Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh Finally

Well Ive been offline for a little while,my hard drive was dying and hubby in his expertise decided to back up to another old drive,he tells me it was a new one just been laying around,no cover etc,well it worked..somewhat,now all my file are all over the joint,but I have them and the pics so good so far,restoring the newer hard drive that was a spare for a security system proved more fiddly,he done this plenty of times before but little time means mistakes and waiting waiting waiting on my half,I could have done it under his guidance but he gets cranky pants so easier to let him. Anyway he had to find Office and all the bits to reload and my!!!! haven't I done well to stay calm.... Uni has started,but I managed to grab the guide in between brief interluds n the net so Ive got it,the other half Ill print tomorrow but I ll be busy this week end filling VD and experimenting,Im so tired and a little stressed with boys antics and one son,the broken vertebrae one is heading to a concert,I wont rest til hes back,with the one punch idiots around petrified he ll be knocked over,6 weeks til he may be able to go back to work. Money stress as we have to support him shortly as his savings run out, next one supporting him as he works under his name ( tradie at last) in his new business and next one has to be run into town,65ks each moring at 4.15 am to meet the mine bus and then run in to pick him up at 6.30 pm,only four days a week but by Friday Im buggered. There was an accident last weekend as Hubby took him in,a young bloke krissed as a picket went to sleep at the wheel and another bloke run into him,it could have been our son as he drives himself some mornings, hes saving for own car ute whatever so borrows Hubbys Jinimy,pretty good there, Hubby needs the exercise lol
Have had camera out,very slack but heres an old one....


  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I also have a tradie son so can relate to what you mean about supporting them financially when work is scarce and they're self employed. It's very difficult at times isn't it? Let's hope our boys get lots of work in the future!

  2. I think Mel in this time is things getting tight that we band together and help out,I dont whinge when Im woken at 4am even though I have to study after work etc as I know in the long run he is earning and training and one day be better set up than we were when Hubby and I got together,same applies for other two boys,and Im working to put fifth son through private school to help him too,lets hope they remember when Im old lol