Monday, May 23, 2011


Well I managed to drop both last assignmnets,no idea if I will even pass the Macquarie one as I had the wrong email for the first,the tutoe said chuck it on the second which went last week and now the last one meaning Ive done an entire unit SP without having work marked,hope it goes through I dont want to do it again and apay as well
The other one should be ok,I got 70% for last sub so even if this one is in 60s I ll pass,dont want to that one agin either
Im off to Toodyay if all goes well end of next week,woohoo and Ill have two new knitted things to wear and im taking a basket of UFOs to work on,there two very nice projects  specially for the weekend but I havent knitted anything from the last two so better do some stash busting.
I have an urge to cast on some thick socks too so it ll be avery productive and fun weekend.had today off I want fit for work and didnt get anythimg done here,went through stash and got a basket ready to put on Ravelry
Thats how I found a heap of goodies Id forgotten,I must have abig stash if Ive forgotten what Ive got,LOL
first will be some handspun Mosely Park merino,enough for a pair of thick socks and then Im casting on the 8 ply Patonyle for another pair,will be fun!

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