Friday, February 24, 2012

So excited,Im doing a water colour class today,I have exactly well almost,lol an hour to get ready,Im taking some of my own brushes and maybe paitn too though all is provided including lunch,I was going to make an apple cake to take but also thought I was riding this
But as now we have two cars again I can drive there,I might copy out a photo of something I wantt o paitn just in case we re offered an option to do so,dont want to offend tutor Sheryl Fasolo!
Im making headway with a couple of knitting things,finishing off that Lornas laces sock was wonderful,Must take pics,maybe tomorrow in between cleaning yard,its out of control,cant see the rabbits...
There progress on a Jo Sharp Ultra vest,Issue 1," A fine Romance" that was supposed to be in Ultra  but Im using Sugar Loaf by Valley yarns,merino tencil mix,absolutely divine to knit,very soft and drapey,I dont think its still available,its not on Webs anymore,that wonderful shop, I get lost in there. I found the wool I need for the other two projects,Plain and Simple Vest just not sure whether to go with sage green or charcoal black,and also need to find the handspun from Charley I did ages ago,two lots Im combining for the Abalone vest
Ok I must dash but Ill leave you with another of the very patient Alexander Beetle (who knows the song?) Patient 'cause he waited a week to be photographed in a little home of grass and fresh water

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