Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Im here never fear

Im currently on light work so not much going on , have to work my bnrain fast this weekend for last sub for drawing unit, Drawing B starts Monday too as I had an eextension,the second time only in my whole time stuyding I asked for one. Shoulders are killing me slowly..
some stuff for visual interest
subverting an old decayed building

and blasted snails, been waiting for this to flower ,now hoping the white will yellow back will last til summer to flower, might get another one at Bunnings I think

oh rescue me from cheeky boys

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Long Weekend

yay three days to myself ,still two boys here but so peacefull,if I have of turned alarm off last night a perfect sleep in too,I never sleep
in... 5.20 this morning it went off bugger,
anyway Im nearly finished last assignment for this unit,three more graphite drawings which i will revisit and over do with colour wash and a couple 100 words entries at BB on Curtins site and im done
 while making room to work yesterday I had a brief moment on the floor with this,look its much better now

it is soft white paper too but when I edit the frame comes up too pale.I love fast instantaneous drawings
Went out here last week,its part of my current work, Lake Refroy,WA

Monday, April 20, 2015

Its getting cooler

Fast... I have a wool jumper on in the morning now,though off by 11,a hot shower when I get home and Pjs...
Shoulders are not good today but Im under pressure to keep my side of grounds in good order,so today I was using garden shovel to cut the saltbush weeds from ground and raked into piles,I cant lift my right arm freely but hope that will settle when I rest from heavy work. The Thai ointment given to me by a work friend has helped butI fear its going to take more than rest and cold packs,Dr is suggesting further treatment,Im on a waiting game. I have to give up idea of the Back to Back Comp at Toodyay though I hadnt heard from organsiers anyway. I thinking if I can taking leave to go home for a couplae weeks then back to work and see how I go,its so darned debiliating,Ive lost any zest for life,I go to bed early and lay there watching TV,no knitting or sewing just in limbo. Same with uni work though I have a long weekend coming up so I may get the first drawings done,havent been game to see if marks are back for last one..
on another note check out these beautiful roses I had on bushes last Sunday

 And the long awaited orange geranium has shown it can perform..

and my two friends arrived to say hello
And look at these Peruvian Lillies,def going back to get some for me..

Monday, April 13, 2015

On this lovely Autumn day

I find my self at  a lost,I cant simply fly into the garden and clean it up, I did my shoulders a mischief during the week,im back four months though i have freedom of movement theres sharp pains like the tendons are scraping,it was a combo of knitting cotton and DK socks,different projects lol,I had someone ask me to knit three washcloths in navy in return for some handmade soap,no probs I can do that ,hmm knitting cotton is not a wise thing when carpel s are being bad and tendons etc are in for teh roll,then DK Luxury on 3.5 mm needles,hmm well of course work and raking an acre in misty rain that also made the debris a bit heavier... stupid me,
here is offending cloth

on the good side i can now knit slowly and gently continental style "ah la Catherine style"
the white shawl is ten ply and great for that lol,
I have made head way with this shawl too. Fine lace weight,very light on hands but manipulating the right hand fingers is causing pain still at top of shoulder, Ill be down to Docs this week as Boss wants a letter stating clearance for work,......

I cant get my drawings to rotate for this page either so I will take more when I can,I rather like two of them and may look for a cheap frame..like this ,it was originally $40 and I picked it up for $10,just perfect for this wonderful mono print from our print swap last Christmas by Roy Fong,I love it,its vibrant, its orange and stands out sooo much
 aha,I tricked it,I copied pics from PPP ,I dearly hope this first one gets me over the pass point with assignment
this one here was a fast charcoal pencil one,I loved doing this one so much , the start simplicity in this black and white would look good framed I think

Oh I must card up some grey alpaca soon too...see how my mind flits around?
And very happy with the recent rain,its saved my gardens at work

and a red hot poker flower spike

so excited,baby hot pokers

and waiting impatiently for flowers on the Sturt pea

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time waits for no one

I have three weekends to get this huge drawing assignment done,hardly anyone has participated on Curtin BB so not sure if Im on the right track
However I will plough through,taking a few photos of resource material today and setting up first drawing,feeling a bit deflated and tired, I want to also sort the new quilt fabric as well and put into little piles ready to sew,the pattern is here


I have sort the green and blues and mauves then find a dark contrast among them,pair with white squares ,rule the center line then sew,easy ,but time consuming,assignment will take precedent,especially as theres only my middle son and I at home,he will prob sleep all day lol so peace for me for teh whole freaking weekend,yep theyve gone fishing again
Also would like to ball up the new spun balls and that gorgeous yarn I got from a hand spinner in Victoria,the one from the spinner market, I finished the green shawl and want to get cracking on a new onethat norwegian while a bit crisp to the hand is marvelous anyway,but what to do with it,considering I have another braid yet

