and had to undo it back to the ribbing, grrrrr.Not so bad,you could say! only thing is ,is that this is the third time I have knitted this sleeve,(second for other). The story behind this? Too many projects going at once and I forgot which needle size I used for 1st sleeve.There must be an advantage in keeping a note book especially when you fiddle with pattern and I have learnt my lesson....
Christmas Eve saw me busily trying to finish the second project I have been working on, as it was, I managed to only complete one(don't know why as the recipient hasn't got it yet and the second is looking at me now waiting for the last bit).I was so out of it that my DH had to be Santy and the next day I kept remembering the odd parcel still hiding in cupboard,LOL and some didn't get names on them!!!!!Alls good though,kids were resonably happy and only two partially unhappy at the fact I had in the past distant memory promised a certain item.....to go off in another direction,oh well ones Birthday is coming up so that will be reckified and the other will be used as a reward for good behaviour,sort off( he has a problem or three so it will be good for him)
Remember this?

Well this is the finished item with a close up for detail....
A tea cosy that I adapted from a Simply Knitting Mag,the idea was there and the flower pattern but the rest I worked out using Jet as the cream base and the flowers and leaves(yes there is another sitting on the opposite,not sewn just sitting to give an idea of finished look!) were out of Cleckheaton Silk,pinched from yarn stash put away for future knitting! All in the name of texture and colour.I figured out the leaf design
and although the original idea came from the Mag I will write it up for future reference as I can see a few more of these coming out! I was worried it would look a bit tacky but after seeing them in a new day I am immensly pleased with my efforts! They are destined to two friends who love coming to my place 'cause I make tea in a pot,no TEA BAGS ,real Dilmah Tea leaf,so I thought what a brilliant idea,they can have tea at home when I visit them,LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just a Quick Post to Wish everyone!

A Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderous New Year full of fibre and knitterly and spinnerly goodness!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve

Well I managed to finish all my shopping but didn't get any parcels out on time or any cards ,relying on the good old phone for that!
On the menu tomorrow evening for my brood of 5 boys and Hubby!
  • Chicken dinner with roasted pumpkin,potatoes,greens with gravy( chicken from Woollies and reheated ,the vegies done in olive oil and a dash of sourcream with garlic and chives, easy and no effort with only a minimal break from spinning/knitting and movies!)
  • Desert is an array of fruits,little Pavlovas decorated with kiwi,passionfruit and strawberries (no bananas,they were just too green even at 5.99 @kg), trifle and of course Icecream as spiders

Am hoping kids will be exhausted and not up at 4.30 in the morn which is normal,boo hoo , Im usually half awake until 1 am so I can do the Santa bit and sneak the pressie out to the tree with out the parcels crackling.....It makes for an exhausting Day!

On the knitting front I have to make about 15 knitted flowers to attach to the project I showed last post and then off to deliver them and I will finish the IHS in the week to come to post to that recipient.there a few new projects calling and I can't wait to start them!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

At Last

A bit of knitting related content!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I joined this Secret Pal Exchange that I saw on Interweaves Knitting site! I am not letting out who my Pal is but shes not in my country so I have to get a move on and get that spinning parcel ready as it may take a while to get there!Not sure what I will spin yet,sought of thinking a nice angora merino mix which I will dye some wild colours like orange,purple and hydrangea mainly because I very nearly bought some off ebay that colour in a handspun single which I haven't been game to do yet.Always afraid it will fall apart.Haven't tried navajo plying either come to think of it..........

On the Central Park Hoodie bit, I fell behind and the original site is closed but another has started.Now I have the Xmas knitting out of way I can get back to that.I am already dreaming of another in dyed blues but doubt I will spin it ,take too long,Bendigo Mill here I come.....

Now this is the latest dish cloth/face cloth thats destine to a lovely Aunty of mine who goes out of her way to be there and help despite her own hardships.It will be put with a matching hand cream.Not really much but its handcrafted by me and the first I have managed to do for her in mind so that makes itspecial.Its a tulip cloth in hot pink....

Its a bit dark so put a couple other pics to show a close up of the "tulip".

Here the tulip shows up as a puffy shape.This cloth took me about 2 hours to knit,I was a bit aggravated at time so it meant fast knitting,LOL.

