Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh Finally

Well Ive been offline for a little while,my hard drive was dying and hubby in his expertise decided to back up to another old drive,he tells me it was a new one just been laying around,no cover etc,well it worked..somewhat,now all my file are all over the joint,but I have them and the pics so good so far,restoring the newer hard drive that was a spare for a security system proved more fiddly,he done this plenty of times before but little time means mistakes and waiting waiting waiting on my half,I could have done it under his guidance but he gets cranky pants so easier to let him. Anyway he had to find Office and all the bits to reload and my!!!! haven't I done well to stay calm.... Uni has started,but I managed to grab the guide in between brief interluds n the net so Ive got it,the other half Ill print tomorrow but I ll be busy this week end filling VD and experimenting,Im so tired and a little stressed with boys antics and one son,the broken vertebrae one is heading to a concert,I wont rest til hes back,with the one punch idiots around petrified he ll be knocked over,6 weeks til he may be able to go back to work. Money stress as we have to support him shortly as his savings run out, next one supporting him as he works under his name ( tradie at last) in his new business and next one has to be run into town,65ks each moring at 4.15 am to meet the mine bus and then run in to pick him up at 6.30 pm,only four days a week but by Friday Im buggered. There was an accident last weekend as Hubby took him in,a young bloke krissed as a picket went to sleep at the wheel and another bloke run into him,it could have been our son as he drives himself some mornings, hes saving for own car ute whatever so borrows Hubbys Jinimy,pretty good there, Hubby needs the exercise lol
Have had camera out,very slack but heres an old one....

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunday all over....

How cool is this??? Very!! I have a sock knitting machine but need a month off work to fiddle with it lol
Windmill knitting

''  accessed 23/02/2014
I so want one of these unique scarves,might keep in mind for my birthday this year
My computer is in its death throes,the hard drive is about to cark it and sending warning more and more,resident techie transfered everything to another spare one that will become my back up later when the new one arrives,I tried to follow how he went through the procedure and I think I could do it with guidence next time,he thought it was a bug at first but had to a gree that no its buggered...we were so busy and have been for a long time so time wasnt with with us for him to talk me through,at least we arent divorced,he sisnt known for patience....
This is still on my mind too, in the color way Img_8215_small2 shown here photo credit to Kelly Kingston
I would like to use Noro taiyo in the lace but teh cotton content worries me due to pain in wrists etc but the finished item would be totally worth it.
3rd of March it looms...Drawing A starts and Im sort looking forwad to structured days and night again but not the utter exhaustion that comes with late nights of study,I hpe to get into the VD stuff very smartly,artist reveiws as soon as so the practical side can be done on days off and weekends..I will miss the choice of nipping into Kal for a coffee.
My computer is going out fast so enjoying surfing while I can....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A touch of rain

And it was just enough to wet the ground but although muggy the overcast sky made it cooler than had the sun emerged.
Im off to town tomorrow for my little cars service,I have been told around $300,so aside from a desperate purchase of knickers to avoid the current riding where they shoudnt I will be careful with my spending.
I do need however to find the German Bamboo paper pad so that will be an internet search as I doubt the local two art supplier will have any.The shops Ive found it are very dear especially when i bought the current one at Subiacos Jacksons for only $23.55
Im dropping son 5 at schooll albeit a bit early at ten past 8 then off to the car dealers where Ill leave it in their hands while I disppear to Dome,my latest fav spot in Kal,it was Gloria Jeans before and Cafe Club but Dome is a littler spacier and although noisy due to high walls,its a bit of a change and no holidays means it as good as one.
I have some knitting in hand, a simple scarf called Cockleshells Ive made mine a little smaller with the lace yarn overs running up the out edge which looks good and hopefully will yeild a scarf that will wrap round the neck,its some hand spindled Ixchel Fibres,I think it was bunny silk and tencil,very hard to spin and oh so soft
Im hoping to get into the flutter scarf with some pink alpaca soon as seen in this lovely example
 Work is work and I hope my boss continues to be as approachable as thelast year,I dont shudder when I need to go see her and the problems issuing from the lastest offsider are also out in the open. Theres a lot of people who have lost their hours but the dep is refusing to reduce other jobs hours to allow the services for the kids to be maintained,how they work that out has me buggered when they are putting un nnecessary hours into an area not needed.
I meant to post this on Friday but tiredness has been me floored,took little zoom zoom infor a service and the whole day went too fast for a day off,
 Already plyed and washed,quite boucy around a sock weight in correidale/merino from Betlor Blacks,theres enough left for another 6 or so bobbins, just need to comb another show box up lol,
 Tp I bought a few weeks ago from another indie dyer.spinner who was having a sale on Facebook,superwash merino,Ive split the roving lengthwise and will spin fine and navajo ply,hoping for a sock yarn,I know already it didnt plit evenly but not fussed,I was naughty and bouht two tops from Ixchels too from Charlys Friday update,grey and charcoals with yellow through it,yum!!
 In dulged in a new book for weekend but have too tired to read more than a few pages
 New platns for that corner,the azalia will fit but Im pulling out a messy Peace rose and replacing with a more shady and although not as pretty hopefully more prolific flowerer,its a new plant to the garden scene well according to the info I found,its a Radermachera  and here set to over take the garden scene from the lovely scented Murraya or Orange Blossum tree

So far Ive put a double flowering orange hibiscus,a gardenia (large flower), society garlic,agapanthus and the little azalia will fit in to the back on one side of the bottle tree where Im also putting in the frog pond which I will pick up this week,Hope they survive,and also hope Hubby will somehow get rid of the landcruser engine in the middel of the lawn and also the building materiasl further up the garden bed so I can continue developing that side, I can hope cant I ?

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Ok,yes changed things a bit more

"Just Me",the other Blog, I was enjoying that one so when I got locked out again (for apparently I cant have both) Ive come back here and revamped,Whatcha think!!!! Huh??
Ill continue prattling on and repost some pics so it seems not so weird and see how we go,lol.
I miss this dreafully,all the boys are getting close to six foot so with my little Kia and Hubbys Jimny,we cant go anywhere much less out bush....Ill be looking for another 100 series later after Ive paid The Rio off,there ll be some around for around $15 to 20 grand,not that I want to go into debt again but it does allow us to do stuff again.
The new offsider is one of those people put here to test our faith in God, Ive always been told I am a very patient person but this one stretches the elastic band of sanity and its thinking of the above that will keep me on the straight and narrow though the CBX500 may be in the running being so much cheaper,ah the bucket is hanging,its not realy ful,in fact not even a third full but maybe that will mean Ill have more chance of pulling some out in the next few years

OMG Oh my freaking God

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to claim this one as I cant back into new blog,WTF

The wonders of the freaky nature of internet knowhow has allowed somehow, for me to reset my stupid pass word and can access this blog yet again, now I have to work out how that happened and put a record of that new Pass word in a safe spot and hope I havent locked myself out of new one Bwhahahaha