Saturday, November 24, 2012


A few things actually
VSW23...High Distinction,Im still a little unbelieving but its over and I start next one on Monday,again painting and self directed and funny enough actually looking forward to it,I think I'm hiding in the normality of study with the crappy side of family building behind me.
Another Shawl, I haven't photoed yet but will as soon as I can,very happy with it,took all of four days to complete which for me is very very good,"Travelling Woman", quite simple and I cant fathom why I was scared of it, four days to knit in Tanis Fibre Art Purple label, delicious stuff.

And last night I got to the last cast row of another shawl in Lang Silk something,it was two balls I picked up in Perth last may,so soft and silky,being a greeny olive color it was the only color I could go halfway into wearing at the CrossswaysWool in Subiaco but I think it will be good over a white shirt.

Theres no real Christmas party again for us this year, I'm missing the staff do as having to pay for all three of us to attend Son 4 graduation Dinner (in the past only the guests payed but this time its all), the staff do is going to be held at the newly reopened Pub and at $49 a head I reasoned hubby and I can go on our own when funds are better available.Yes I am being super caution re money,the mining industry at this time of the year usually means retrenchment and rewritten contracts,everyone is nervous. Im surprised my son even wants to attend, his experiences at this school haven't been good,his literacy is almost non existent and being made to stand and read in front of a class and then placed in a similar position recently  by a FIFO teacher,this time it lead to physical damage as well as mental  the teachers being supported which I find disagreeable a number of people are at fault and to add to it when I needed support as a staff member I was not offered anything,even when I was injured I was invisible and a non entity,it amused me to read the updates from the return to work program providers that "employers are doing their utmost to assist me",Huh?????? the whole thing was handled by my Doctor and myself, we and I made the decisions,free money for the providers with little or no effort and the Government out of pocket yet again.
More Lizard...
Isnt he gorgeous!!
Anyhow Vegie garden

Tomatoes and figs
Thats it for now,we have had a massive storm earlier flooding through town beautifully and now another is hitting...ta for now

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just a lizard

Isnt he a beauty,or she not sure yet, holding toes and tail off the hot sand which I was laying on to get these pics
he came right up my camera to catch a insect and wasnt fussed at me rolling over closer and closer to get a good pic
Ok Heres a shot of shawl too
Its come out much larger than I thought it would, I've immediatily started the Travelling woman and over half way through it too
Also finished spinning Falling Start from Ixchel Fibres,I got around 426 meters of Navajo plied quishiness, not sure whether to do another shawl or a poncho type thing,thought a poncho to show off the colors and maybe extend the meteridge by adding a simple lace to the majority of shoulder area
Last submission due tomorrow night so all go to finish it off in the morning and at 16MB I may have to use Yousendit this time

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today is

Brought to you by me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retro-mummy has said on her Blog that we mums don't always manage to be on the other side of the camera so here am I on another art research trip,the formally dry lake is afloat with clear rippling water after our half inch last week!
So now you all know what I look like at the moment anyways!
I believe we are nearly over the stuff called American Elections,it absorbed the TV scene for some time,it will be interesting to see how it all pans out considering the the huge debate and anger from the sides involved....
Anyhow heres my bits up to now
And socks
And this arrived in a wee box yesterday
Which equates to
From Yarn Wench
Ta for today

PS windy day!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nearly the end of the week

And I get to work on my own tomorrow with the "other' having RDO,I didnt take my last one,Im doing that next week along with a day or two extra to stay home and work on last Sub,i hope to have all the ground work done for it this weekend if weather turns out ok. Its not going to be nice out on the lake either if its hot but as long as its warmish and big bright blue skies it will be all good,

  • Spinning.. Im flying along with the last of the churro top from Ixchel fibres,navojo plying I hope will be enough for a sport weight pair of socks,Im curious how it knits up though Ive done a bit before, socks will be different.
  • Knitting..nearly finished the shawl out of the lace weight Wollmeise ,"Chim Chim Chimney", the pattern I cant remember but I think its this one and heres a beaut example

Mine will be a bright dark blue...............the yarn was a Lacegarn weight from the illustrious Wollmeise peoples but I got mine as a remnant of a total ball from a lovely destasher who I must find and let her know how I went!
Im hoping to get the first half Pretty in Pink done this weekend and start the other half
Also stalled on the memory scarf,busy with Wollmeise as I need needles for the Travelling Woman Shawl which I decided to use the Tannis Fibre cashmere fingering,too nice to wear on the feet seeing I have heaps of nice sock wool stashed away and cashmere is for the neck
This weeks been a strain,on the muscles I run at least 12 wheel barrow loads of red loam to top dress and mend several patches on the lawns,the arms are not too bad but today carrying two buckets of broken glass off the sports field thats like a desert anyway due to school and council arguing over who pays for upkeep, was an issue,the teens are having drunken parties out on the cricket pitch and the buggers used a brick to smash and grind the beer and whisky bottles into the said pitch and then kicked bits everywhere,took and hour to clean up,swear words abound...
Anyhow I must away to do some study but Ill leave you with little bee,not sure if hes an interloper or native

