Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have three skeins of moorit spun with at least two more tops hiding to be spun up,Im thinking what pattern can I use them
Brooklyn tweeds patterns using the 4ply Loft look fabulous
Im taking the tops with me to spin at Mothers so I can get them out of stash and into usable stash
I originally bought them for a plain vest of some kind but also added a large skein of mill spun in the same color to my basket cause the lovely lady didn't have the one I wanted (rich dark black corriedale)

Very soft and a delight to spin,I will have to dig one lot out and start very soon as I finish a couple UFOs

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter saturday

The grocery store was quieter this morning,a lot and I mean a lot of people have headed to the coast or to Perth for this break,I dont know if everyone's got the Good Friday through to Tuesday off but the schools have here locally,Bens Catholic College has for religious reasons but the Public ones have been given it to replace the day usually given of for the Kal Fair...
Me,well il not feeling on top as there's a nasty bug lingering in the house,seems like a cold but glandular fever is around and Im feeling as though Im just holding off something,been like it for four days,dragging feet,no enthusiasm  I also think my consumption of the Nyall Cold and Flu Fighter tablets might also have an effect,they do work and normally without that awful feeling that accompanies the usual chemical flu fighters.
The Bike ride has been put off til Monday as firend hubby will be home to watch their progeny,Im thinking I wont make it due to this bug,hopefully I can fight it off but I also have to fly to Perth on Wednesday for a hull dash test whatsit on hand,the insurance people are not being very nice but at least theyve given me the flight times I requested,I just hope I make the return flight.
Management aren't particularly interested either.even the new boss who did say he wanted to discuss how I was going etc hasn't broached the topic since that comment,its just been me and my GP and as hes left town and there's no Doctors here now its just me,myself and I.
The operation at this stage hasn't really worked and am left with an aching elbow and a stiff wrist that has shooting pain occasionally,I have a very high pain barrier and this nearly floors me,Ive told the Specialist that as long as he could fix me up to ride a Yamaha 660 across the Nullabor Ill be happy, soo comes the question if the test comes back to his satisfaction but not mine,do I sign off and hope for best??
No picks to day,most of my SD cards are either full or damaged but I did pick up a new 4 GB at Woollies today for $6 so maybe later I will do something..
Beautiful weather today and I think its the nicest time of the year,I love my jeans and the longer sleeves I like to wear especially with my scared arm,the need for a scar is not there really yet but the wool socks get an outing. Knitting and spinning at this time of the year is very enjoyable too.
Edited to add pics,got my lazy butt and got the new SD card out of packet
 Something Tuscan
got to love new brushes,these Ive found on various trips over last month

 Son inspecting new Suki

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The start of the Long Weekend

Its another weekend though this time its a bit longer with work declaring no work from Friday to next Wednesday,however I can leave my gardens that long so i shall sneak back on Tuesday and do a little string lining in a class room and mowing the big back lawn,Wednesday i fly to Perth for a Hull dash test on my hand then two days of work,car service Monday week,a day to see if they've buggered car and then head off to see Mother on the Wednesday,oh that's right my hair gets done on Friday next so Mother cant pick ,"what  has the hairdresser done to your hair"
At the moment though Im praying I haven't picked up Bens tonsillitis as Im supposed to be going to a ride to Widgie for a Widgie burger with another Bike chick...on Saturday

two hours sleep last night,no guessing where Im off to now..........

Monday, March 18, 2013


A couple hours on my own,everyones elsewhere for a reason or other so Im home alone from work,still in my dusty greasy(serviced ride one mower) but the peace is unbelievable
yes Im still spinning that orange yellow,yes Ive finished a painting, and as soon as I get down and pay the phone bill and post son ADF papers ill be able to start on the next one,a still life of a large shell I picked up at the coast,liquid graphite I think then an oil  The windmill has gone to framers and for $178 Ill have a master piece all done,yikes not remembering that bit
Its only little, 5 x 7 inches but Im going to do a series of six so small ones are easier and more personal
Although Ive signed it I may revisit it yet as I picked up some divine tiny oil brushes in Perth ,(Subiaco),Ill be able to get back there in a couple of weeks so will add to collection again then.I also picked up some Bamboo paper for painting,acrylics oils and most media, rather excited to try it, I also picked up a few more art Spectrum Pastel there plus another few at Black Crow Studios in Kal on Sunday
Its warm and sticky today though the breeze is wonderful when it does appear,the Doctor wind will be favored tonight
It was quite close(muggy) in Perth,flew down on Saturday to see specialist and managed to find a beaut coffee shop where if I get the chance next trip to try the delicious looking Asian foods they were also providing,I dont eat during the day,well meals that is,I nibble on small things and these were feast proportions,served in wonderfully large round soup like bowls with Chinese inspired spoons.It was right next to the Crossways Wool and Fabric shop, the art shop was just down the road and ten minutes to Doctors. In fear of missing flight I dashed back at 2.30 to sit around for nearly 3 hours before flying home. Saving for trip home so it was probably good thing.
Up on top of Donkey Rock last weekend, I discovered how to use timer,lol
Lovely to find some color,it was a lovely spot especially after the rains we ve just had,the frogs are breeding every where and the water was still trickling off the dam that sits at the edge of the rock.I was so tired but it was worth getting out away from town for a morning
The damming walls made up of pieces of local plate rock to capture the rain and guide to the catchement
there were mosses and ferns down there
Looking down! It was a fair hike to the top!!
Looking forward to another trip to another place of discovery

