Tuesday, December 19, 2006

At Last

A bit of knitting related content!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I joined this Secret Pal Exchange that I saw on Interweaves Knitting site! I am not letting out who my Pal is but shes not in my country so I have to get a move on and get that spinning parcel ready as it may take a while to get there!Not sure what I will spin yet,sought of thinking a nice angora merino mix which I will dye some wild colours like orange,purple and hydrangea mainly because I very nearly bought some off ebay that colour in a handspun single which I haven't been game to do yet.Always afraid it will fall apart.Haven't tried navajo plying either come to think of it..........

On the Central Park Hoodie bit, I fell behind and the original site is closed but another has started.Now I have the Xmas knitting out of way I can get back to that.I am already dreaming of another in dyed blues but doubt I will spin it ,take too long,Bendigo Mill here I come.....

Now this is the latest dish cloth/face cloth thats destine to a lovely Aunty of mine who goes out of her way to be there and help despite her own hardships.It will be put with a matching hand cream.Not really much but its handcrafted by me and the first I have managed to do for her in mind so that makes itspecial.Its a tulip cloth in hot pink....

Its a bit dark so put a couple other pics to show a close up of the "tulip".

Here the tulip shows up as a puffy shape.This cloth took me about 2 hours to knit,I was a bit aggravated at time so it meant fast knitting,LOL.

The pattern didnt say to press but I may do the edges at least to pull it into line!

This creamy alpacca wool,Jet is nearly finished in a 2nd last Xmas pressie for two very special friends(I'll being doing two).They don't suspect a thing.....I will post finished pics later....


  1. Great knitting pictures. I love handmade gifts, your Aunt will love it too, I bet.

  2. Go the wash cloth gift. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  3. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Hi Cathy. Thanks for commenting on my blog - nice to hear from you. The Finn wool I have managed to get my hands on is, I guess, like a nice medium crossbred fleece, reasonably soft (certainly not in the merino category, though!)and doesn't really pill. Can I ask you, where the heck did you manage to get blue face leicester fleece or combed top in Australia? I would LOVE to buy some! I thought the closest we had were border leicesters here.

    Wishing you and your family a superb Christmas and New Year!

    Cheers, Wendy