Monday, May 30, 2011


Ok here we go again,SP2 has started and tonight Im going onto the Griffith Uni site to set my account up and find myself around,Macquarrie I didnt like at all but hopefully Ill scrape through with a pass like with the first two assignments.Just couldnt get my head around the theory stuff to "talk" well enough in my least its set me up to understand Gen 101 whih is also theory based
Anyhow looking forward to this weekend,Tooyay Retreat,have my main knitted item nearly done,will knit pockets to body tonight and sew ends in tomorrow on second cardigan,wash car and pack bits in my UFO box,have to work shop on Thursday to give DH a chance to change oil and grease essential bits on Cruiser,the fuel chewer but cant take the car as its needing some TLC that we cant do at moment
Took yougest of brood for his school interveiw today,all good it looks like he ll have a place next year,such a relief,hopefully he ll see his full potential there!
Heres a pcs from late last year, a street in Perth with my name and the other DH s name.We thought it may ahve been a goodluck sign!More pics,old ones but i wanted to put something up tonight,first is a back entry veiw of Dunlop with a ferocious storm coming,see the heavy rain falling?
 This is the Darling River Lilly well thats what I called them ,the bulbs were massive and they got bigger the older the plant,each year it would pull itself lower into the ground by moving its storage  sectioninto one of its fleshy roots, I dug one up in the 80s after rain and it was flat to fit into a household bucket,like all lillies the flowers are over powering in smell,sweet and heady.This last photo is a field of them in a spot on on my old Home,"Delta" where I grew up,I shed a lot of tears going back for when my Mum leaves there I dont have a reason to go back there anymore.

Dunlop Shearing Shed,held 800 odd wethers and up to 1300 odd weaners.The smell of old wool and lanolan.
lastly a quick snap I took of the Nullabour road house looking out at the approaching rain,ging through it was not so fun as I was aquapaning and nearly run off the raod,Im very proud of my self there,I drove from Cobar to Kambalda on my own with four sons,they were well behaved and the bestest bys a Mum could wish for,Im going back soon with Son no1 to see Dunlop go,looking forawrd to the drive not the rest,yep feeling melacholly tonight...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Im so glad I managed to get to the end of this SP,dont know if I passed one but should scrape through the other
Relief... I give myself a few days to just be me and knit in spare time and cook goodies for the boys,
I started another pair of the blue mittens but this time in RED Naturally Loyal,no pics yet this yarn is so nice ,a bit splitty but I can handle that for the lovely fee of this yarn.
I have this weekend to finish the Birdy cadigan and wash and block it and the other one ready for my retreat ,dont know if I should go even though Ive paid it all up ,worried about leaving Hubby to handle things here
Anyway I have to wash car this weekend,its very scuffy and bake stuff for school too NAd organise WIP basket for the trip,determied I am not to buy anything there,well a couple of spindles if the lovely lass turns up this year!!
Lovely arent they!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well I managed to drop both last assignmnets,no idea if I will even pass the Macquarie one as I had the wrong email for the first,the tutoe said chuck it on the second which went last week and now the last one meaning Ive done an entire unit SP without having work marked,hope it goes through I dont want to do it again and apay as well
The other one should be ok,I got 70% for last sub so even if this one is in 60s I ll pass,dont want to that one agin either
Im off to Toodyay if all goes well end of next week,woohoo and Ill have two new knitted things to wear and im taking a basket of UFOs to work on,there two very nice projects  specially for the weekend but I havent knitted anything from the last two so better do some stash busting.
I have an urge to cast on some thick socks too so it ll be avery productive and fun weekend.had today off I want fit for work and didnt get anythimg done here,went through stash and got a basket ready to put on Ravelry
Thats how I found a heap of goodies Id forgotten,I must have abig stash if Ive forgotten what Ive got,LOL
first will be some handspun Mosely Park merino,enough for a pair of thick socks and then Im casting on the 8 ply Patonyle for another pair,will be fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Late time

