Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Madly knitting

Im almost done with the CPH, and then sew up others...

The pinky one is apattern from Jo Sharps Contempory Knitting

The blue v kneck is a Creative Knitting design and could also be a Jo Sharp(too lazy/tired to find book)

Both are in Merino and Fur,Possum wool with merino in other words,very fuzzy and am keen to try them out.The biggest problem I have is choosing which one to take,the weather is saying Dubbo s forecast Temps from 0 to 13 on Thursday to Friday, I definiely will take the CPH and the v neck seems the most comfy as Im not sure if the high neck of the other will make it comfortable for any prolonged use...

These jumpers are very light too compared to the CPH..(which is in Bendigos Aran,Denim colour,I forgot to add ) but I think it will be the better fit as well.

The blue is actually a small mens sizing and I think I may have a fight to keep it as Son No 2 is intersted(Dad has grown too much and considering how its sat nearly finished for two years its any wonder,LOL)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Something new

I needed a break from sorting out what to take on my little journey so hopped on the net to see that Knitty has the Summer Edition Out.............There goes a hour of time..........

Friday, June 15, 2007


PHOTOS AT BOTTOM "KITCHEN"...........................
I havent had the time nor head space to post this week,the combination of Hubbys Kitchen do over and the fact Ive given myself a deadline of Wednesday night to complete not one but THREE jumpers so I may take them on my trip,leaving 8.10 am WST from Kal!
These are a jumper from Jo Sharps Contempory Knitting,knitted in maroon Merino and Fur,
The famous (at least in my house) Central Park Hoodie in Aran Denim Blue!
And a V-Neck sweater that originally was intended for Hubby from Creative Knitting at least 3 years ago again in Merino n Fur,dk Blue,...... Hubby gained some, ahem, size! ....and its now going to be my comfy over jeans with a white tee under style of thing! Though I suspect I may be fighting with Son No 2 for possesion,(Its nice that at least one of the teens thinks a handknit is cool!)
I have to post pictures later,Son No 1 has absconded with my camera!
I solved the dilemma with the BFL that I mucked up last weekend and plied the remainder in the Navajo fashion and am very pleased with it.I really want to spin a bit more up (heavons knows I have enough of it around and Im geting more!!!!!!!!!!)
I recieved some absolutely gorgeous stuff from Yarnivorous whoes trying gamely to stay calm in her BIG Move!
And of course Ewe Give Me The Knits, Mandie,....Good Morning!!!!.... sent over some dyes I want to try and the long awaited Wild Fibres, Mandie you have so many goodies in store,its hard to resist!!!!!
Any way Im off......kids are waiting for This computor and hubbys asleep,kept us awake last night drilling holes in the kitchen walls to hang the wall cupboard so hes knackered poor thing!, so I cant access my own computor!!!
Will return with photos later...I hope....

I have some photos.....

Half done,with the sink and laundry end to go!

See the pantry?

See the lift up door for microwave?(above me!)
And the man himself who has been slaving away all week to get this big project as close to finished as possible so I could see it before I leave next friday!!
Here you can see the above doors,I had to have them when we visited the showroom in Perth!!
The pantry is a God send...........still heaps to like tiling etc but we're getting there,considering houses are hitting the $300,000 we need to get things done.......
On the Knitting side I have to finish the hood and sew sleeves on it and the other two,so I should get there!
I have a close friend who is expecting a buddle of joy in about 6months, and I would like to knit a baby blanket as a surprise,it will be an heirloom style one with an easily memorised pattern as I need to be able to knit it quickly(read that Im brain dead each night during the week)
Anyone have any pointers? I know there is wool shop in Dubbo so will have alook there as well,my LWS is great but I rarely get to see other shops and often they have different stock etc!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

new dye efforts

These are a few dye experiments I did quickly today.The pink/blue and multi coloured raspberry,alpine,mulberry and oak are handspun Cheviot which came out fairly coarse and doomed to be cabled tea cosies for want of any other small item I could use it for but I love the colours never the less.

The small skein of pink and greyish tone is a ball of Bluebell,probably a pair of childs mittens if theres enough. The bright green and red oranges are the efforts of my two youngest boys who have requested mittens this winter,have to get started on them.....

