Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Im so glad I managed to get to the end of this SP,dont know if I passed one but should scrape through the other
Relief... I give myself a few days to just be me and knit in spare time and cook goodies for the boys,
I started another pair of the blue mittens but this time in RED Naturally Loyal,no pics yet this yarn is so nice ,a bit splitty but I can handle that for the lovely fee of this yarn.
I have this weekend to finish the Birdy cadigan and wash and block it and the other one ready for my retreat ,dont know if I should go even though Ive paid it all up ,worried about leaving Hubby to handle things here
Anyway I have to wash car this weekend,its very scuffy and bake stuff for school too NAd organise WIP basket for the trip,determied I am not to buy anything there,well a couple of spindles if the lovely lass turns up this year!!
Lovely arent they!

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