Monday, December 08, 2014

I here back at last

I should be reading while its quiet but have been wrapping gifts and planning the Christmas ahead, I have to write a 1700 words essay in two weeks as its due on my second sons 21st yikes,so need it sort of done by Christmas,Nature and its influence on Islamic Art,it seems the easier of selection of topics,what have I got myself into....
Been busy as usaul with art works,my lastest efforts,the first Id done ags ago and was going to destroy it in a drawing unit,layers attempt,anyhow something struck a cord so I kept it,a staffy at school,one of my fav support persons,commented if i was going to trash it could he have it,so off to Kmart and found a black frame,it look better in real life I can assure you,Im hoping he will be happy with it,have to glue it to a firm 300 gram card,wasted some darn good water colour paper but after pressing it sits nicely,he wont know I signed it a couple days ago so it actually upside down,lol
 And this one was an experiment,I did another not as well cover but I looove the effect,found a gorgeous frame for it too very like above,off to a mate too. I did heaps of prints for swaps this year,the plate lasted long enough for 25 prints,sending one to my Mum and to an Aunty. Theres a couple good mates leaving school so am giving them one each in these awesome frames,very antiguey. based a on a picture I took at Munglinup,"Banksia muziessi"
Rolling this sucker was tricky,I made it a print of four,I want one for me and another as gift but I doubt Ill get to it now since the ESSAY will consume my days from now,one more after this one and Im free I tell IM FREEEEEE.
See here I am,I spent four days alone..the boys went fishing,one came home with third degree burns,doubt hell go again,yes I found the timer again on camera,try as I might that ladder is like a blasted homing pigeon
 My beautiful gardenia is still flowering....Ive asked the boys to get me a partiucaly beautiful hydrangea from the local Nursery,things are a bit tight this year and Id love the plant as my gift this year,$18 is a great price,Ill put it in a pot down in my corner so I can keep the blue,if I plant it revert to pink,Ive dropped a hint for a work bench from Mitre 10,its $99 to put my press on,the older boys are doing better than me,at least a hint theyll spend money wisely,I wonder if that  a bit presumptuous. did a deal with Hubby I bought him a special fishing rod for $70 the work bench is near enough.Then i can get a blanket around $48,for press and try etching,did a hand burnished one last week,I can see the potential....I did grass trees,hoping to follow that idea for finals next year

 Oh and just to add an experiment i did,will follow this one up later as an addition to art journal..did a red black version like above too.
Had my first cortisone injection yesty,praying it works,retching a shoulder muscle this morning hasn't help determine its success,work tomorrow but i wont be doign heavy lifting for as long as I can,seconf should is bursitus plus a torn tendon,sounds bad? try working with it...offsider is still not the person she started as and has Im sure burnt the ear of the big boss,aiming to get me booted for her partner to get in,the local big miner where he works is rumoured to be in trouble so Im running everything by the book as usual,they keep finding ways to correct me,seriously water once a week,the turf in high temps but we re allowed to hand water anytime,it will take hours to do so as they expect them to be green on return to work.I cant hold the hose very long so will ahve to buy a nozzle thingy out of my pocket,dang it...

Friday, November 21, 2014

well now

no improvement on shoulder issues though my boss has nicely asked what I want to do,Ive opted to stay at work as Compo will mean being bossed around about what I do etc and there ll be insurance spys watching me etc,this way as i described to her,I can control my day,a little here a little there,as long as I dont over do it,first cortisone shot via ultrasound is 8th of dec,though I saw Docs yesterday and he ws surprised i hadnt gotten right should scanned,he wasnt having a great day and I shoudl have insisted I suposed but he going to send me to Perth for second needle as it will be faster,also with school holidays coming up i can lay off work much more
The new offsider has not shown change since passing probation Im virtually working alone again,I miss the chatter already but oh well i can spend my breaks playing in VD and knitting the small gifts Im working on for the three staff I usually do,two face washers this year and a hand spun cowl,
I picked up a new tin of WinsorNewton water colours  in Perth last week
 I went to the Jackson Super store,a little empty but they still setting up and Ill go back there later just to see the efforts the two sstaffwere putting in. I also picked up some dry media from Matisse

I got five,mica sands and granite..not sure what to do with them,lol

The loganberries getting there too,i ate two yesterday but they were just past their prime,have to be good at getting the just ripe fruit particularity with the hot weather starting,I was naughty at Bunnings and bought two little cactus too,both about to flower,lol i jsut got rid of all my pot plants and they have suddenly multiplied again
I have two weeks of arty time as I finish this unit 4 days early,Id like to do last two topics though just a simple answer question and sound intelligent,I got 80% for online exam so pretty happy with.I think Ill scrape through in high 60s

