Saturday, February 25, 2012

Many legs!

The boys called into the kitchen las night to see this fello sitting presumably incognihto up the corner of one wall..failry common as in its name of a common house centipepde, I get the idea its not endemic to Australian according to Wiki but I may be wrong.. Heres a bit more information about this funny looking insect!! Its really fast and appears to be cause its so mesmerising as it flits across the floor,mind you this one was abit slower as it had been locked up all night so i could get some close photos!
Gorgeous colours!
Heres a good shot of his eyes
And one more for luck!
And the watercolour class was good ,not as good as I hope, we were quashed in and it was a bit warm though I didnt feel as much the others seem to,the part of being squashed is not due to the organisers or the Art Centre but the failure of the Council to provide adequate housing for the arts in this area.Most people wouldnt care as the money could probably better go towards childrens/Teens facilites but to keep many people happy in a often lonely isolated area,it is still a need for well being of the community, the arts centre also catered for the crafts like patchwork and childrens crafts.The hosts provided endless coffee, tea and biccies plus a lovely meal of rissoles hand made for either salad or hamburger style lunch,I wasnt too enthused with the recipie handed out where the description was that to make it go further, shredded potato was added,I realised the need for frugilty to make ends meet but I would have been happy to bring a cold platter or a cake for smoko,maybe next time. It was great to meet others and be in a like minded group though. I do however have to remind myself not to talk about my own stuff like spinning etc cause one person was keen to meet later to learn spinning,I should go to the arts people and get them interested in putting on a spin day one weekend and maybe extend it to the next town for numbers. A bit nervous as per usual as I ve never met any of these people before and dont want to insult them as I simply dont have time to garentee my own participation. working a full time job and managing family business if soul draining,I think once things hot up my weekdays will be up to 12 hours or more on half the week with the weekends being up to 8 hours daily.
My effort anyhow,not very happy with it so will do something else later,a bit of gouche and white wash to recede the back ground and more textures in the forground like rocks and foliage,and I DO NOt like using that masking fluid...

I got in and mowed the three foot high lawn and made ambitous plans to resurect the vegie garden to compensate for the lack of quality of local shops and money,Im hoping Dh wont want to get in and try to make it a gigantic thing that full of weeds and low producing,half the time I not allowed to touch this or that cause hes saving next years seed,lol
More pics,the pink ones are an old Patonyle print,sooo nice to knit with and the blue is the Lornas laces,cant remember what colour name from Yarnivorous destash a long time ago!
Fluffy scarves,had to do these for the instant gratification means,not warm really but quick and fun but not like those fur scarves that were so popular not so long ago
Heres a close up of the colours

 Love all of these but the last one is really pretty,The blue ones is mine I think the purpley one may be a Mums day gift along with the pink socks up there,the gold one Im thinking of giving to the only person at work who gave me a gift last Christmas(the other lady is gone but Ill catch up with her later)
Right Im off to stash dive to find some handspun for that Abalone pattern,want to start it soon!

Friday, February 24, 2012

So excited,Im doing a water colour class today,I have exactly well almost,lol an hour to get ready,Im taking some of my own brushes and maybe paitn too though all is provided including lunch,I was going to make an apple cake to take but also thought I was riding this
But as now we have two cars again I can drive there,I might copy out a photo of something I wantt o paitn just in case we re offered an option to do so,dont want to offend tutor Sheryl Fasolo!
Im making headway with a couple of knitting things,finishing off that Lornas laces sock was wonderful,Must take pics,maybe tomorrow in between cleaning yard,its out of control,cant see the rabbits...
There progress on a Jo Sharp Ultra vest,Issue 1," A fine Romance" that was supposed to be in Ultra  but Im using Sugar Loaf by Valley yarns,merino tencil mix,absolutely divine to knit,very soft and drapey,I dont think its still available,its not on Webs anymore,that wonderful shop, I get lost in there. I found the wool I need for the other two projects,Plain and Simple Vest just not sure whether to go with sage green or charcoal black,and also need to find the handspun from Charley I did ages ago,two lots Im combining for the Abalone vest
Ok I must dash but Ill leave you with another of the very patient Alexander Beetle (who knows the song?) Patient 'cause he waited a week to be photographed in a little home of grass and fresh water

