Sunday, December 10, 2006


GTS, heavens is it Sunday again?

I have a great love of Grevilleas and these show why!
Grevillea sylvia,
This small tree is about three years old and for a while was an ugly slow growing shrub that although always had buds or a flower was decidedly disappointing for me anyhow!
This year it has thickened up and is growing a lot better so now I can enjoy its lovely flowers.From memory its around 4m in height but I will check on that.
I saw today on the ABC Gardening show, a park dedicated to these plants which are a member of the Protecae family (something I didn't know!)

This time I have used my hand as a gauge to show how big these flowers can be in the ideal situations which has been a nice thunderstorm and mild temperatures.

I saw acouple more on the ABC that I intend seeing my local nursery about,one of which is called a bannana bush G.simplex, prickly but a strong scent, so thats one I will be tracking down with the other two I think were G. Bulli Beauty and G.Bulli Princess. These had fantastic colours and again the size of them is fantastic!

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  1. I don't think I've seen that type of plant before. It's very pretty. The blooms remind me a bite of the Liatris that I grow.