Sunday, August 19, 2012

Still kicking

I certainly been lax but its just being so busy,helping in family business,working full time and the upcoming return to study after a brief break has being hard to find a few minutes to relax and write.
Son 3 is into the finals with his team,Norths,hockey has become the sport here,I couldnt even watch rugby last night though the Wallabies were  being slaughtered anyway. Pat had an awsome game today and the Mummy inside cheered quietly(Im not one to yell and carry on) while knitting ferousally on "Pretty in Pink" in the gorgeous" Merlot" Seranade from BMW
I think Im up to 4 inches into the first peice with 4 to go before dividing for neck...anyway there were enough ladies calling his name ot in encouragement,lol,he was quite spectacular today though,nipping in and out stealing the ball and foiling goals
The weathers warming up nicely,I expect to start harcvesting peas shortly and another sugar loaf cabbage soon as soon as I can find an evening  to cook a decent meal to go with it.The last one was like butter,sooo nice. The broad beans are developing well too!
Next weekend DH is helping me mark up the oval for the annual sports day though this year we marking the posts so it ll be easier next year. Should only take about four hours,this time Im not going to argue how he does it,just let him go ,lol...last years was probably the most accurate it ever been marked,lets hope it doesnt rain. Wednesday week I have a PD,two days worth on stuff thats been covered before but im going just incase something has been changed and as usual Im the last to find out.The Firday is taken up nursing son whos getting all four wisdom teeth out,my only day off for sometime too,atleast we getting things done at last,
This week I aim to get front yard cleaned up after work of course,and play around with some water colours,I have the water activated tape at last to stick the wet paper down,aiming to get at least two paintings done for the art exhibtion at school,otherwise they have to put up with some of my earlier scrappy uni stuff...
Lets see how I go...
Something Id like to be doing right now though,going home....

Thursday, August 09, 2012