The pattern didnt say to press but I may do the edges at least to pull it into line!

This creamy alpacca wool,Jet is nearly finished in a 2nd last Xmas pressie for two very special friends(I'll being doing two).They don't suspect a thing.....I will post finished pics later....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The weeks are flying, I am prepared this time with a few photos so here goes,

My back yard showing the vegie garden that is a bit sad,nothing like Sweet Peas lovely plot, there are some tomatoes that need spraying for russet mite that Sweet Pea was able to help identify,I am spraying today I hope anyway, as I am in a big clean up to make place look super presentable to be value so I can get the new kitchen and verandahs on.Living with 6 males doesn't make it easy as they have yet to learn to pick up their tools etc .In tis plot are some cabbages that I haven't picked yet(at least something successful) and some small zuchinis that are abit slow(maybe because I keep forgetting to water them...Guilty as....)
Anyway this plot will be the main vegie area and I am building up the humus level with soil improver,manures and by using pea hay as mulch I have been able to continue this through the year so I haven't had to do as much work.The bugs did most of it.
No close up as it definitely needs work.

As Head Gardener at School I have had a few comments that the school gardens are lovely ,when am I going to put my front lawn in!
Well I am not,The front will be a cemented drive curving around the front of house with natives filling majority of garden beds left.I have already planted successfully a row of roses(I didn't intend this but I couldn't help a few) and a heap of natives such as diosmas,grevilleas and Geraldton waxes.I will adding more such as myaporums(prostrate) and Grevilleas robyn gordons,spots already reticed and ready to go.The local Waldecs Garden Centre have a 50% sale I didn't know about so I am ringing them to find out if its going this week as I may have a another trip to Kal before Xmas(even though I am broke(owed 4 boys 10 weeks pocket money on top of Xmas shopping, Yikes!)
Back to original thought,the back yard is mainly lawn with a cottagey garden along the fence.My excuse is I am waiting for house renos to at least be nearly finish as there is no sense in planting for machinery to squash.I veiw the current area a holding and progating one where I can chose
the final plants to keep or give away!

This a series of pics featuring our Tilly on a cockroach/lizard/spider hunt in among my DH treasures behind the shed,hopefully where the valuer won't go! DH collects wood like I collect wool/plants( I like to think my collection is better preserved than his bits!

This tyre is part of a collection(that word again) that he has in mind for a buggy to take the boys out onto the salt lake on his days off,they have been there two years,I have wool that I have stored for longer so I don't comment!!!!!!!

Tilly loves it and she needs the exercise anyway!

In keeping with the gardening theme,some little animals that come within the boundries,(hopefully Tilly won't find them) This baby goanna was caught on camera by the boys,hes ready for takeoff.....

A little baby dragon,they came out after the thunderstorm last week and the boys were quick to get out there to see them emerge from the ground nest the female laid the eggs in,weeks ago.
Speaking of storm,it was unusually violent with a little rain but the lghtning was spectacular with a direct hit on a powerpole behind us that went straight to the house nearest.It was so hard a hit ,we went straight around there to see if they were okay(or as H said to see if they were still alive!) They were OK but very shaken(NewZealanders and new to this area) and at that stage hadn't checked their house contents for damage.We didn't get our power back on for about 6 hours,the power contracters were up and down the lane way behind us looking for faults for ages! Kids loved the candles.....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas knitting!

"Christmas Knitting"

The kids are home and the holidays have started at least for them as I will only have Xmas day and Boxing day but there is a bonus I can just get up in the morning and go to work so can be home an hour earlier ,no lunches to make and no last minute making sure they all have soxs and uniforms in their draws!!!
Christmas Knitting so far has been successful! I haven't finished the lovely Irish Hiking Scarf but have the address of the recipient and will post it to her!

Heres a close up of cables ,I love them!!!! As for the other knitting I was able to finish two pairs of Fetching in Tapestry and two washcloths in Sirdar Cotton DK.I can tell you that this stuff is gorgeous to work with and I will definitely be looking into a cardi or something for a coolish spring/summers night(like at the Community Xmas Tree last night,I was cold by the time I got home!!!)

Any ideas anyone? i have to check The new Jo Sharp Book there may be an idea or two there!!

