Friday, May 06, 2011

End of the week

Im so relieved its Friday,have a nasty headache though it should ease if i dont do too much eye work,lol doing this is not good but Im enjoying the bit of peace while DH is at the shop,still in work clothes but really looking forward to trackie daks.
I have to do an outline for one essay tonight but have to also read that chapter to go with it so not sure how far Ill go..
Ive noticed my vision blurring heaps lately,hope its not a sign of Dads eye problems,have enough to worry about now..
Im so looking forward to the June Retreat at Toodyay at the Avon Valley Homestead The people are wonderful,and they cook beautiful food so we are all spoilt!
Sunday is Mums Day but Im enjoying my Day by watching Son 3 play Under 17s and then A2 grade Hockey in Kal
Interestingly we have had some visitors around town lately,usually when the local dogs go off frantically barking and our JR seems scared to go out side we can hazard a guess they are around,we think two dingo dogs are venturing into town and they are veiwed at least by us to be dangerous.One of my boys walking down to meet friends at the local kids spot(fish and chops shop) at 8pm was in a Mexican standoff with one  near the entrance to a laneway most people use, even at night,  H...tried to bluff with the usual stamp foot and yell but end up throwing his bottle of drink at the animal,it slunk quietly back into the shadows and he  was very careful after and kept to the lit streets,which is hard in this place as the local sport is kicking the poles so the bulbs fail,bloody kids, leaving heaps of street very dark! He was aware of the habits of these dogs and acutely aware also that its mate wouldnt be far away( setting an ambush).They have a great following in popularity and are very intelligent dogs ,these particualr ones usually hang around a station hunting goats near here but they didnt show fear of my DH as he drove past them going to work and they are the ones you have to be careful of.
Most people have scoffed but keeping in mind the little girl set upon on Fraser Island,its something that should be noted,being careful doesnt hurt.Ive been in a similiar position before when my first born was a wee baby,I was travelling alone and had to get out of the ute in the darkest dead of the night to open a gate on the family property,we had word of dogs being sighted near there and at night to feel the hackles rise on the back of your neck is not the nicest things,it always worried me if it attacked so always closed the door so it wouldnt get my baby,not good for a fast entry into drivers seat but at least bubby wouldve have been ok. That particular night I did hear a low growl sort of noise and although dingos are generally silent killers this one had a splash of kelpie in it and mixed blood ones are the worst.
anyhow Ive enjoy my afternoon writing I have to go catch up with family members scattered over Aus, on the phone!

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