Monday, May 16, 2011

Im sitting here witing for dish washer to finish so I can cook dinner and the get a head start on my next essay,a simple meal for half the time the boys have pigged out on somehing else and wont eat what I cook,which in way is good 'casue it becomes the next days crib!
Hated going back to work today,I ve been home wth a bug but it was nice not to run around after other people and just watch my bunnies louging around.I didnt get as much work done on my units but managed to send off Assign No2,I have No 3 for both units due next Sunday night yikes!! If I can get the outline and notes written I can start getting a thought process going,couldnt think today as I left the question behind.
Im waiting for OL to get back to me as I requested a cut in study so I can do one at a time til SP4 where Ill go back to two at a time.The shop is costing too much time and I need to help Dh as we get it updated and expanded to a full on cafe.Not sure how Ill cope when Dh goes back to his own business.
Im just up the pocket or I should say down to the pockets of my Snowgoose cardigan,another ball and I think Illbe finished.The next one will  be the cable vest in the grey handspun I started early last year,I hope I have enough yarn to finish it,theres at least another skein maybe two which should be enough,I think I have to finish the top of the first front but then again Im not sure,maybe I ll take it to Toodyay as a UFO
Its so soft for EL/Merino,Beryls the sheep! Pattern from Caron yarns,soft squishy cables!

And a finished item for once,Im looking forward to washing and blocking!SilkGarden a reclaimed sweater ammount destashed off Ravelry,one of the best deals Ive done,love it!
Knit.1, Fall/Winter 2008  I think my sleeves are a little longer and may grow as well
I have enough yarn to make at least four of these vest too
So many projects and so much wool and so little time!

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