Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A quick one

Im feeling exhausted but felt like writing a wee post,I have two more major works to do by Saturday,research to finalise,a couple experiments to follow up then link a few back to a fav artists  but I have these bits to show off experimentals and one main one...

this last one is influenced by the charcoal  gum tree that was left standing in the Warrunbungles after that horrible fire 2011 if I have year correct
anyhow I have more wool,two balls for socks for a christmas gift, shropshire top,and two balls of Loyal in hot pink and purple for a pair of mitten in an unusual pattern destined for a late bday gift for a work mate,hope she like the color combo
pattern here

Friday, August 15, 2014

Spring is coming

Im sitting here trying to find wheelbarrow words for the art research I had done for current sub,Im not going too bad but run out of puff so thought a bit of free lance writing would help,lol,now I can say I am absolutely thrilled with my new work partner,shes down to earth and sticks to her self like me and understands the issues that can come about in the work place,I can also say I will have no problem clearing off for a bit of time out next year,the odd day this year wont hurt either,the other person is still in the wings and although Im seeing a few things like i cant go to local hair dresser anymore etc  I have removed myself mentally from that arena,I still think I should have more support well support full stop and the labor relations people will probably stir crap a bit but hey i can now say i look forward to going to work,new work mate is fond of a coffee ,our roasted brew and with great conversation a bit change from a couple months ago
The birds a re singing and although a bit cool still theres a brightness to the air

the gardens are coming alive,this last one with the yellow daisy is as strong in color as it is in smell,I know cause I was under it yesterday planting pink flowering butterfly bush,its supposed to be 50cm the butterfly bush I mean, but I do recall seeing them higher,. The yellow one is at least a metre,Im hoping to get more of them as I have four more rock gardens to fill. I have heaps of money yet to spend on these grounds with the long weekend in September 40th Reunion,just as well as the school has reportedly lost $250 000 from budget next year so Im getting in and planting as many per annuals as I can so I can propagate next year,showing my new pal how to do this so she can get right into it too,any excess we ll give to the fete f they get off their butts and do it next year
Not much hand work to show Im nearly halfway with baby blanket, Bendigo Luxury is brilliant to use,soft but hold shape and no splitting. A local lad I known for years is going to be a Dad later this year and was thinking (rather foolishly) I should do one for them,time? well i order the wool and if I do Ill get to it,not that they ll need it before next winter and its more for his Mum Id do it. Working this in cream is a bit difficult as I do a few rows a work at break time and have to be careful if Ive been working in grass or soil in case I end up staining it.
I cant believe the number of birds we have in our garden,hopefully with more bushes planted later I can encourage the local wrens to move in..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcXLvpP-jEk

curtisy of http://katrinabartley.com/2011/12/26/blue-wren/  accessed 16/08/2014
I included this pic as it very close to what we have out here shrub wise,when i walk out there with Tilly,the JR.I can hear them twittering like mad and then a flash of brown with a blue following in hot pursuit and they re gone....Im aiming on getting a hide and setting it up so i can have a chance to get a pic or two

I have a new fleece arrive too from Fairview Alpacas, a beautiful Finn Coriedale 7/8,uncovered,I had ordered a covered fleece jusy 700 grams but they already sold it at Bedingo and the lovely people offered this one in replacement,also have offered to hold a covered fleece when they shear in Novenmber,hoping to get a fleece from the Gotland people too and that ll keep me busy for a year,washing a small bit later to see how it goes,the other finn Ive been spinning is a merino cross so the corrie here shold be easier to handle

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Still alive

Im still here and still going,had a rough month,Im looking forward as if I let my guard down Ill shatter to a million pieces
Moving on,Im on the last two weeks of last sub for Var26,it all Chinese ink and creating bits about layering and mark making,the last I dont thnk Ive covered very well but over all I will pass and with luck it ll be in the 70s which is a distinction,samples of some stuff

and a finished project and on nearly there,hand spun colr samples of merino silk,plied with cormo single,in linen stitch,its so nice,for those with tactile sense,its truley squishy joy

Katia Darling,very slippery but cosy sock,my pattern used up both balls
Currently doing a Bendigo Luxury 8ply baby blanket in the Tirimisu pattern,using 5mm for the soft handle
,trying to find time to start a pair of sock in the same but black for Hew and a 10 ply watchman hat for Patrick
There a little update which is better than none....ta ta!!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hello again!!!

Hello Im back,Im doing this post while I write up the criteria for my first sub of this unit
Now you can see I have yet another shawl off the needles,this one is a Morrison Merino  lime lemon lace weight i knit with two strands,it was a single ball given to me at the last Retreat in Toodyay,the lovely lass was probably not aware it had been moth eaten but i pressed on and simply joined the ends (after a visit to the microwave to kill the blighters), i did a smash up in a way of the 3S shawl,its very light so I put a row of blue black beads on the end in an effort for interest and weight,Im thinking wearing with black or white or grey.Also finally finished a pair of Alpaca mittens in a ball of alpaca I got about 4 years ago at the Southern Cross show ,the breeder was from Merridan,off the grid and abit snooty ( I think she thought I was competition as I had the spinning wheel demo job and they placed me in the middle of the blasted showground without shade) but the yarn made up from her herd was fab!!

