Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well after some unusually cool weather we have finally got back to hot and windy weather,so glad Im not at work tomorrow,the wind knocks me around now and the sun seems to be hitting my skin harder than before,the uniform sunsafe shirts are not in my opinion sun safe,Im covered in freckes across my shoulders and I dont go out in the sun bare so it has to come from the hours spent working in it.
This weekend i doing up to 24 exercises to finiah an assignment,mostly experimental stuff and is fun but I wish I had more time to do it properly,cutting corners will lose me marks but interestingly I have picked up some marveous technique and am dying to try some ideas after I get this gone,every afternoon im going to work at least as much as I can to finish it a bit earlier,last week I no hope with work and after work stuff getting in the road,feeling guilty to be taking time off  study but boy the things I aim on doing but most importanly its the opportunity to relax at night and play even if I am pizza lady for a few days as well.
Impasto I love thee
And this artist,heaven!!!

Red Roof by Carol Nelson

Carol Nelson  just look at those colours and rich textures,Im dying to try this techique,jsu have to get this darn assignment gone...
On the knitting front Ive finished a sock and now have to find its matching ball for second,Ive started an ply toe in hot pink,Ill decide on a pattern later,I aim of finishing that Skein cardigan,Whisper? cant remember and I would like to do that dolman top in the pale green and black sock weight out of the new Knitscene and you know Im sure Ive got this mag too but cant find it so Ill buy another someplace probably at this lovely shop,I check out the Friday updates everyweek and drool at the projects,Id love to do the African flowers..

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