Monday, August 17, 2015

Bush walks and flowers

To help free up my body re shoulders back Ive started walking for an hour every couple days,there s a great dirt road out the back of my home,,I can get a good pace up and hear cars and motor bikes with enough time to get into bush.I feel better on top of the new routine Phyiso has outlayed. On these walks Ive come across some wonderful thIngs , heres one, a variation of the Swainsonia, normally purple,this individual is more blue, gorgeous in real life, S beaselyani I believe.
When I got home I played with some soft pastels
Took a while and I dont think its finished but the act of creating soothes the mind. I think it will be destined as a gift when I m happy with it.
Something i did...
These wrens live around here too, Splendid Fairy Wren

I did another smaller one but not happy with crooked but u get the idea. I recieved another bundle of antique pages so I can do more of this style, maybe a willy wag tail next
The flowers.....

Sunday, August 09, 2015


What is Pochoir!
  1. Pochoir (French: “stencil”), as distinguished from ordinary stenciling, is a highly refined technique of making fine limited editions of stencil prints. It is often called hand colouring, or hand illustration. The 20th-century artists Pablo Picasso and Joan MirĂ³ made prints in this technique for book illustrations.
  2. curtisy of Brittania

  3. My effort is certainly not good but Im inclined to buy a frame cheap one lol and display it,theres a quality about it I love....
  4.  another link or two to show something towards process
  5.!printmaking-techniques/c1vt3  just roll down the page to this technique
  7. other than that Im still suffering much pains and aches due to work injuries,,if anyone can give me some uplifting stories of survival from bursis?
  8. just some other stuff to add,previous bits from the crafty corner
  9. yes i jumped in an am weaving Wolmiese lace in Black,just looking at it currently but it ready when i am

  10. This has been a draft for a few weeks,well since my birthday, im still off work, both shoulders arms and upper back are done an fried,waiting for specialist visit, physo is boosting confidence with telling me Im not a lost cause...we ll see,loads of pilate exercises,

  11. Something not right with blogger lol but i will press on...
  12. Looking forward to a three month break from uni,as soon as I can get this current submission done,pretty hard when brains died, lol
  13. No spinning,knitting,or any physical work at all. Im trying to keep up the exercises and brisk walking along the bush tracks where I have to dodge the motor bike riders lol.
  14. Boys shifted  into town so they rigged out spare room as my art studio, cant do much but its quiet and a great meditative space

  15. I thought i had more brushes.. 
  16. To finish heres some pretty shots of the garden,we ve had some lovely rain and the moth orchids loved it
  17. Theres more pics but they are on main computer, using the tablet is easier on me ,some reason sitting at that  computer has me in pain fast. So next time Ill see if I can get them

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Another Long Week End

Well for me anyway,my usual RDO back to back with the WA Foundation Day
Trying to get motivated to start next Assignment,feeling down for the usual stuff,Im learning to walk away but boy it hurts when you re excluded and shunned,well i hope the their dunny burns down and the chooks stop laying...
I have to change my situation its become beyond acceptance,scared to go to work scare not to be there,what sort of life is that.I find myself looking at my gorgeous projects art and bits and wondering is there any point any more.. I feel for those who lost their jobs tough a few are simply leaving for greener pastures,in a couple years i think thats the only option I have left, I urn 50 shortly,so happy Im actually alive to get to that milestone however as 17 years ago it didnt look that good
My idea for the last drawing sub is going to be a bit morbid I think ,wondering if I should look for something more lighthearted
However my handspun update

And you can see why this is my fav at the moment

I picked up 8 bags of soil compost today at Bunnings,at just under $4 a bag I can a few  bags here and there and build up my garden beds to plant out the rather big increase of post pants I seem to have accumulated through Bunnings and taking cuttings,after an olive next but that will be from Nursery as they are straight talish ones not floppy branched out ones at the fore mentioned shop
cant wait til Spring though Ill need to plan how to keep them all happy as Hubby wont be doing much to care for them when i go visit Mum