Also on list finding that handpainted card to send off...the list is growing and of course Im sneezing at moment feels like hayfeaver but I wouldnt be surprised if it a virus,the pressure and stress I ve had for a few months is catching up..
oh and this pic I forgot to include last post,the resident praying mantis

The orchid rescue centre is going leaps and bounds since I took this they have grown more in leaf with wonderful new roots winding tjheir way through pot, ive got the new bag of mix waiting but Bunnings had sold out of clay pots in the size I wanted,next trip

ho hum

I have a belated RDO tomorrow with one on time friday week,no internet speed means I havnt been able to do much research,even my drawings are lacking,so tired from work,I go from a high to a huge low,5 days off I hope will let me unwind to get these drawings to an acceptable level,hardly anyone on BB so can see what other students are doing.
On the other front, Im doing a lot of spinning,I hope the Back to Back is happening in Toodyay on the long weekend,I need a break away although a bit more than a month away it should be good,unfortunatley the hosts Delvine and Peter are away but Im think going to the town for meals will get me out,Im getting to be a recluse
Drawing 1

a new leaf

unfinished drawing 2

Sam dug the hole and I guided him in planting our lemon tree

Finished shawl

first of three washcloths in a swap for hand madesoap off a local lass

Charly fibre...a rare scottish ba ba

Ms Gussets Tonofwool shawl,its unbelievable luscious,10 ply warmness
drawing 3

Drawing 4, these will be worked on much more just the grounding

Friday, March 13, 2015

Its a hot day

Autumn mader her present known then left,maybe its a warning to appriciate the warmth before those frosty mornings? 35 I think today,aircon is working,it died the other night so there was some hectic chasing of our lovely local electrician for a spare part,for that I am thank ful
Ive gone back a onth with my shoulders again and now have numbness in left hand,Im think its taking a holiday as right did it last week
The leaf blower I normally use had an issue with a bolt breaking off muffler so I borrowed the cleaners spare old one,well what a big mistake the vibration of the thing was aweful,my arms shoulder and chest ached the next day and although subsided Im on heavy pain meds again. I used a broom for rest of week,no one complained yet,the offending blower will be returned with a smile but I should have mine back this week,good excuse to have a trip to town
This weekend I have to get cracking on VD then do some mind maps and experiments ,cut up my paper to the size I want,NOT A1,,well not for the first ones,five in depth drawings,Ill post some stuff up later
I might for other creative spirits play with some oils i picked up yesterday,they were being thrown out as shop isnt stocking art stuff any more,$2 for 100ml Monte Art oils,in the basic but not normal basic colours,olive green not green and gold not yellow but i got white black crimson cobalt blue,I might go hunt for the matching primaries later
I have a saddle of grey alpaca coming too so I must get my wheel free,cant spin for too long with arms but Ill have second bobbin of Norwegian off today,not sure if I showed the top before,its a Charly edition naturally.one more braid to go.there ll be enough for a large shawl,might I do another Multinomah....
 And this lot I originally bought  from the Australian Spinners Group where  Inveliegh farm had their sale,she kindly spun up the remainder again Charly fibre lol Ill ball and check how it knits and then pork out the pattern,beautiful and soft single plied with mettalic thread

The next shawl will also be off the needles this weekend

Monday, March 02, 2015

uni work

I wasted my long weekend but veiwed not diving heavily into reading for new uni material as a mental bandade,i did what I felt like,planted some seeds organised cutting and researched what to do with the moth orchids I got off thrOw table at Buunings,
now last night I delved into the guide,apparently it been revamped  as students feedback drew attention to the lack of connection to the earlier Drawing unit, looking briefly at the exercise for first submission I think its going to be like perceptive drawings, I cant think of the artist and the work he did that typifies what I may be working towrds but it looks intersting,the presentation of the sub Im not sure of yet. Tonight I will be doing the usual intro on BB on Curtin,then reading more,research is via videos but the boys have swiped the net speed and it wont reset til Thursday.

The cortisone shot has not done anything yet and hoping it will be like the last one and take three weeks to do any good. Unfortunately the left shoulder is twinging again,a few friends have suggested workers comp but after the treatment I got before no way,if it wasnt forvthe dreadful work siuation Im in I would recover in time. The pain is wearingme down and I just wan to sit and sook,management as usual couldnt give a toss,in fact theyare energetically avoiding me,good one less thing to deal with.

my messy garden with promise of new future
 Resident Mr Praying Mantus,hes moved in permanetly onto fly trap,hilarious to watch

Norwegian top from CharlyIxchel Fibre Farm

 Cormo skein now in biggest ball ever on ball winder
 This yummy Heavy metal is now in a big ball too
 And family confernece on how to do an important report
messy table equal me not being able to do any art work this last weekend lol