Sunday, January 25, 2009

Australia Day 09

We went to the local pool where the Aussie Day Celebrations were held this year,wasnt much brekky left by the time the boys went through the line up! Its was great to see so many coming up to be real stinker of a dya,I left the boys and walked over to the school (bugger got a blister from the thongs!) it was dry and a lot was dying from the heat this weekend so I satyed there and watered for an hour.

Heres our crowd,my boys and a friend captured the whole family!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Long weekend

I must apologise for the somewhat disjointed last post,I reread it last night and thought I couldve done a better job, never mind maybe I get it right this time,LOL

Thank heavens its a 4 day break for me,not that Im doing that much hand craft,its more reorganising this hovel,I have to do something about the box's of fibre and yarn residing in abnormal spots.We bought a Futon yesty that hopefully the bunny wont eat(too much).Its bright rd in a false suede sort of stuff and will give me nightmares later keeping it clean but hoping to get a Day cover for it(Tilly loves to sleep on it and boy I didnt realise how much hair a dog can lose in one day)
I also bought a nice rug in blues and at last i feel more mentally comfortable sitting in the lounge room. Later I'm going to shift the sewing cabinet around so it while more accessible too....
I have me eye on another couple of fleeces too and have to figure where to hide them from the male eyes in the house, oh excuse me 3 fleeces, a white corrie,a moorit(Ive spun some up before from that seller and its gorgeous even if it was a bit doggy in character) and a finn fleece,LOVE finn,I remember theres a washed fleece hiding in abox near the freezer...
Anyhoo,Ive finished the ISE& Scarf and am very happy,have a couple of things to add and its in the mail Wednesday,cant do it Tuesday as I have a meeting to attend in Kal and have to grab H... school shirts too,$35 each,what a rip off, well it is a college rather than a normal High School.I m also knitting the last ball of that bunny top that I spun from Ixchel Fibres (Charly) ,Im feeling lazy to add a link so check last post.
We ve said goodbye to any sort of holiday,everyone is running scared of the economic situation and no one is safe when you look at what happened in Raventhorpe , near Esperance.BHP have interests here too and I'm wondering if they ll be cutting back here too.Theres a lot of people glad they went to gold but they aren't that safe as alot of gold mines shut before. Its scary and thats why i keep telling myself Ive stock piled all those fleeces and yarn! Im trying to support my LWS as she ll be having rough time too.She pointed out what shes selling on sale yesty so I thought Id better stock up,well I got the makings of a Gnome...
This year Im going to venture out to the big breakfast with the boys, where the local shire is holding it over East Kambalda I believe,most probably Ill be bored silly and want to come home to do stuff,I dont eat that sort of bacon and egg breaky but Im becoming a hermit when not working so thought Id better do something,other than that I wont be so tired being as I said a 4 day break!!
And just for the sake of a bit of colour heres "some of my new stash"..oops its big picture,didnt check settings..
And one Im currently knitting up for the sake of doing something, and one I just loved,theres heaps more but I wont put them up, already added them on Ravelry

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Lazy Day

Its been hot here,it was 45' in Kal last Monday but only 33 out here at 5 o'clock that arvo,it cooled a bit after that but has gotten hotter again.Not liking that as I have to rake and mow the whole school grounds for preparation for the return of staff etc in the next few days. A bit at a time,watering first up tomorrow and a bit of lawn work here and there and we ll have it beat though..

I'm about 1/4 way through the ISC7 scarf.I'm using the Machinewash 8ply in gorgeous dark red, I thought it was a bit rough to feel but after knitting an angora /merino mix (Ixchel Fibres handspun)

I suppose I couldn't expect anything else.Its grown on me as Ive gotten into it,I actually knit one ball in a sitting which for some is nothing but for my busy life where I'm squeezing in spinning as well its great!

I'm using the Palindrone Pattern and its the second Ive done,very effective and very easy.

On the spinning front Ive nearly finished a stash bag of crossbred/finn fleece I washed lightly and carded,about half a kilo,it seemed very rough but after I knitted a wee bit up last night,cross eyed as it was quite late,Im surprised how much softer it is,obviously not merino but passable as a vest or even heavy socks for winter (a bit itchy I reckon for other times).

My Dad is still quite ill and having more treatment soon and as he was disappointed in not getting handspun socks I'm getting this crossbred done today and going through my fibre boxes to find the last of the BFl and spinning that up.Posted on Ravelry that I wasn't sure of a colour way and Mandie suggested red and black,I'm already swinging towards mushroom,black broken with alpine,might do two lots and see then.Dad has told Mum hes taking his new socks to Sydney to wear them to see the docs,Id love to fly over to see him,surprise him etc,he cant talk clearing and gets a bit cranky but I thought I could at least just keep him company and Id take some sock knitting,be nice if it was his socks..

Poor Mum shes got start the pump and keep watering the garden etc ,it might not sound much but its not good for an older least shes got the chooks and dog to keep her company.