This is the third cloth that I started just before the fireworks last night,They make lots of light they do!And funny looks I did get!!!

This is a really lovely ivory colour and I think I will use to make that cardi,the others were soft pastel colours such as powder blue soft lavender,pink and green.I teamed them with a small tube of hand cream from Innoxa that are all different "flavours ". This was a house pattern that I found on this address.I had it memmorised quickly and will probably do more later as a stock up for little gifts as I always seem to get caught for time!!!

The last and only half done is a lacy one that I will add later,in the lavender shade,again an easy one and rather enjoyable.These are intended for the two office ladieswho make my life easier and forgive me when I forget to take my securteurs with me or don't answer my mobile because the lawnmower is on......

Edit, The finished pics of last cloth....

I made amistake in nt adding a garter st border on the bottom and didn't see the problem until I had finished the pattern adn was about to cast off,I think its lovely anyway...

A close up of the pattern,it was easy to memorise and will probably do another for a late pressie for my Nanna...I gave this to a staff member in the office along with a tube of lavender hand cream.I didn't recieve thanks but the other lady was thrilled with the above cream one, though puzzled as to what it was and even confered with the registrar until I asked her for her opinion later(of the yarn not pressie) and she loved it.

As for the lavender recipient it will probably be the last handmade gift I will spend time on as it looks like office politics has been the issue(all because I asked my assistant to do her job properly,she thought she had a cushy position to come and go as she pleased,it was noticed by my boss so I have worn the blunt of someone elses directives and as the office person is friends with that family,I am the biggest B@#*@, but as I said to my boss at beginning of my position,I will be a great supervisor at the end of my term,she agreed.....I am a really nice person really.......I am very appreciated by everyone else,especially when I bring smoko in ,LOL.........


GTS, heavens is it Sunday again?

I have a great love of Grevilleas and these show why!
Grevillea sylvia,
This small tree is about three years old and for a while was an ugly slow growing shrub that although always had buds or a flower was decidedly disappointing for me anyhow!
This year it has thickened up and is growing a lot better so now I can enjoy its lovely flowers.From memory its around 4m in height but I will check on that.
I saw today on the ABC Gardening show, a park dedicated to these plants which are a member of the Protecae family (something I didn't know!)

This time I have used my hand as a gauge to show how big these flowers can be in the ideal situations which has been a nice thunderstorm and mild temperatures.

I saw acouple more on the ABC that I intend seeing my local nursery about,one of which is called a bannana bush G.simplex, prickly but a strong scent, so thats one I will be tracking down with the other two I think were G. Bulli Beauty and G.Bulli Princess. These had fantastic colours and again the size of them is fantastic!

Friday, December 01, 2006


I managed to get some photos this week that I can post for the GTS so at least I can participate this week!!!
Last Sunday I was too busy doing my Resume,and everything was put on hold! Even the housework though I issued instructions to the boys to do a bit which actually worked as the house wasn't too bad!!!!

Hydrangeas, this a blue one that was donated by Woollies last year to the school and although there were originally 8 only this one and a pink one survived.Its a nice size and I hope it will gain some height this summer as the frost didn't touch it during winter.

There was a pink one but the light wasn't very good to get it just right and it didn't produce flowers as nice as the blue one.I am thinking of getting the soil tested in around both plants as they close but separated by cement walkway.The blue plants soil wasn't touched,the head gardener at time just planted it with some soil wetter but the pink one was treated with manure and soil improver that I added at the time of planting. It will be interesting to see how the colours bare up( if they survive next winter as the last was warmer than normal but there were a couple of black frosts that the lawns are only just recovering)

Lookey here I did take a photo of the pink one but as I said it didn't flower as well but at least the bush is fairly healthy and may do something later.

This week they will get a liquid feed of magic grow to boost them,interesting to see how they go with that.

This is the bed that the blue hydrangea shares with some tiger cannas so that has probably helped to protect them from the heat and the frosts.

