Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve

Well I managed to finish all my shopping but didn't get any parcels out on time or any cards ,relying on the good old phone for that!
On the menu tomorrow evening for my brood of 5 boys and Hubby!
  • Chicken dinner with roasted pumpkin,potatoes,greens with gravy( chicken from Woollies and reheated ,the vegies done in olive oil and a dash of sourcream with garlic and chives, easy and no effort with only a minimal break from spinning/knitting and movies!)
  • Desert is an array of fruits,little Pavlovas decorated with kiwi,passionfruit and strawberries (no bananas,they were just too green even at 5.99 @kg), trifle and of course Icecream as spiders

Am hoping kids will be exhausted and not up at 4.30 in the morn which is normal,boo hoo , Im usually half awake until 1 am so I can do the Santa bit and sneak the pressie out to the tree with out the parcels crackling.....It makes for an exhausting Day!

On the knitting front I have to make about 15 knitted flowers to attach to the project I showed last post and then off to deliver them and I will finish the IHS in the week to come to post to that recipient.there a few new projects calling and I can't wait to start them!

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  1. Mom's are just always busy, busy!

    Merry Christmas! :)