One of latest pot plant thats flowered,collecting pigfaces..gorgeous isnt it!
And the two cactus I picked up on Wednesday,one has just flowered ,the last one is tiny but it too has a bud!!Im collecting a samll number of different ones as I had a quite large collection as a teenager,something my Dad and I had in common,a peanut cactus is next on my search

Now Im off to see if I can get a gelli plate ready to finish a christmas card swap for art group,got a half completed lino tile cut and will spend a bit of time on it too as long as my arms dont get too sore

Friday, November 07, 2014


Just a fast quick one while I can bear to type,I have bursitis of a fairly severe level in both shoulders,its been coming on for some time but the last straw was the extra work I had to do for the 40th Celebrations at the school.Its my own fault,I felt I had to "perform" due to the laziness and abuse i was getting from the other contracted gardener and no support,but I should have told myself it doesnt matter, well the damage is done. The new gardener passed her probation and immediately changed her colours too,its left a bad taste in my mouth and that doubt of wondering where did I go wrong,Im thinking a few things that were said earlier should have clued me in but I was so relieved to have a good companion to work with that I didnt notice, plus personal issues culminating in good old blame someone else. She was good company too,and maybe i talked too much I dont know but its become more apparent that shes keeping to her self and demanding to go her way,Im really missing the morning cuppa as we sort the day out.Ive combated by putting up a decent duty description so she can even though I really needed her to work with me but its not to be,lesson learnt for the umpteen time,dont ask advice from upper levels,the lack of confidentiality in this place is astounding though,no regard for peoples well being either. I now have to start at just before 6am to maintain my end.A bit of short leave is coming up so that will be welcome especially when I suppose Ill be having cortisone injections. Doing light stuff for a few weeks with be hard though,as theres not to much to do and Im fussy too,love my edger and as long as I can start mower that should be ok, the blowing in the morning is the worst plus I found driving in and out of town( 120 round trip) was the pits.The job can be boring and repeatative but Ive doing it for nearly ten years,its a way of life now.This whole thing has really rocked my confidence and whether Im even worth it,with Hubby even wading in to say thats its how i am,,which I find so odd as hes usually the one to say go and fight for yourself.

Sitting here today with hot and cold packs alternating over shoulders is helping plus Brufen and panadol,I did manage these today,I like them both.The little wren was influenced by a photo I saw on the net,Ive done a bit more work to both since ,including the birdies second leg!!but I think Ill do another similar of the wren on actual heavy paper and put away for a future exhibit.

Right now I should go read some of the stuff I need to do before the exam in two weeks...

Friday, October 31, 2014

A little peace

Im very sore and a little tired of things at moment,the push to get school ready for the 40th Celebrations has done t,I think,waiting for diagnosis ,that Ive either torn something in my left shoulder right on the tip or it a rotor cuff thingy,thanks to Google search of symptoms,I medicating myself with a Brufen one at the beginning of the day an done just before bed so i can cope,two panadols in between and with,getting dressed is an evil chore,sudden moves are a shock,Im missing the gardening at home,the lawn is encroaching my vegie patch etc,a little a day Im hoping to keep level.
 Went to docs in Kalgoorlie,the walk in one and the Dr after a quick precursery check on how much movement I have etc,issued a request for ultrasound,on worst shoulder even tough both are sore but didnt give me any idea of treatment as such or how to handle things so going on what Ive gleaned Ive put myself on light duties where I can,my assistant has been snaffled to drive school bus to the Albany thing for Anzacs so good in a way I can poke around and keep going that way. He didnt even give me medication for pain so again Im working that out too,the pain is excruciating sometimes. The ultrsound at hospital was like two months away and although free I cant stand the pain anymore so coughing up the un refundable $180 at the private run clinic,looks like noodles for a week...
Im still plugging along with essay down to 400 odd words to go,Id be done if I didnt keep going back and rewriting sections,lol and where I can, am still playing in Journal,see??
my Blue cow
and of course our sunset was so pretty last week
My youngest is off camping with a school friend this weekend,Im a little freaked as he is my baby and I ve rarely let him out of my sight,hes and his older brother are the only ones of the boys not to have hit the drinking scene as early teens (he does like half a glass f my expensive Cienna though) and of course been exposed to worst,at least his friends should be cool,their lawyer parents Im trusting to be capable of caring for them out bush, I gave him the once for this morning before he left for school on the bus,please dont run around in bush without torch as snakes are really making their presence known this year with several people being bitten,I even packed a big bottle of water in his duffle bag,lol along with some lollies and chips and enough clothes for a big weekend and also cologne....hes nearly 16 .....
Alas I must go,I have a meeting with an egg sambo then back to essay while quiet.

