Friday, March 01, 2013

Cyclone Rusty

Well we were lucky to have Cyclone Rusty visit us yesterday,it started raining gently on Friday morning early and dint stop til around ten that night,we had some mild flash flooding which put the Council  on edge after the last time,quite a few people had their homes flooded with many copping great cost to repair.
This time after extensive ground works out behind town it was a lot less but I also think the water coming down was a gentle build up not the massive storm dumping its load in a short time,last time it cam within a few inches of he front door this time it out in the gutter, about 4 inches according to our Council man who was around this morning!!

The weathers beautiful,coolish in that damp sort of way,if I wasn't a little tired Id be flapping away on the sewing machine
Im nearly finiahed another cowl scarf thingy,pics as soon as Im done,the yarn was from a destash, Zen garden Tencelicious,a limited Aussie edition,its quite squishy and Im looking forward to wearing it,chasing up buttons will be fun too


  1. Hi Cathie,

    have a look here for buttons. I have bought online years ago and also in person, though that's a bit hard for you. They have always been extremely helpful. Lots of buttons, lots of prices. Well known in Sydney at least.

    That cowl looks really good.

  2. I am glad you are safe and sound, that water looks awfully muddy!!