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Im here never fear

Im currently on light work so not much going on , have to work my bnrain fast this weekend for last sub for drawing unit, Drawing B starts Monday too as I had an eextension,the second time only in my whole time stuyding I asked for one. Shoulders are killing me slowly..
some stuff for visual interest
subverting an old decayed building

and blasted snails, been waiting for this to flower ,now hoping the white will yellow back will last til summer to flower, might get another one at Bunnings I think

oh rescue me from cheeky boys

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Long Weekend

yay three days to myself ,still two boys here but so peacefull,if I have of turned alarm off last night a perfect sleep in too,I never sleep
in... 5.20 this morning it went off bugger,
anyway Im nearly finished last assignment for this unit,three more graphite drawings which i will revisit and over do with colour wash and a couple 100 words entries at BB on Curtins site and im done
 while making room to work yesterday I had a brief moment on the floor with this,look its much better now

it is soft white paper too but when I edit the frame comes up too pale.I love fast instantaneous drawings
Went out here last week,its part of my current work, Lake Refroy,WA

Monday, April 20, 2015

Its getting cooler

Fast... I have a wool jumper on in the morning now,though off by 11,a hot shower when I get home and Pjs...
Shoulders are not good today but Im under pressure to keep my side of grounds in good order,so today I was using garden shovel to cut the saltbush weeds from ground and raked into piles,I cant lift my right arm freely but hope that will settle when I rest from heavy work. The Thai ointment given to me by a work friend has helped butI fear its going to take more than rest and cold packs,Dr is suggesting further treatment,Im on a waiting game. I have to give up idea of the Back to Back Comp at Toodyay though I hadnt heard from organsiers anyway. I thinking if I can taking leave to go home for a couplae weeks then back to work and see how I go,its so darned debiliating,Ive lost any zest for life,I go to bed early and lay there watching TV,no knitting or sewing just in limbo. Same with uni work though I have a long weekend coming up so I may get the first drawings done,havent been game to see if marks are back for last one..
on another note check out these beautiful roses I had on bushes last Sunday

 And the long awaited orange geranium has shown it can perform..

and my two friends arrived to say hello
And look at these Peruvian Lillies,def going back to get some for me..

Monday, April 13, 2015

On this lovely Autumn day

I find my self at  a lost,I cant simply fly into the garden and clean it up, I did my shoulders a mischief during the week,im back four months though i have freedom of movement theres sharp pains like the tendons are scraping,it was a combo of knitting cotton and DK socks,different projects lol,I had someone ask me to knit three washcloths in navy in return for some handmade soap,no probs I can do that ,hmm knitting cotton is not a wise thing when carpel s are being bad and tendons etc are in for teh roll,then DK Luxury on 3.5 mm needles,hmm well of course work and raking an acre in misty rain that also made the debris a bit heavier... stupid me,
here is offending cloth

on the good side i can now knit slowly and gently continental style "ah la Catherine style"
the white shawl is ten ply and great for that lol,
I have made head way with this shawl too. Fine lace weight,very light on hands but manipulating the right hand fingers is causing pain still at top of shoulder, Ill be down to Docs this week as Boss wants a letter stating clearance for work,......

I cant get my drawings to rotate for this page either so I will take more when I can,I rather like two of them and may look for a cheap this ,it was originally $40 and I picked it up for $10,just perfect for this wonderful mono print from our print swap last Christmas by Roy Fong,I love it,its vibrant, its orange and stands out sooo much
 aha,I tricked it,I copied pics from PPP ,I dearly hope this first one gets me over the pass point with assignment
this one here was a fast charcoal pencil one,I loved doing this one so much , the start simplicity in this black and white would look good framed I think

Oh I must card up some grey alpaca soon too...see how my mind flits around?
And very happy with the recent rain,its saved my gardens at work

and a red hot poker flower spike

so excited,baby hot pokers

and waiting impatiently for flowers on the Sturt pea