Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wild and wooly!

The weather has been stinking up to today,over 40 its felt like but now cooling with strong bustery winds and thunderstorms scooting overhead,got a little bit of rain this morning about 10.15 just enough to make it so much more humid,yuck,I flew home on my bike at 210 changed showered etc and back to shop to set up for the girls,have one assignment due on Sunday so have a repreave from working there for a another couple of days to concentrate on the Uni stuff, not thats been any good,you can bet your bottom dollars something will happen,and I get called love Wednesdays and Tuesdays,I convinced DH to close for those low income days,it was costing more in wages,summer time,trades slow.
Heres my play painting I got carried away with.oils,I thought of teh snow fields but sam suggsted it reminded him of the sanddunes at Munglinup.What s the verdict? I love it ether way and with a bit more experimentation Ill start to see a style in this medium soon!

This unit ends with a concentration of exercises
Blue flowers
still knitting but no pics yet,got tomorrow off from one site(work) will endevour to get some then,I just start planing a special knit for the long weekend in June too

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