Well thats my entry for this sunday and now I have to work on my own garden!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


I managed to get a reasonable sleep in or a doze in but I felt much better! I resisted the urge to get up to make sure my oldest made it to work at 6,I thought it would be good if he could fend for himself too.Poor DH has had to buy his usual bacon and egg burger at the BP and in saying usual I think he has been running late plus my cooking efforts lately has made this a pretty true comment . The kids think their throats are cut as there haven't been any cakes or biccies either!!
I have finished the basic cleaning but as usual it probably wouldn't pass muster for some as I have two good friends who don't care as they are true friends even if their homes look great!! I use the excuse that we are renovating!!!
I actually managed to get a couple of piccies.....

This is the possum merino that I spun up a couple of weeks ago,its quite soft and pumped up after it was washed. It was on the nose and I was not going to knit anything with it until that had been fixed.
A close up of the twist which has some variation in it ,but I'm happy and will start something with it after the Xmas stuff is out of the way.I'm thinking of a beanie with a cable or two.....

This is the Irish Walking Scarf that I started at the pool(I do not swim unless it is 45') waiting for the boys to have a cool off. The wool is 'Sensatation' an angora/wool mix that is nice to work with and fluffs up a fair bit after its worked.I like it but wouldn't knit a sweater in it as I think it would be too warm but scarves etc ,wonderful (at around $6 a ball it would be an expensive jumper). This is about 30 mins work though interrupted as always by curious onlookers who lately, have been girls trying to get to know me for the sake of my good looking oldest son,LOL.....

This scarf is for our 4th sons teacher who has done afantastic job of teaching him this year as he has learning disability under the High Functioning Autism umbrella.When she started in the second term he was still in kindy to preprimary level of reading though she reckoned he had less than that in skill. Now he is going into year 5 next year but hes at year 3 reading level and she has started him on the schools readers to give him a chance next year and issued instructions to us to pass onto the succeeding teacher that he's not do tests in a test situation but rather be evaluated during normal daily work! I think I will have afight on our hands as depending on the nature of the new teacher some do not take kindly to "interferance "in their teaching methods.Hopefully the Principal will reamin the same and he is very for parent interest.This teacher specialized in Auditory Memory and children with the problems that No 4 has.Thats why I am really trying to get this finished.

These the nearly finished mittens from Knitty, these are going No 4 s aide that helps him and the class where needed.She has been with him for just over a year and I had made a ribbed scarf last Xmas so I thoughtI would make matching coloured mittens for her.....Very quick but its findng time to actually sit and get them done.
Lastly a little herptology to finish(hope thats spelt right)!
A lovely little blue Blind snake, a Ramphotytyphlops australis, blueish because he is loosing his skin.
We rescued him from school as they all thought it was a venomous snake and really freaked! Should have seen their faces(teachers and staff not students,we don't want them to copy and pick up bities) when we handled it.The same went for a desert banded snake ,non venomous,of course and my "snake expert" son knew what it was and dived into the bucket to hold it in excitement. Never the less I gave him a talk about showing off in front of others who may try to copy him.
We have a few snakes turning up at school as its so dry and we do have afew mice popping up here and now too so thats bringing them in.
Only two w eeks of school and its been hot,40' on Thursday ,so am looking forward to the holidays so I can change my routine to do hard labour jobs in the early morning instaed of blowing the grounds.
Thats it for now I have to go and set up my new reticulation for the front of house (my DH is leaving me to do that and has said I..I mean Me....Myself is the expert on such things as this, can't believe it,I will take that as compliment as he is the one to take that title in this house.....)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Free at last free I tell you.....

Well I managed to sort of finish the resume,I am pleased with it but will be thrilled if its good enough to keep my job....Government jobs are so full of how to do it their way.You simply can't put what you can do and a work history ,its all about criteria and adressing it corresctly with the right amount of SAO s.

Anyway I have a great person at work who can do these blind folded and she has graciously offered to help polish it up a bit with a date to do word sleuth next Monday after lunch and as I have asked heaps of her and her time(shes actually using some DOT time to do this) that I feel very guilty and want o repay her with a small gesture.I can't see myself whipping up a pair of socks in a week though I could try!!!!! Any suggestions!!!!!!

I have nearly finished a pair of pink mittens in Sensation, started an Irish hiking Scarf for the firts teacher who has been able to get my Autistic,(high functioning) to read and I am writing a beaut letter of commendation to district office and all but as she went hiking in Tassie last holiday (on her own) this pattern should suit!!!!!