Friday, October 24, 2014

more creativity

Im enjoying the few minutes here and there to add to the Journal,it makes me feel good,Im not fifnished yet but wil continue to work on it during the day as I write this essay,im about a third through and after a long horrendous week,I should be able to get most of the rough doen today
It doesnt have to make sense either,just color and line and freedom to escape.
We had a horrendous accident this last weekend, a young family done for ever,it happened on the road between here and Kalgoorlie,late evening after a massive storm,we got 167 points in the old scale here in Kambalda itself so the roads would been a danger on their own. This week has been an ongoing one of grief counselling for staff and students,the rush of specialists on Monday was fast and efficient,I stayed clear as soon as Id worked out what was going on,I knew the family as such but not closely,the whole community have rallied to form fund raising and help.It takes tragedy to draw people together unfortunately ,but to see the parents almost chase the news reporters away from the front of the school are awe inspiring. These reporters were over heard laughing and joking about the whole thing and "this Hole" while flying out from Kal,I hope they never come back on assignment again
On the good side the rain has brought green and a freshness to the area,caused by two lows that met over the goldfields that the weather office declared extremely rare,it has rejuvenated my work area but my lawn at home has gone off its tops,the Mulberry tree I plated look fab and the secret garden is coming a long beautifully. The loganberry is actually bearing fruit,they ll color soon and just to try one will be awesome.the poor raspberry is holding its own but it ll be a few seasons before it does much,the asparagus is also looking look but again it ll be a couple years too.
I think Ive developed a shoulder problem after  a bit research looks like a rotor cuff problem, not sure how I can handle that as I dont want to take time of work so taking Brufen and resting while I can.I cant brush hair which is nearly to my waist lol and getting myself toast this morning was interesting

,I have a rather handsome scar developing on left leg too after noticing a nastie the good doctor (who happened to be a surgeon ) cut out,its lucky as it was a true nasty,but hes assured me he got it all,I had stitches out last Tuesday and bugger me while taking work boots off Wednesday ripped it open,the nurses here at nursing post managed to get it back together and now Ill all super glued up.
Next job to do is mow lawns and pot up some wonderful dutch iris that a friend gave me,looks like zillions of them lol

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A bit of wet weather

Wow I havent seen so much rain for a while,11mls on Friday followed by 43mls on Saturday night and now another down pout,my lawn has grown two inches I m sure. The last drop and it was a drop came down half an hour ago with what sounded like buckets of fine hail then heavy heavy rain for ten mins,it was red on the radar, I dug up the lawn where the Mulberrys going this morning so that ll be well wetted to pull the lawn out.I wish I could mowed the grass on Friday though
Im getting head way with essay,intro and first paragraph done, but busy looking for a citation to fit into last bit,it seem a long way to 2300 words when Im up to 520 now and havent finished talking about the first of three works,hmm Sublime it has so mnay twists and turns in its history and when I have to connect beautya s well ,that a double Hmmm,I have Friday off next week being my RDO so should get it down by that weekend so I can spend two weeks polishing.
My arms and shoulders seized up on me for the last three day days,finally found some ibuprofen, which has taken off the sharp pain,lets hope I can work properly tomorrow.I have a feeling Ill be coping some flack this week for some reason.
More pics,I did a magpie this morning after breakfast,he needs some more tweeking but Im happy so far
Master Magpie singing for his supper
 Mrs Wsp dragging her dinner home
 Western Glory
 Mr Lincoln

 and this orange Id been waiting to open turned the same as the older one Ive have,feeling ripped off as it doesnt look at all like it tag
 and the silver beets going smashingly
Im feel better now Ive talked to the Principal although I dont think he thought my conversation was at all something he wanted to deal with and said numerous times that its all water under the bridge but I was determined that he knew I wasnt guilty of what they had accused me off (and it was no use going to my line manager as she was biased against me and always will be,didnt say that incase he went back to them) I also stated I was concerned at the confidentiality of our talk to which he stumbled but at least its done. cant wait to get this essay out of teh raod so I can do plain study for exam though theres till the issues of contributing to BB,grrr

Friday, October 17, 2014

A little update

The weathers turning well interesting,two blokes in family have gone fishing up coast from Esperance and are strict instruction not to put toes in water,its Mulga country,remember that documentary on that something that ate a young lady shark? well thats where that big sharky lives,its known as the shark corridor from Melbourne round to Perth,and a good fishing spot.

Anyway grew the courage to speak with Principal today to ease my mind after all the bad vibes i had my way since the failure of an applicant getting job,hes reassured me it remains confidential,lets see how its spins,but I feel better now.

I had a wonderful visitor today,we talked for three hours,and I hope Margaret has her car back very soon, I do hope I will see her again,it was wonderful to talk with someone not from here,it was like a breathe of fresh air!!! See Jan she found me!!!Lol
My week in photos

Mallow in Macro

 African daisy

The lastest African Daisy,"White Lightning

 The lovely Fiery Bottle Brush

And some spinning
 And of course have been playing with those Winsor Newton watercolors
Ok I must away to study book,and the Sublime