Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today is

Brought to you by me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retro-mummy has said on her Blog that we mums don't always manage to be on the other side of the camera so here am I on another art research trip,the formally dry lake is afloat with clear rippling water after our half inch last week!
So now you all know what I look like at the moment anyways!
I believe we are nearly over the stuff called American Elections,it absorbed the TV scene for some time,it will be interesting to see how it all pans out considering the the huge debate and anger from the sides involved....
Anyhow heres my bits up to now
And socks
And this arrived in a wee box yesterday
Which equates to
From Yarn Wench
Ta for today

PS windy day!

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  1. Fantastic photos of the lizard. Love it that he let you get closer for a better shot. That lake looks huge.