Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Autumns here

Although muggy its pleasantly coolish and beautiful breeze is blowing through,at lunch today I managed to cast off the first in two pairs of Cleckheaton country in pink withe fleck, a boot sock,my own pattern,the other one is a pink variegated bamboo,cast on the toe for the second but have to find the other ball for the country sock,I can believe however that i got one sock from a ball,I need to weigh it though but I cant see a join,its been in the making for some time so no memories attached
I do have to get some spinning done,its a thank you for a lovely person who went out of her way to help me in Perth after my operation, unforgettably I wasnt able to return that favour when she came to Kalgoorlie as I was up to me ears in a heavy assignment and wasnt even in town that day,I hope this will be a offering worthy of her wonderful help,she showed me a honey cowl and how it was made so there should be enough in this top for her to make another
As for spinning,check this out!!
Time Lord batts -- (5 oz. per set)  merino, silk, tencel, bamboo, sari silk, sparkle.
From here

I love the Modern Metal Batts too,so tempting to get them!
Starting to freak out about the next couple days,Im training another person as assistant but so worried it turn out like the last 4 years, nastiness,exclusion,and total outcast in what is normally a great place to work.Ill just lay low and go with the wind,with hubby and his situation I cant leave the job
And just interest sake
Check out the colours in this fello,hunting froggies for breakfast,not hard to see I love blue!


  1. I hope that all nastiness and exclusion is a thing of the past and you find a perfeclty suited assistant. Good luck and fingers crossed for you.

  2. I hope the new assistant goes well for you. I envy you your knitting, and that snake is so gorgeous but scary. All our snakes are pretty much deadly here, so scary and pretty!!