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Autumns here

Although muggy its pleasantly coolish and beautiful breeze is blowing through,at lunch today I managed to cast off the first in two pairs of Cleckheaton country in pink withe fleck, a boot sock,my own pattern,the other one is a pink variegated bamboo,cast on the toe for the second but have to find the other ball for the country sock,I can believe however that i got one sock from a ball,I need to weigh it though but I cant see a join,its been in the making for some time so no memories attached
I do have to get some spinning done,its a thank you for a lovely person who went out of her way to help me in Perth after my operation, unforgettably I wasnt able to return that favour when she came to Kalgoorlie as I was up to me ears in a heavy assignment and wasnt even in town that day,I hope this will be a offering worthy of her wonderful help,she showed me a honey cowl and how it was made so there should be enough in this top for her to make another
As for spinning,check this out!!
Time Lord batts -- (5 oz. per set)  merino, silk, tencel, bamboo, sari silk, sparkle.
From here

I love the Modern Metal Batts too,so tempting to get them!
Starting to freak out about the next couple days,Im training another person as assistant but so worried it turn out like the last 4 years, nastiness,exclusion,and total outcast in what is normally a great place to work.Ill just lay low and go with the wind,with hubby and his situation I cant leave the job
And just interest sake
Check out the colours in this fello,hunting froggies for breakfast,not hard to see I love blue!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

One Project done Now with pics

Im finished that cowl,got most done last night but finished this afternoon,a bit in Coffee Cluband cast off when I got home,I went in to drop second son at a friends place to catch train to Perth to go to Soundwave,Im trying not to think how he ll be,hes 19 and usually has commonsense but I still worry with all those drunken idiots and one hit stuff.
Pics tomorrow of cowl,its currently blocking!!Seriously nice stuff,Ive been looking for buttons and think Ill go with pinky dark purplish shell ones in 14mm size. I think after its dried i will have a double wrap cowl that buttons just like the pattern illustrated.And I can confirm it wraps quite well twice around my neck and it would appear it will button up beautifully!

While looking for spare glasses tonight I also found the two other cowls I did while away in January,Ill be sewing ends in and blocking tomorrow
On the finish list

  • abalone
  • pink cardigan,cant remember name,oh thats right Harvest Dawn,dont think colour is going to suit me but its so pretty
  • handspun cable vest
To start (while not studying)
  • Bendigo vest by two,just the basic pattern,if I can find the blasted thing
  • Cleckheaton vest for work
  • Serenade v neck jumper
  • Wollmeisse lace shawl,kit 7 I think it is
Of course I have so much wool that I could start heaps more but these are the ones I would make use of this winter
After the Rain,I took this yesterday morning early

Friday, March 01, 2013

Cyclone Rusty

Well we were lucky to have Cyclone Rusty visit us yesterday,it started raining gently on Friday morning early and dint stop til around ten that night,we had some mild flash flooding which put the Council  on edge after the last time,quite a few people had their homes flooded with many copping great cost to repair.
This time after extensive ground works out behind town it was a lot less but I also think the water coming down was a gentle build up not the massive storm dumping its load in a short time,last time it cam within a few inches of he front door this time it out in the gutter, about 4 inches according to our Council man who was around this morning!!

The weathers beautiful,coolish in that damp sort of way,if I wasn't a little tired Id be flapping away on the sewing machine
Im nearly finiahed another cowl scarf thingy,pics as soon as Im done,the yarn was from a destash, Zen garden Tencelicious,a limited Aussie edition,its quite squishy and Im looking forward to wearing it,chasing up buttons will be fun too