Here I sit waiting for a movie to download so I can add it to my assignment and then when I do that drop it off at Curtins Droppy Boxy thingy
I would have done this earlier this evening accept it was enforced in a horrible way by another student about copy right etc,I understand that issue but I read the tutor advising another student jsut make sure everythings credited properly,anyway to be on the safe side I redid my little animation movies ,all three and reloaded onto Vimeo,trouble it takes half an hour to upload and then nearly an hour before its availble to check over times three
I have anasty feling Ive picked up a tummy bug thats floating over town at present,lets see how I go tomorrow
Anyway i was a bit shocked at this person having a crack at me for jumpig to attention and changing my work,it was good of her to clarify everything but really had I chose not to follow that instead of my interpretation of turtors posts then thats my buiness.The other students mad tem selves scarce too,she was still ranking at 11pm,nearly told her to go to bed! Oh and then she came back and had another crack at me after I posted on Uni site asking for advise jeez....
Bloody hell,anyway movie should be right to go now
 Too Ra!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ye Gods

Why has everything have to happen at the same time,bloody hell and all that,I have two huge assignment due on Monday and only have this weekend to complete a 1800 word essay,half sort of drafted at moment,then another,thats all about creative art plus an animated movie,I can get the essay fairly done by tomorrow night but that leaves me virually only hours to do what should have been three weeks work.Problem? DHs shop !I have to go run it til nine at night for the next three nights while he
toots off gettng more stuff and staf are away,now I dont have aprob with doing this but by Tuesday Ill be fine to do the extra as Im dropping uni back to one unit per study period for 2 semesters "cause of work eaching up my physical well being..
Ive had my whinge now Im off to go to shop.....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Im sitting here witing for dish washer to finish so I can cook dinner and the get a head start on my next essay,a simple meal for half the time the boys have pigged out on somehing else and wont eat what I cook,which in way is good 'casue it becomes the next days crib!
Hated going back to work today,I ve been home wth a bug but it was nice not to run around after other people and just watch my bunnies louging around.I didnt get as much work done on my units but managed to send off Assign No2,I have No 3 for both units due next Sunday night yikes!! If I can get the outline and notes written I can start getting a thought process going,couldnt think today as I left the question behind.
Im waiting for OL to get back to me as I requested a cut in study so I can do one at a time til SP4 where Ill go back to two at a time.The shop is costing too much time and I need to help Dh as we get it updated and expanded to a full on cafe.Not sure how Ill cope when Dh goes back to his own business.
Im just up the pocket or I should say down to the pockets of my Snowgoose cardigan,another ball and I think Illbe finished.The next one will  be the cable vest in the grey handspun I started early last year,I hope I have enough yarn to finish it,theres at least another skein maybe two which should be enough,I think I have to finish the top of the first front but then again Im not sure,maybe I ll take it to Toodyay as a UFO
Its so soft for EL/Merino,Beryls the sheep! Pattern from Caron yarns,soft squishy cables!

And a finished item for once,Im looking forward to washing and blocking!SilkGarden a reclaimed sweater ammount destashed off Ravelry,one of the best deals Ive done,love it!
Knit.1, Fall/Winter 2008  I think my sleeves are a little longer and may grow as well
I have enough yarn to make at least four of these vest too
So many projects and so much wool and so little time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A very Autumn day

Heavens its cool today,there what I call Esperance fog drifting over us and its a bit misty,the two bunnies in residence are sitting on the back lawn pretending its warm and sunny..Fluffas got the Pose,while Taffys keeping a sharp lookout

Its just started coming in heavy mist,the two of them are still pretending its sunny and their furr is covered in beads of moisture,funny buggers!! Fluffas lost his eye and Im worried he wont see danger coming as he is quite non pussed about things around him ,very sedate bunny,Taffy is on the other hand very flighty,takes a bit of coaxing to get her inside at night,usually round and round the truck a few times before she gives up!At least she takes notice of stuff!
Took a peak at the latest IKs last night,nothing really grabs me ,maybe this one,Amelia Hoodie though I do love this hat Cats Eye Tam,love the name!
Im home today,more crappy stuff happening but I ll be able to use the rest of time to complete an assignment ,What is White? are you White? Why Not? etc.Last kids off to scholl and a minute so Ill have acouple of hours to myself,boy its cold,may have to go look for uggies..Hockey again tonight so Ill be wearing them then for sure!

