Monday, March 18, 2013


A couple hours on my own,everyones elsewhere for a reason or other so Im home alone from work,still in my dusty greasy(serviced ride one mower) but the peace is unbelievable
yes Im still spinning that orange yellow,yes Ive finished a painting, and as soon as I get down and pay the phone bill and post son ADF papers ill be able to start on the next one,a still life of a large shell I picked up at the coast,liquid graphite I think then an oil  The windmill has gone to framers and for $178 Ill have a master piece all done,yikes not remembering that bit
Its only little, 5 x 7 inches but Im going to do a series of six so small ones are easier and more personal
Although Ive signed it I may revisit it yet as I picked up some divine tiny oil brushes in Perth ,(Subiaco),Ill be able to get back there in a couple of weeks so will add to collection again then.I also picked up some Bamboo paper for painting,acrylics oils and most media, rather excited to try it, I also picked up a few more art Spectrum Pastel there plus another few at Black Crow Studios in Kal on Sunday
Its warm and sticky today though the breeze is wonderful when it does appear,the Doctor wind will be favored tonight
It was quite close(muggy) in Perth,flew down on Saturday to see specialist and managed to find a beaut coffee shop where if I get the chance next trip to try the delicious looking Asian foods they were also providing,I dont eat during the day,well meals that is,I nibble on small things and these were feast proportions,served in wonderfully large round soup like bowls with Chinese inspired spoons.It was right next to the Crossways Wool and Fabric shop, the art shop was just down the road and ten minutes to Doctors. In fear of missing flight I dashed back at 2.30 to sit around for nearly 3 hours before flying home. Saving for trip home so it was probably good thing.
Up on top of Donkey Rock last weekend, I discovered how to use timer,lol
Lovely to find some color,it was a lovely spot especially after the rains we ve just had,the frogs are breeding every where and the water was still trickling off the dam that sits at the edge of the rock.I was so tired but it was worth getting out away from town for a morning
The damming walls made up of pieces of local plate rock to capture the rain and guide to the catchement
there were mosses and ferns down there
Looking down! It was a fair hike to the top!!
Looking forward to another trip to another place of discovery


  1. I love your painting and the bright pink of the flowering thing- gum?? Bottle brush?? I am hopeless with flora.

  2. Thank you and I think the flower could be meleauca,not sure of spelling,theres quite a few round here Im not familiar with and they arent identified in natives books

  3. Your painting looks really good. I love Australian native flora.

    PS: I'm currently hosting a new Fitskin giveaway, open to Australian residents only and I hope you will enter!