I have to do two, no, three tea cosies out of the Simply knitting Mag for my Boss,and two wonderful friends, a pair of socks(thick ones they are quik) for a sort of friend (only because I promised them ages ago when we were good working friends(we won't go into that here,never know whos reading)

There my online friends you can see what I have to do in this time.I always give myself tasks and then push to get it done!!!!

Oh another thing on list!!!! a latch hook rug,around 90 x 65 cm of a white tiger peering out of bushes,this was supposed to go to an collegue who loves anything tiger and connot find a tiger rug,I can do around 3 inches a sitting,do the maths,not much hope by Chrissy!!!!!!!!!
But dispite this panick I am so full of relief,my garden is calling along with the freedom to cook goodies,take kids to pool,sew(must do No 4 quilt,Mums Quilt,start looking at Dads quilt,hes looking like getting sick again) and knit and of course Spinnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

I am posting this dribble and will be back with piccies(as promised before......

Saturday, November 11, 2006


GTS....I took this photo this week,being thrilled to find it as normally these hold their flowers up fairly high.I am not sure of its name but will try to do so research...
This is a fairly straggly tree but the size of the flowers makes up for that,it would be great as a specimum plant in a larger garden/arbortorium!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Its Sunday again...I have been slack with piccies but hopefully if I can get some work done on resume I will have time to do them!
I have started a pair of mittens for a special friend for Xmas and still have heaps of other gifts to make,at least it hasn't been too hot yet,otherwise I will be doing a lot of quick shopping!
Green Thumbers

Heres my contribution.......

The first on left is a veiw of a group of natives in a garden bed in full flower,mostly bottle brush with a few like disomas scattered through them.There is a small gardenia but its under cover.At the back there some grevilleas and melaluccas that have flowered at a later stage!

The second one is a bed just developed and was the original spot for the roses I showed recently.The area was dug over and replanted with shasta daisies,mass planted with petunias and in among them are the original society garlic.It has proved very popular and has recieved many comments on the colours!This was an earlier photo so it has much more visual colour now!!!Garlic to the left and shasta to the right,I love these as they are hardy and will put on a display with no real problem though regular inspection for aphids in among the daisies is recommended!!!!

We have a long week shifting that mulch around to where it was needed the most and of course there a massive down pour of rain including hail on Tuesday (that got me out of going to the pool with the kids!!) and I reckoned there was at least 40 to 50 mm though one person measured 35mm on the other side of town.There was a lot of water going down our street.......

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Its Sunday!!!!

yep its here again,and this is my first piccy as I am so totally pleased with it that I had to show it off...
now it doesn't look much, but this what it was carrying.....

Mulch! wonderful mulch...(sing a little ditty)

Isn't it just so yummy!!!!Lots of sticks though as its from Eucalypt stumps I think from the clearing in Kal where the new town dam is being built!

This was delivered last Thursday to the school as part of a donation from a company specialising in garden soils etc.The lovely Principal has given me full use of that pile( which doubled overnight) to apply as I wished to the school garden beds as I see fit....boy its like Christmas,i have been battling soil problems for a while and this will see a lot of water saved (and money too)

This a view of a row of nearly mature Alyogyne huegelii,a lovely hardy native hibiscus.I noticed that if left a bit dry it will flower much more profusely but it is a very green ,almost unnaturaly green as compared to a lot of other natives!
Heres a close up of the bush,a bit blurry but the wind was moving the bush about and after dropping my camera a few weeks ago it doesn't focus a well...
A better look at these gorgeous flowers on a small plant that is planted to the left in first photo!

As requested by several fello Green Thumbers, this is a close up of the Fire Embers plant I featured last week,again a bit fuzzy but you can see the typical Grevillea flowers!

Well thats it for the Green thumb,

To the kniting side I have recieved all my Blue Faced Leicster roving all 2 kg and it is gorgeous to feel but I get the opinon that the English mills are a bit odd with the milling as it smells distictly of sheep pee so it will be aired a LOT before I start spinning(at least I will have the house to myself,LOL)

Secondly I have finished the first sleeve of the Central Park Hoodie(I had to fog the two as I got the needles mixed up and wasn't sure what I used!)

ThirdlyI am lusting after this....louet its lighter than the Ashford Joy,I could take it anywhere.....

PS picies next time......