 And I got the carder out too after washing a kilo of Finn merino

 Lastest drawings,yes they follow a criteria so no not a piece of work

 A morphed lotus seed pod,lol
 a sketch transformed into a morph of two objects a guitar tuner and pearl brooch
Warm and windy here today,after 0' nights it was pleasant change,work again tomorrow, yucky,but a least the bigg jobs done,shifting nearly 20 tonne of garden soil to new garden beds in prep for the 40th anniversary of High School in september. Hopefully back soon

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The drawing of today

still a bit of work but happier than I thought Id be,now I have progressed a bit further but this is fairly close

Washing finn fleece so better go

Busy Busy Busy

Well so much for updating,this current unit is sooo heavy,I was a week late as it was having to fly to Sydney to acomapny Huby driving an unregistered un plated PC back to WA,permits of course but amazing ly only pulled up once on the 3500 k trip to show thes bits of paper,its amkes you wonder how many are on the road even with plates but NOT registered, a scary thought
Down the Bell Line on the way to Mudgee, where I found Mudgee Shiraz,(and lamb cutlets,OMG I love Lamb Cutlets )we stayed there the night as neither of us had had much sleep,flying over from Perth Sunday night and arriving in Sydney at the glorious time of 630am,hmm,maybe if on holidays yes? but not when you re turning around to drive straight back to WA,lol well hmm anyway when I can Im buying a couple bottles of that stuff,not being a wine drinker really I didnt mind this one and yes i went looking to see if I can get it sent over ,OMG $30 a bottle....

 Mudgee morning at 7.45
 Border WA
 Madura Pass
 had to get this one!!
 And Hubby had to finish the cairn

 While  I found fossils

While at home Ive been working steadily on Sub,still a week behind ,maybe something to do with this..
Introducing a new acquisition,Gelli printing, cant wait to work more on these,some will be put into my Visual mixed Diary

and of course more of this
The first two are a batt I was ent as part of a spinning swap a few years back,looked at it while moving bedroom around and though its about time it became something,Ill team it with something that speaks to me and maybe it will become a tam hat

 BFL and Bunny from the Fabulour Mz Charly of Ixchel Fibre Farm, "Face of BO" 200 grams,Im ecstatic with this one,did the plain section coming home over Nullabor, I think theres about 300 metres all up,used every bit ,only abou 6 inches left over,crocheted the end to neaten and use up yarn,I use it around shoulders while studying drawing etc.

 yes theres a bunny in the back ground,she didnt wake while photo was taken
 This one above was also part of a swap,second skein,both spun and Navajo plied the same way ,it was harsh to feel, stiff, even a good wash wouldnt do anything so i spent three days unspinning plying then respun and thinned out the big bulky sections that were flat to fit through orifice then plied again same way and thus now have two soft skeins,Hubby roused as he thought as being gifted I should left them but the fixer upper in me thought well it a great learning process and i now know I can do it,and thank you to the lovely lass who sent it,I do cherish,it will be a warm hat or cowl when I can find the first skein. Would love to do another spin swap!!
Below is Optim Im currently spinning in spare time,i want to do a nacy Bush Estonian lace shawl, where Ill find time is anyones guess.
oh and a bit of art exercises...

Currently working on two large drawings of the memorial gardens,in my dreams I hope to finish them well enough to put into the gallery here when it opens
Other news i ve been told to apply for another Government job,there a good chance Ill get it,

Good points

  • Quiet living,
  • Plenty of varied contact with public
  • Living on my own a fair bit so more quiet time to do study no messes to worry about
  • money is better 
  • Get a Government House
  • great scenery for photography,art
  • Quiet evenings will mean a lot of hand craft will be done
  • No more heavy work and vibrating machinery so my arms will recover
  • no more nasty work people ,well that always depends anyway of people and dealing with lying cheating arseholes who tell tales to get into favor with boss (last holidays the big boss sucked up to that certain person,no one give a shite how I faired,cant wait til Labour relations visit)
  • away from family extended time like weeks,Miss my boys
  • prob a bit late for propmotion
  • Go down from level 5 to 2
  • miss out on holidays for another 12 months,haven't had any this year
  • away from shops hmm maybe thats a good one
  • Wont find out more till its advertised
  • rostered work meaning night shift
  • all personal are on same level with a co ordinate who already sound efficient.

Huge decisions to be made
right!!!! back to work!!
Oh I forgot,this arrived,from Tait Gallery   Just love it