Thursday, May 05, 2011


Wow its cooled off so quickly,I had my thick handknitted socks and Ugg slippers on last night and was just warm,we cant go out and get wood for a while with the shop taking up DH time all day and I dont feel super confident myself to take son 2 and old ute out to get some,especialy after Dh said something about checking the manifold for leaks...there may be some old wood  behind the shed anyway if it gets too bad..just being a wussy!
I have about ten inches to go for my Snowgoose,I think its going to be aneat fit too so will hopefully find a set of buttons like the ones on the rav pic of anothers effort.
Fluffa is on antibiotics for his eye which was ulcerated from the injury,hes learning to see well out of the remaining one though and is getting back to his old self , I do feel hes seems to be looking more like an old bunny lately
Schools back and whatya know one kid refused to go another missed the bus so only one made the bell this morning..theres always tomorrow,that useless Walna test is up on Monday I think,it has never shown my boys true potential,one year Son 3 was given a smudged sheet he couldnt even read,another son was marked absent for the day to save the teacher the effort as he has a learning disability,so no I dont like them....
I have to work on three essays tonight,so want to get the out of the way!!! Sex and Sexuality and Foucalts opinion,name two things brought together by  globilisation,what is white/ are you white/,why/ not/ ...I have to write at least half page...on each.. I left the ad at work I needed for the last one!
This is my last bit of creativity,Heirloom Alpaca,one ball equals one pair of awesomely warm part I have another ball,seriously would love a jumper out of this stuff but at $7 a ball not very wise at moment,I do have some fawn mix in stash for a vest though!

Looks better on than on their own! They about 2 hours each to knit!
Ta ta til next time!

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