Thursday, March 28, 2013

The start of the Long Weekend

Its another weekend though this time its a bit longer with work declaring no work from Friday to next Wednesday,however I can leave my gardens that long so i shall sneak back on Tuesday and do a little string lining in a class room and mowing the big back lawn,Wednesday i fly to Perth for a Hull dash test on my hand then two days of work,car service Monday week,a day to see if they've buggered car and then head off to see Mother on the Wednesday,oh that's right my hair gets done on Friday next so Mother cant pick ,"what  has the hairdresser done to your hair"
At the moment though Im praying I haven't picked up Bens tonsillitis as Im supposed to be going to a ride to Widgie for a Widgie burger with another Bike chick...on Saturday

two hours sleep last night,no guessing where Im off to now..........

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  1. That's a beautiful bird. Hope the test goes well,, that your tonsils are fine and the hair cut glamorous!!!