Friday, May 06, 2011

End of the week

Im so relieved its Friday,have a nasty headache though it should ease if i dont do too much eye work,lol doing this is not good but Im enjoying the bit of peace while DH is at the shop,still in work clothes but really looking forward to trackie daks.
I have to do an outline for one essay tonight but have to also read that chapter to go with it so not sure how far Ill go..
Ive noticed my vision blurring heaps lately,hope its not a sign of Dads eye problems,have enough to worry about now..
Im so looking forward to the June Retreat at Toodyay at the Avon Valley Homestead The people are wonderful,and they cook beautiful food so we are all spoilt!
Sunday is Mums Day but Im enjoying my Day by watching Son 3 play Under 17s and then A2 grade Hockey in Kal
Interestingly we have had some visitors around town lately,usually when the local dogs go off frantically barking and our JR seems scared to go out side we can hazard a guess they are around,we think two dingo dogs are venturing into town and they are veiwed at least by us to be dangerous.One of my boys walking down to meet friends at the local kids spot(fish and chops shop) at 8pm was in a Mexican standoff with one  near the entrance to a laneway most people use, even at night,  H...tried to bluff with the usual stamp foot and yell but end up throwing his bottle of drink at the animal,it slunk quietly back into the shadows and he  was very careful after and kept to the lit streets,which is hard in this place as the local sport is kicking the poles so the bulbs fail,bloody kids, leaving heaps of street very dark! He was aware of the habits of these dogs and acutely aware also that its mate wouldnt be far away( setting an ambush).They have a great following in popularity and are very intelligent dogs ,these particualr ones usually hang around a station hunting goats near here but they didnt show fear of my DH as he drove past them going to work and they are the ones you have to be careful of.
Most people have scoffed but keeping in mind the little girl set upon on Fraser Island,its something that should be noted,being careful doesnt hurt.Ive been in a similiar position before when my first born was a wee baby,I was travelling alone and had to get out of the ute in the darkest dead of the night to open a gate on the family property,we had word of dogs being sighted near there and at night to feel the hackles rise on the back of your neck is not the nicest things,it always worried me if it attacked so always closed the door so it wouldnt get my baby,not good for a fast entry into drivers seat but at least bubby wouldve have been ok. That particular night I did hear a low growl sort of noise and although dingos are generally silent killers this one had a splash of kelpie in it and mixed blood ones are the worst.
anyhow Ive enjoy my afternoon writing I have to go catch up with family members scattered over Aus, on the phone!

Thursday, May 05, 2011


Wow its cooled off so quickly,I had my thick handknitted socks and Ugg slippers on last night and was just warm,we cant go out and get wood for a while with the shop taking up DH time all day and I dont feel super confident myself to take son 2 and old ute out to get some,especialy after Dh said something about checking the manifold for leaks...there may be some old wood  behind the shed anyway if it gets too bad..just being a wussy!
I have about ten inches to go for my Snowgoose,I think its going to be aneat fit too so will hopefully find a set of buttons like the ones on the rav pic of anothers effort.
Fluffa is on antibiotics for his eye which was ulcerated from the injury,hes learning to see well out of the remaining one though and is getting back to his old self , I do feel hes seems to be looking more like an old bunny lately
Schools back and whatya know one kid refused to go another missed the bus so only one made the bell this morning..theres always tomorrow,that useless Walna test is up on Monday I think,it has never shown my boys true potential,one year Son 3 was given a smudged sheet he couldnt even read,another son was marked absent for the day to save the teacher the effort as he has a learning disability,so no I dont like them....
I have to work on three essays tonight,so want to get the out of the way!!! Sex and Sexuality and Foucalts opinion,name two things brought together by  globilisation,what is white/ are you white/,why/ not/ ...I have to write at least half page...on each.. I left the ad at work I needed for the last one!
This is my last bit of creativity,Heirloom Alpaca,one ball equals one pair of awesomely warm part I have another ball,seriously would love a jumper out of this stuff but at $7 a ball not very wise at moment,I do have some fawn mix in stash for a vest though!

Looks better on than on their own! They about 2 hours each to knit!
Ta ta til next time!