Saturday, February 25, 2012

Many legs!

The boys called into the kitchen las night to see this fello sitting presumably incognihto up the corner of one wall..failry common as in its name of a common house centipepde, I get the idea its not endemic to Australian according to Wiki but I may be wrong.. Heres a bit more information about this funny looking insect!! Its really fast and appears to be cause its so mesmerising as it flits across the floor,mind you this one was abit slower as it had been locked up all night so i could get some close photos!
Gorgeous colours!
Heres a good shot of his eyes
And one more for luck!
And the watercolour class was good ,not as good as I hope, we were quashed in and it was a bit warm though I didnt feel as much the others seem to,the part of being squashed is not due to the organisers or the Art Centre but the failure of the Council to provide adequate housing for the arts in this area.Most people wouldnt care as the money could probably better go towards childrens/Teens facilites but to keep many people happy in a often lonely isolated area,it is still a need for well being of the community, the arts centre also catered for the crafts like patchwork and childrens crafts.The hosts provided endless coffee, tea and biccies plus a lovely meal of rissoles hand made for either salad or hamburger style lunch,I wasnt too enthused with the recipie handed out where the description was that to make it go further, shredded potato was added,I realised the need for frugilty to make ends meet but I would have been happy to bring a cold platter or a cake for smoko,maybe next time. It was great to meet others and be in a like minded group though. I do however have to remind myself not to talk about my own stuff like spinning etc cause one person was keen to meet later to learn spinning,I should go to the arts people and get them interested in putting on a spin day one weekend and maybe extend it to the next town for numbers. A bit nervous as per usual as I ve never met any of these people before and dont want to insult them as I simply dont have time to garentee my own participation. working a full time job and managing family business if soul draining,I think once things hot up my weekdays will be up to 12 hours or more on half the week with the weekends being up to 8 hours daily.
My effort anyhow,not very happy with it so will do something else later,a bit of gouche and white wash to recede the back ground and more textures in the forground like rocks and foliage,and I DO NOt like using that masking fluid...

I got in and mowed the three foot high lawn and made ambitous plans to resurect the vegie garden to compensate for the lack of quality of local shops and money,Im hoping Dh wont want to get in and try to make it a gigantic thing that full of weeds and low producing,half the time I not allowed to touch this or that cause hes saving next years seed,lol
More pics,the pink ones are an old Patonyle print,sooo nice to knit with and the blue is the Lornas laces,cant remember what colour name from Yarnivorous destash a long time ago!
Fluffy scarves,had to do these for the instant gratification means,not warm really but quick and fun but not like those fur scarves that were so popular not so long ago
Heres a close up of the colours

 Love all of these but the last one is really pretty,The blue ones is mine I think the purpley one may be a Mums day gift along with the pink socks up there,the gold one Im thinking of giving to the only person at work who gave me a gift last Christmas(the other lady is gone but Ill catch up with her later)
Right Im off to stash dive to find some handspun for that Abalone pattern,want to start it soon!

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  1. OOh the ruffle scarfs are lovely, do you mind if I ask what brand they are. Still working towards a stall, mind you have enough yarn to make about 30 scarves, but these look a little different