Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ye Gods

Why has everything have to happen at the same time,bloody hell and all that,I have two huge assignment due on Monday and only have this weekend to complete a 1800 word essay,half sort of drafted at moment,then another,thats all about creative art plus an animated movie,I can get the essay fairly done by tomorrow night but that leaves me virually only hours to do what should have been three weeks work.Problem? DHs shop !I have to go run it til nine at night for the next three nights while he
toots off gettng more stuff and staf are away,now I dont have aprob with doing this but by Tuesday Ill be fine to do the extra as Im dropping uni back to one unit per study period for 2 semesters "cause of work eaching up my physical well being..
Ive had my whinge now Im off to go to shop.....

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