Sunday, February 19, 2012

YES Siree

Im done,Im finished,its gone and Im a free study bird for a wee while,what to do,heavens the days nearly over so no real spring clean stuff,thatll be for the odd day this week,tommorow ill be back to being buggered from work where after a quick looky yesty have a humongous bloody mess to clean up after something happened I didnt know about,Im a mushroom as per usual
Anyhow Now Im starting to get the stuff together to finish some UFOs like the projects I have hiding under my desk,Ill get them out prob on Tuesday and put them in urgency easy etc and then line up the ones I want to start,like a couple of shawls and another jacket in Auntys wool,may dye a little for a feature yet,then strat that black alpaca for the one I wanted to use the yellow grey handspun on,wow I have heaps to pick from,I wont get too much free time but I can do a bit at night after work
OK breathless for now,Im going stash diving....leave you with this

Yes new shoes,I felt so naughty but they came back pure leather for $30 a pair,Ill get a least 4 years out of them if I take care...
I like comfort yes I do....
And this is one of the transparencies I did for this assignment
heres a closer look
And one my favourite exercises...a bugs belly!
Im off to stash dive while I can....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wild and wooly!

The weather has been stinking up to today,over 40 its felt like but now cooling with strong bustery winds and thunderstorms scooting overhead,got a little bit of rain this morning about 10.15 just enough to make it so much more humid,yuck,I flew home on my bike at 210 changed showered etc and back to shop to set up for the girls,have one assignment due on Sunday so have a repreave from working there for a another couple of days to concentrate on the Uni stuff, not thats been any good,you can bet your bottom dollars something will happen,and I get called love Wednesdays and Tuesdays,I convinced DH to close for those low income days,it was costing more in wages,summer time,trades slow.
Heres my play painting I got carried away with.oils,I thought of teh snow fields but sam suggsted it reminded him of the sanddunes at Munglinup.What s the verdict? I love it ether way and with a bit more experimentation Ill start to see a style in this medium soon!

This unit ends with a concentration of exercises
Blue flowers
still knitting but no pics yet,got tomorrow off from one site(work) will endevour to get some then,I just start planing a special knit for the long weekend in June too

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well after some unusually cool weather we have finally got back to hot and windy weather,so glad Im not at work tomorrow,the wind knocks me around now and the sun seems to be hitting my skin harder than before,the uniform sunsafe shirts are not in my opinion sun safe,Im covered in freckes across my shoulders and I dont go out in the sun bare so it has to come from the hours spent working in it.
This weekend i doing up to 24 exercises to finiah an assignment,mostly experimental stuff and is fun but I wish I had more time to do it properly,cutting corners will lose me marks but interestingly I have picked up some marveous technique and am dying to try some ideas after I get this gone,every afternoon im going to work at least as much as I can to finish it a bit earlier,last week I no hope with work and after work stuff getting in the road,feeling guilty to be taking time off  study but boy the things I aim on doing but most importanly its the opportunity to relax at night and play even if I am pizza lady for a few days as well.
Impasto I love thee
And this artist,heaven!!!

Red Roof by Carol Nelson

Carol Nelson  just look at those colours and rich textures,Im dying to try this techique,jsu have to get this darn assignment gone...
On the knitting front Ive finished a sock and now have to find its matching ball for second,Ive started an ply toe in hot pink,Ill decide on a pattern later,I aim of finishing that Skein cardigan,Whisper? cant remember and I would like to do that dolman top in the pale green and black sock weight out of the new Knitscene and you know Im sure Ive got this mag too but cant find it so Ill buy another someplace probably at this lovely shop,I check out the Friday updates everyweek and drool at the projects,Id love to do the African flowers..

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Something else

Went up on the Hill last night for the Photo Group Meeting,supposed to hav ebeen for the sunset but it was cold and windy and a bit too much cloud cover though I got a souple of sunny ones,the above was across the lake (Lefroy) ,the sun was on the right side of frame, I need to go back one night and try again..but this one was lovely to see even if it doesnt look that hot in pic
I will endevour to get some knitting content on here very soon,just not enouigh time,another assignment looming and two jobs dont help

Little things