The latest purchase from Ixchel Fibre,Charley has been very busy and im eyeing s few of these,love the wallaby one, cant remember the other names but check them out,yum in a big way!!!

Mandies been busy too and they sold out sooo quick!!! Really want to try some sea cell...pennies I have to keep reminding myself!!!!

On the knitting front Ive stalled on the top down Smoothie,I don't like the sleeves, they narrow down too quick,thinking of ripping back and knitting straight before flaring out for cuff...not afraid to rip back now,usually i just throw it in the corner and get to it later but its such a fun knit and mindless at that,something Ive needed form of a holiday!! Take alook at the sleeve photo and its obvious,also Im not happy with the undersleeve and if I loosen up the clingy sleeve it may sit better.

Sock knitting Ive gotten only the heel to toe for the cable socks I was working on,during the holidays I carried my little bag around on my wrist while watering and got heaps done,plants got a good water too,didn't shift until I got the 4 row repeat done,only 5 repeats to do on Friday...Picies when finished..

Here a few flowers I collected after I cut back afew things,too good to throw I brought them back inside,lovely grevilleas and one peace rose!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A new Year

The Silly Season is nearly over well for me, my work has been casual and not demanding but the real work starts this week,I expect tradesmen to appear...I did work out that my next RDO is the Friday before the Australia Day long weekend so Ill have potentially 4 days off,yippee,a lot can be achieved in that time!!

I will if I can, do a couple of hours on the Monday as I have a few sensitive projects that wont survive and I owe 4 hours anyway!!

Hubby is temptorarily back in work and the employment people are ringing everyone on their books as the contracts are about to be realised for the lucky few now that the "Silly Season is over (and the Stock Exchange will back in business,We can only hope!)

Hubby is home today and by golly he is becoming, as my boos said about her own other half "anal " about the back lawn,cant believe it!! hes mowed it several times this last few weeks,normally he believes in waving a few dollars to snare a kid to do it!!!! I think with a house full of teens sleep seems a bit more important,LOL

Ive been spinning heaps,did a two bobbins yesty of pink and black,I want to order another 400 grams of these colours to have enough to make a tee or vest or whatever,I'm determined to destash the fibre stash into yarn stash,i get all excited when I check whats bee building that the choice of what to start first is simply too much!!

I'm in the ISC7 and have two patterns picked but unfortunately Cheryl's in Boulder is shut for another week and I wont get in there for a while .I'm using this time to finish off a couple of projects anyway.

The top down Sweater from "Knitting Pure and Simple" in Smoothie Dk the pink orangery colourway

A scarf using s reversible cable method in Charleys (from Ixchel Fibres) Bunny merino mix that I managed to spin over a couple of days at Chrissy.This 2 ply ( wanted to navajo ply but it would have yeild much less yardage) is the softest yarn I have ever felt ,its simply Divine and I can see a few taking up residence during the year! Hubby's looking /seeing fibre/yarn everywhere!!!!! hes declared that the office he suggested in the future shed will not be big enough and hes betting his left n*t that the entertainment centre he supposed to be building will also become a storage point,Ive promised no fibre but I cant say afew mags and books wont sneak in there....

My dad was very happy with his socks but thought they were handspun,I feel guilty that I haven't done a pair with his health not as good and losing a lot of weight I resolve to spin up some of the last bits of BFL and hand dye it for a pair just for him.Mum will be receiving a air of finger mittens out of that moorit I spun a few months ago. i spun the last lot of BFL on the Roberta but this time i might use the traddie!

On that subject I had a brain wave,I'm going to get Mum to post my old Traddie over so I can repair it,Dad apparently broke something trying to dismantle it,I may have to get a new wheel if the balance is out too much but Hubby reckons it should be ok glued,hes a whizz on woodwork so it should be all good

Im waiting for a largish order of PeachesNcream Cotton from the states,i broke and ordered some,a heap in avariety of colours,Ill be getting abit more later.This is part of my "fill a gift" box so I don't get caught short this year with the Australian Swappers Bday Swap and other little celebrations through the year.i have my eye on some colours that are swirly lemon/white,pale pink/white and few others.Found a great free washcloth site,its on the other compuot so will
link it here when next Im on.

Ive joined Mandie over at EGMTKs Fibre Club and also Jane at Moseleypark as well,I just love fibre parcels and is an intersting way to try different things as well,not knowing whats in the parcels is also fantastic!

I aim to refill my coffers of other fibres too this year if $ allow,Im nealy out of Shetland and BFL, with wants including some Icelandic and Norwegian top ,oh and some Gotland ,found a ripper spot to purchase but have to wait to sort out other stuff first!!

  • Lastly my New Years resolve,first and foremost to organise my fibre/yarns,knit up a few pieces for Mum and Dad

  • and have a positive outlook and NOT let anyone under my skin this year
  • build up an art box,I have some water colours,charcoals,and oils, next is a decent box and brushes and then Ill be off!!
  • there, three easily I hope things I can acheive,lets see how I go!

A Great New Year and A Properous and Happy one to you all!!