Sunday, February 19, 2012

YES Siree

Im done,Im finished,its gone and Im a free study bird for a wee while,what to do,heavens the days nearly over so no real spring clean stuff,thatll be for the odd day this week,tommorow ill be back to being buggered from work where after a quick looky yesty have a humongous bloody mess to clean up after something happened I didnt know about,Im a mushroom as per usual
Anyhow Now Im starting to get the stuff together to finish some UFOs like the projects I have hiding under my desk,Ill get them out prob on Tuesday and put them in urgency easy etc and then line up the ones I want to start,like a couple of shawls and another jacket in Auntys wool,may dye a little for a feature yet,then strat that black alpaca for the one I wanted to use the yellow grey handspun on,wow I have heaps to pick from,I wont get too much free time but I can do a bit at night after work
OK breathless for now,Im going stash diving....leave you with this

Yes new shoes,I felt so naughty but they came back pure leather for $30 a pair,Ill get a least 4 years out of them if I take care...
I like comfort yes I do....
And this is one of the transparencies I did for this assignment
heres a closer look
And one my favourite exercises...a bugs belly!
Im off to stash dive while I can....

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