Lastly is the 400g total of BFL that I found in a bag of forgotten dyeing lot I did a little while ago,looking forward to spinning them and most likely socks but starting to think of other things.

I would love to dye and spin enough for a vest but I have a problem of spinning too fine which makes it a problem when I would love to do the vest from the last Knitty where the V is steaked,Yep Im game to actually cut my knitting.....

My big news is an upcoming trip to Dubbo to see my Nan and then out to Louth to see Mum and Dad.Hope I dont get rained in as the ground is black flood country and 20points means not going anywhere.This may create a problem as Im renting an Overlander and dont want to get stuck......On another bit of interest,the property mentioned on the lower part of information page is my parents home,funny to think my interest in fibre and sheep is maybe stemmed from the fact I grew up on one of Australias historical wool growing( shearing approx 184000 sheep in its hayday) properties. I will take some photos and make a special post just about our trip!!!

The best part is not just seeing my older fav relatives but also to catch up with my Aunty who is into spinning in a big way and has several wheels.Also her oldest daughter,my cousin is another highly crafted person! If time permits I may see her sister as well from near Narrabri. In fact spinning in my Dads family is fairly strong as my Grandmother was one of the foundation spinning members in Bourke group!

With all this I would definitely love to take Vicky to do some spinning.(have visions of spinning on Nannas and Mums back yard in the warm afternoon sun but I have too much luggage....)

This trip includes flying from Kalgourlie to Perth,then Sydney where we ll catch the connecting flight to Dubbo.Hubby has very kindly spooked me in his infinite wisdom saying that I and Son No 2(who is lucky to come with me, see previous post,hes the one will MORE hair than everyone there) have to catch a train from the International Airport to the domestic Mascot one.... shall be an interesting day,Friday the 22nd,glad its not Black Friday!

Another thing is that Im coming home in time to spend my last 3 days off work at home and hope to spend that helping Hubby renovate but will definetly include a lunch date with friends and one with Hubby somewhere......

By this auspicious date I shall ,I mean SHALL have an almost completed Kitchen and back verandah!.....................................

My babies

Heres my babies an Me!

Green thumb sunday

A day early but heres vegie patch.............

And Hubby with his carrot!

More lettuce


Hi Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys toys(and Mums Too)

Hubby flew to Perth friday and returned at ten that night with this

And this,the kitchen!

He was worried when the carrier we had first set to bring it up was a bitnervous of how it is was boxed,that meant buying an expensive truck.... mens logic!!!! will someone please explain?

Anyway ,the work starts now and also I wont have a washing machine for a week..........

Sunday, June 03, 2007


The windows in!!!!!Now I can start the fire and warm the place up,read that tell one of the boys to do so,HE HE HE

The Boss's a bit crabby as the place that made the window Didnt follow his measurements exactly so there was a bit of muscle involved in getting it in,I...I mean myself ...was kicked out of kitchen while he was fiddling,2 kids went Harry Butlering,the air was tense but its in and house is secure from boogy mans(we're safe,the window may fall on the boogy mans though,LOL)...I might get into trouble for saying that......

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Window update

Well hes finished the bricking!!!!!!!!!!!!

House wrecking

Well this is a long weekend and everyone knows long weekends are for HOUSE RNOVATIONS,dust and crap everywhere (in kitchen)

Its a cold dampish day(Hopefully the sun will appearsometime today?) and a *%#* great gap in the outside wall where hopefully H will rebrick today? and as soon as the cement is off enough the NEW WINDOW can go in...

The Kitchen is due this week from Perth and its going to be mayhem all week.....
On the knitting front, H's BFL sock is finished and another started,its the lovelyest sock i have ever felt,soft and warm fuzzy fuzzy to touch!

In a fit of boredom,I forgot to take lunchtime knitting,disaster!!!! Anyway I had a ball of Patons Bluebell that I had been using to mend a friends Pops cardy and 2 x 2.25 needles(dont ask where the others were!) and off I went,by the next day(I knitted at home too,couldnt put it down) this is what I had! The cables I threw in, as Id seen something similiar on the net and loving cables,off I went purely on memory,might I add! Rather pleased with myself!!!! Only fault so far I think its about 5 rows too long in the foot length,but who cares it saved the day and I learnt a bit on the way!!!!