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Oh Sunday

where did you minute its Post Friday night then it pre Monday...
I cooked Italian bread for tea along with the usual snags and vegies, assisted Son 4 to cook choc chip banana muffins so we have enough for lunch boxes for three days
I'm about to iron Son 5 school shirts and the deal is he irons mine........ im also going to navajo ply bobbin of Churro and ball the merino Dream Top from Bilby Yarns in Perth so I can ply it,yep i talked about it before but tonight Im going to do it
it was quite warm this morning but by 11am it turned cool then cold,I went from shorts and Tee to jumper trackies and sneakers,with hand knitted socks of course
Got some study done but its all prac now well a bit of discussion work on various artist that I keep telling myself i ll do it today tonight
Anyhow I did this yesty
Still wet here but the texture of the a paper changed with the wetness and is beautiful, an artists interpretation of Lake Lefroy
And today Tilly did this

Friday, November 02, 2012


so far I have the night to me though not good for shop meaning customers are off doing what people do on a Friday night without Pizza..
I've been playing with prints of photos of my site in preparation for the big installation day,...
As I dont normally sleep in on a Saturday Ill be up in the beautiful peaceful early hour tomorrow to study and get some time to my self before the males in the house arise....
Finished another pair of socks in I think 8ply Opal,thinking it could be 6 ply as it was a destash and no label,I used the 48 sts pattern and they fit beautifully,toe up etc,Ill post a pic later with a fast edition of pattern in case I forget
I promptly started another pair in Tanis Fibre Art 4 ply  in the dark blue purple mix,it was in a discount box at the Re teat in Toodyay a couple of years ago and I had it earmarked for a travelling woman shawl but am knitting a sock for a short while to see if I actually like it,I do think its quite heavy and the shawl may be the result in the end,still working on the bamboo sock,on te home run with about 35 rows to go to cast off,still no pick being my lunch time knit project it stays on my desk(well really its hanging in a plastic bag off a nail on the wall among the shovels and rakes but its sitting waiting waiting as I haul other goodies out) out the Dairing scarf kit I bought back in May in luscious red,It doesn't seem to be as memory like as I believe it would be but its interesting,done fours rows and fiddly as,can see it will be a labor of love...........
Im staring at one wheel that has a bobbin of singles that need navajo plying and another that I have to center ball and then ply back on itself, feel guilty when I should be working on assignment,really I could finish the dratted thing this week end if I wanted... if only I could get to site and place those ideas out there,half an inch of glorious rain has shut dirt roads g however..., fairly gentle and soaking with a wee bit of thunder to get the nitrogen into the ground,my lawns at work are doing well and finally catching up after the disastrous last four year of mismanagement from up above.
On that topic too,
OSH Bully Week
the interview was quite successful in one way though I felt Id liked to have had another few minutes to discus other things hat have been hidden under the rug there for a couple of years,apparently I was a topic of discussion at some stage as the team viewed the photos of the area and saw how bad they had decayed,thank god for small gifts of friend who open their mouths and tell the truth of the matter...I was amused at the change in opinion towards myself when mentioning a Master of Education, I'm apparently to be... "one of us" in the public arena.with a pat on the back and the rest nodding in approval..scary stuff but beautiful people on the outside( one in particular has most wondrous smile it made you smile with her),they are trained to exult ones worth to get a result,if my boss has said I'm one of the most important in the running of the place,hes said it to everyone so everyone proceeds around the place with heads up, chests out until one of them repeats the conversation and awful truth arrives at the door,its a morale booster and don't we all need it...anyhoo it will be interesting if I get a couple little wins out of the whole thing, the shocked expression at my questions of certain events tells all,I was probably right anyway but junior big boots will have their way in dominating for a own morale booster .
This was of particular interest to me being the OSH Rep at work,but not for long Im pretty sure Ill be out of it quite soon.
 I didn't however get to bring up the rampid bullying,the inappropriate behavior,the manipulative traits within that workplace, remember the latest scandal in the CSIRO , here and here, the last one in particular caught my attention as this is precisely the situation I am familiar with,having no one to support and confide in in the work place is unfair and inhuman,it lead to deterioration of the workplace productivity and health of those its the radio article I listened to early this week on the ABC,it was sited some of these affected personal were  advised to refer to their line manager, when in fact that was the person doing the bullying...
Anyhoo again, off that topic despite the interest I have and onto another Photo, I will endevour to get some new ones soon
I think hes a Ring Tailed Bicycle Dragon but will double check, they play dead very well